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Prayer: The Beginner's Guide to Prayer: How to Connect and Communicate with God

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by Luis Ranzolin

Are You Ready To Take Your Prayer Life To The Next Level?
Most Christians recognize the importance of prayer. But what does it mean to pray? And how can we be sure God is really listening?

Jesus told the woman at the well in John 4:24 that God must be worshiped in truth. By saying this, He made it clear God must be worshiped on His terms, not ours. The author of this book has sought to lay out those terms in a reader friendly way. This book has been organized into three sections, with a conclusion:

What It Means To Be A Christian
Here you'll find the truth about what it means to believe and pray in Jesus' name. You'll also learn how to use this knowledge to reach right into the heart of God while praying.
The exact place in the Bible where God reveals His name.
The hidden way many people take God's name in vain.
Will God listen to our prayers if we are not believers?
The best way to honor God.
How to show God your love and devotion.
Your Prayer Life- Connecting with God
You'll also discover how to pray without talking to God. You'll learn the perfect definition of prayer- it's a story from the Bible!
Will God not answer our prayers if we have any doubts while praying?
Biblical guidelines for what to say and not say when talking to God.
How much time should we spend with God every day?
How much time praying / how much time reading His Word?
What does our prayer life reveal about us?
What can prayer do for us?
What is the point of praying if God already knows in advance everything we are going to say?
God's Moral Law- The Highest Standard Of Excellence
As you go through this section, you'll quickly learn everything God expects from you and how to make sure He is really listening when you pray. You'll learn the difference between the old and the new covenant and why the old one failed. Along the way, you'll acquire useful knowledge about the Two Great Commandments and how they relate to the Ten Commandments.
Obedience to God- why it still matters.
What exactly was nailed to the cross- love or sin?
What does God expect from us? What is true Christian living all about?
The One Great Commandment- the greatest of all commands.
Why didn't God give the two 'new' great commandments at Mt. Sinai, instead of the Ten Commandments?
Which of the commandments exposes the thoughts and intents of the heart?
What is the difference between sin, willful sin, and the unpardonable sin?
The danger of willful sin.
The devils #1 weapon against you.
In this last section you will learn a little known secret about what really happened during the French Revolution back in the 18th century and how it relates to what is happening today.
Does God's government in heaven have laws?
What freedom and liberty in Christ are all about.
The single most important factor that will guarantee your victory over Satan.
How to pray effectively- the power of praying in the name of Jesus!
We are all on the ride of our lives. There is no purgatory, no second chance. We have to get it right with God in this life, and God has made it clear we need to meet Him on His terms. It's the only way to be saved, and it's also the only way to enjoy a rich and satisfying prayer life.
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Genre: Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Bibles, Sacred Texts, Christianity, Religious Studies
Size: 67 pages
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