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Mass Murderers Horrific Cases of Rampage Killings that Stunned the World

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by Andrew J. Clark

There are no words that can express the devastation left behind of the crimes committed by mass murderers . Read the cases of rampage killings that have shocked the world and questioned our sanity.

The horrific and the fascinating often go hand in hand. When it comes to high profile stories in our news and media, it is those which delve deepest into the dark corners of humanity’s psyche that most often capture the public’s attention. Very often, these incidents arrive with a high body count. For one person to kill a number of others leaves us with many unanswered questions and a desire to find out exactly what happened. In these situations, the mass murderers can come across as morbidly captivating.

In this book, we will be examining some of the worst mass murders of the last century. If there is one facet of humanity that never ceases to amaze, it is the multitude of ways we find to murder one another. In this book, we will see how people can kill in the double digits using up close and personal methods, taking out a number of people in one horrific spell. We will see how those in charge can systematically destroy and murder hundreds, thousands, and even millions on a whim. Throughout the course of the book, the death count may well rise and fall, but the same desire to commit these atrocities will remain at the core.

But we will also probe into the motivations, the backgrounds, and the reasons for these terrible acts. Despite the huge differences between all of the individual events, many of the perpetrators suffered from the same malaise. Just as there are occasionally typical and similar flaws across even the best among us, the worst monsters in our history often bear similar scars. Read on to learn more about the most horrific mass murderers of the modern age.

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Genre: Biography & True Accounts, Specific Groups, Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, True Accounts, True Crime
Size: 95 pages
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