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David Versus Gower Leith

by Giles Darling

David Flea is a headstrong civil engineer who thinks that his local council has got it wrong when they repeatedly reduce speed limits in the name of improving road safety. David believes that there are better, more effective ways to make roads safer, but can he get the council to listen to him, or to take him seriously? Frustrated and repeatedly facing hurdles and opposition, David decides to stand as an independent candidate at the forthcoming local elections. Will he get his voice heard? You’ll have to read this light-hearted tragedy to find out.

This is a two episode radio play, each episode lasting approximately 45 minutes, to be performed by at least nine actors, many playing multiple roles. It covers some controversial topics and contains moderate language, but should be suitable to be performed by older school children/young adults and above.

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Political, Poetry, Drama & Criticism
Size: 111 pages
Free download for Kindle from 14 February 2020 onward  

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