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Simple & Powerful Ways to Healthy Living: From the Science of Ayurveda

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by Rajiv Dixit

"Simple & Powerful ways to Healthy Living" is a concise and complete guide for a healthy life.

Being healthy was never difficult. It is something which is innate and natural to us. Health is our natural and inertial state of being. Our body by itself has powerful disease fighting mechanism known as immunity. Any disease or illness occurs when one's immunity become weak. And, one's recovery from the illness is only possible when his immunity regains it's strength back.

It is easy to maintain a good health. We do not require to follow a strict physical regime or practice a restrained dieting system to maintain a good health. We only need to focus on making our immunity strong, which is possible through simple means.

Have you ever wondered why the animals around us do not suffer from any illness like obesity, high/low blood pressure, diabetes or heart attack. Because, they are close to the nature and follow the natural laws. They have very strong immune power.

This concise booklet will let you know those simple and easy to follow practices through which you can strengthen your immunity and remain healthy life long. They are the principles taken from the ancient science of Ayurveda which emphasizes on holistic healing and wellness.

Remember, it is the simple things in life that are the most extra-ordinary.

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Size: 21 pages
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