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How to Draw Funny Cartoons: Ultimate Drawing Guide Book (Drawing Book 3)

by Eva Valdez

How to Draw Funny Cartoons

Ultimate Drawing Guide Book
This book was created with an idea of giving the people a real insight in the art of cartoon drawing. It will offer several basic techniques that will help you learn how to draw. However, that is not all. This book will also focus on the things this hobby can give to you. Becoming creative by drawing cartoons can help you improve all of the aspects of your life. You can become a different, much better person if you decide to pursue this hobby. Actually, the whole point of a hobby is exactly that, but it seems that cartoon drawing is the best choice for boosting the creativity.
We hope that after reading this book, you will gain the skills needed to start drawing cartoons on a regular basis, thus making your dreams fulfilled. Hopefully, this will become the hobby of yours, which will bring you a lot of happy times. And, who knows – you might end up being so good at this that you will start making money out of your favorite hobby. So far we have probably caught your attention, but remember that there are many more reasons for you to keep on reading this book, besides those aforementioned.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:
Why to Learn Drawing? History of This Art Accessories & Books How to Draw a Simple Cartoon? Draw Using the Right Side of the Brain

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Genre: Arts & Photography, Art, Graphic Design, Nonfiction
Size: 35 pages
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