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KANJI 漢字 for First, Second and Third Graders Flash Cards

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by Murakami Publishing

"KANJI 漢字 ~ Graders" is a textbook with which you can learn virtually ALL the kanjis on the official 常用漢字 list, which every Japanese is required to pick up by the time they finish their compulsory education.
This editions are flash-carded version of the original texts using Kindle Comic Creator.

Questions are asked not by every five ones like the original texted versions; this time is one-question-per-page basis. You will be asked "how to write" each Kanji, but you can check out how much "you can read" by flipping these cards backward.

With no English translations provided for each Japanese sentence, this book is for learners with at least above-intermediate Japanese.
Plus, the cards with blanked parts, where neither hiragana nor kanji are shown, are put in this edition in case some people want to learn the whole sentence by heart.

Genre: Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Foreign Languages, Words & Language
Size: Unknown
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