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Motivation: Self-Esteem improvement through natural energy of the planet and Positive Psychology

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by Esperanza Ramírez Velásquez

Motivation for my life Now!

Natural energy of the planet !!!!
Many times you feel you don't have energy. Many times you ever wondered why are you discouraged? Many times you feel that you need motivation. All have some kind of problems at some point in our lives. The most important thing is to be prepared and this method prepares you. They are a few secrets to increase and have daily motivation. You are going to overcome many obstacles. You'll be prepared to deal with whatever you want. Your self-esteem will rise. Your optimism will be a personal motivation. Now you won't have negativity. Positive psychology that gives this book will be an invaluable spiritual energy. The psychology of motivation when you do the exercises. You will be motivated to achieve your goals. Face every day your greater safety. Your fears will be reduced. You will enjoy what you are doing with this innovative method. Today is the day discover it by buying this book. In this book, the idea is to synchronize our mind and visualize the spiritual places that are named there are lots more but have been collected according to different countries and places on the planet. Learn to visualize to maintain a calm and take advantage of it to view one of your goals and thus begin the road to the achievement of your goal. For the achievement of a goal of peace is focusing on that desire peace for my life, I focus on the site and I focused on his power of peace and quiet and when I have already made one of the exercises I am implementing the peace. When I've focused on peace, then if you focus on any of the goals of my life. It is a preamble to begin to make the move for my goal, achievable and realistic.

Genre: Nonfiction, Science & Maths, Environment, Self-Help & Counselling, Self-Help
Size: 103 pages
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