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You Can Tri!: How you can prepare for and compete in your first triathlon (Training for Success Series Book 1)

by William Ciocco

You Can Tri: How you can prepare for and compete in your first triathlon
Learn how to train and prepare for a triathlon; including the preparing for the setup and transitions in a sprint triathlon.
Increased fitness
You Can Tri will explain what a triathlon is an how to train for your first one. Through training for triathlon, you will experience overall fitness beyond that of simply swimming, biking, or running. By learning to train in all three disciplines, you will achieve a balance physique and be fit.
Mental fitness and Goal Setting
Learn time management, goal setting, and planning skills. By training for a triathlon, you will learn how to fit your training in to your busy schedule. You Can Tri also has a section on how to set goals. You can learn keys to goal setting that will help you in business and personal life as well as training for triathlon.
Learn what equipment is necessary for training and competition as well as some optional equipment that will just make things easier. Find out what equipment you don’t need (that you might think you do).
Training Plans
Planning one’s training for triathlon is almost as difficult as the training itself. It is certainly more confusing. You Can Tri includes a training plan section that explains how you can write your own training plans for three, four, or six days of training per week. I also include a link to the spreadsheet files that the reader can download and use as is or edit to customize his or her training based on personal needs and strengths in the swim, bike, and run.
About The Author
Bill Ciocco has been weight training and bodybuilding since the early 1980’s. In 1999, he read and followed the Body for Life plan by Bill Philips. That was his introduction to running and he completed his first 5K run in 2000. He has never been a fast runner but has learned to enjoy the sport. As he was turning 50 years old, in 2012, he wanted to train more, but did not want to add distance. After researching triathlon and the benefits of training in three separate sports, he found the perfect fit. Bill trained and completed his first Sprint Triathlon in 2013. He did so with a torn meniscus, unbeknownst to him.
Later in 2013, Bill was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After three surgeries that year for the thyroid and the meniscus tear in his knee, all of Bill’s training for the rest of the year was in the form of physical therapy.
His wife, Christine, was inspired and caught the “Triathlon” bug after watching Bill’s event earlier in the year. During his recovery time, Bill helped her and one of her friends as they prepared for their first triathlon in 2014. Other friends started asking him for advice as well and he has helped them get into the sport.
Christine and her friend continue in triathlon filling their respective homes with bling of first, second, and third place medals; glassware; and coconut head monkeys.
Though not fully recovered, Bill started back competing in triathlons in 2014. He is currently swimming and biking while recovering from another knee injury and will be back running the roads soon.
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Genre: Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Exercise & Fitness, Sport, Individual Sports
Size: 69 pages
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