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Andrea the Martian Robot: Human Safety is a Primary Concern

Rating: 4.50 / 5
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by Anthony J. Deeney

Human safety is a primary concern.

No other robot can rival the new Harrowgate & Webster models, which regularly demonstrate astounding problem solving abilities and a virtually human level of awareness.

Recognising the advanced nature of these robots, Patricia Vicarro has selected HWR-001-046-QF Andrea to send to Mars in the first of a three stage project to build a colony.

She is sent in the first launch window to build the first colony pods on the base, preparing everything for the arrival of Adam Copeland.

Everything must be perfect.

Andrea spends nearly three years in isolation, preparing for Adam’s arrival. With everything ready, she watches the Martian sky eagerly, but there are powerful people who would wish the project to fail.

Adam’s life will depend on the resourceful nature of Andrea, a robot that was only switched on five days before being launched towards Mars.

How far will Andrea have to go to ensure his survival?

What can he expect from a robot?

“Andrea the Martian Robot” is a novelette based on the robots in the author’s first book, “Robots Like Blue.”

Genre: Fiction, Short Stories, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anthologies & Short Stories, Colonisation, Hard Science Fiction, Space Exploration
Size: 91 pages
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