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ITALIAN:THE COMPLETE ITALIAN TRAVEL PHRASEBOOK: Travel Phrasebook for Travelling to Italy, + 1000 Phrases for Accommodations, Shopping, Eating, Traveling, and much more! (Language Instruction)

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by Erica Stewart

Change the Quality of your Travels to Italy with this Amazing Phrasebook
**** This Easy to Search, Easy to use Phrasebook Will Help You Communicate with the Locales - +1000 Common Phrases/Sentence Structures Included ****

As an educator for more than 20 years, I’m a fan of teaching others. And there is no greater challenge than to learn a language and to use that tool when traveling abroad! I created this Italian Phrasebook as a way to increase your enjoyment when traveling to such amazing places as Rome, Venice and Florence. Imagine what the ability to communicate with the locals will do for your travel experience, allowing you to connect with new and interesting people, or even live or study in places like Naples or Siena! In essence, it’s a journey to become more open minded about the world, discovering amazing new people in the process.

In this book, you have the main tools you will need to develop pronunciation, phonology and sentence structure. The grammar section is clear, and holds all the references you will need when on your travels. From general conversation, to accommodations, travel and ordering dinner, this is an invaluable resource to keep in your pocket and assist you in common situations you will find yourself in your travels. I invite you to read on and begin a fascinating learning experience.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…
Specific situational references to help you out when eating out, traveling, requesting directions, shopping and much more!The fundamental vocabulary that will get you off your feet in no timebasic slang and other tips to interact better with the locals!Common phrases to use when traveling to ItalyBasic grammar and pronunciation, so you will feel comfortable in your interactions in ItalianOther resources to continue learning and improving your mastery of the language

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Genre: Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Foreign Languages, Travel, Continental Europe
Size: 63 pages
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