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Star Crusader: Hero of the Alliance

Rating: 4.40 / 5
17 reviews

by Michael G. Thomas

Nate has a talent for space combat after hundreds of victories in the Star Crusader videogame simulation. His skills are unique, enough to gain him a rare privilege. The chance to join five other Alliance cadets and escape the dull routine of the classroom. They will enter a fierce competition light-years away in the ancient Byotai Empire. Yet days after their arrival a rebellious faction begins a bloody mutiny that spreads like wildfire. The time for competition has ended; the time of war has begun.A handful of capital ships attempt to avoid the massacre, but only Relentless escapes. Nate and his friends are aboard, part of the few to make it out alive. Relentless is a heavily armoured assault ship, a relic from another age, but most of her crew members are dead or missing. Nate and his fellow cadets have to face the unthinkable. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Higgins, the ship's last fighter pilot, the six cadets have just days to practice operating the ship's fighters. There are no others. Only they can defend the ship, or face death at the hands of the enemy.Check out all the novels by Michael G. Thomas STAR CRUSADER SERIES Hero of the Alliance (Star Crusader Book 1) Knighthawk Squadron (Star Crusader Book 2) Operation Hellfire (Star Crusader Book 3) Battleship Furiosa (Star Crusader Book 4) Battle Fleet Victorious (Star Crusader Book 5) STAR CRUSADES: MERCENARIES Lords of War (Star Crusades Mercenaries, Book 1) Ghost Soldiers (Star Crusades Mercenaries, Book 2) Flames of War (Star Crusades Mercenaries, Book 3) Battle for Karnak (Star Crusades Mercenaries, Book 4) Warzone (Star Crusades Mercenaries, Book 5) STAR CRUSADES NEXUS Legions of Orion (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 1) Machine Gods (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 2) Heroes of Helios (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 3) The Great Betrayal (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 4) Prophecy of Fire (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 5) Call to Arms (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 6) Battle for Helios (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 7) Wrath of the Gods (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 8) The Black Rift (Star Crusades Nexus, Book 9) STAR CRUSADES UPRISING Siege of Titan (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 1) Tears of Kerberos (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 2) Fires of Prometheus (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 3) Battle for Proxima (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 4) Fall of Terra Nova (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 5) Slaves of Hyperion (Star Crusades Uprising, Book 6) All these books are available on Amazon.com and Audible Please visit my website for more information: starcrusader.com

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Adventure, Superhero, Alien Invasion, Galactic Empire, Military, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 260 pages
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