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The Towers: DS Connolly - Book One (East End Noir Series)

Rating: 4.50 / 5
116 reviews

by Natalie Hames

Life appears to be simple for the young Matthew Connolly as he grows up in middle class suburbia. A promising athlete and a gorgeous girlfriend whom he adores, he looks forward to attending sports college and pursuing his passion for running. That is, until one evening when his entire world including his dreams are turned upside down.

Now facing life at the Wayside Towers, one of the toughest estates in East London, it isn't long before his refusal to conform brings trouble to his family's door. As his brother's well-meaning involvement with the gang who controls the estate increases to dangerous proportions, Matthew is faced with a tough choice. Does he disclose everything he knows about the gang's illegal activities and risk his brother going to prison? Or does he seek out his own form of vigilante justice to set his brother free?

Book Description

For lovers of British Detective novels and authors such as Angela Marsons, Mel Sherratt and Martina Cole. The Towers takes you through a chain of typical East End crime events that moulded Matthew Connolly from a normal, law abiding teenager to eventually becoming DS Connolly in later books.

Set in London during the mid 90's at a time when illegal raves and drugs were rife, the storyline encompasses a mix of British noir and vigilante justice against the dark backdrop of high rise social housing. Highlighting the difficulties that the residents have to overcome on a daily basis including gangs of organised crime and protection rackets. Based purely on London gangster fiction the story highlights how even those of pure heart and good intentions can end up unwittingly involved in the murky black waters of organised crime, and equally how difficult it is to escape its grip.

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Thrillers, Fiction, Crime Fiction
Size: 172 pages
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