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The Seed Saving Guide: Beginner’s Guide to Growing and Saving Seeds

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by Ruth Shirk

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From Seed to Seed

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Beginner's Guide to Saving Seeds is a guide to saving seeds that every gardener will want in their library. While commercial produce suppliers are looking for produce that will last a long time and that travels well, you will be enjoying the bounty of crops that are ideal for your location and that tastes great. When following the seed saving instructions in this practical seed gathering guide, gardeners can easily save seeds eliminating the cost of buying seeds at the store while providing their family with wholesome garden produce.

Stop Poisoning Yourself With Store Bought Vegetables

Beginner's Guide to Saving Seeds is a practical book that you can follow throughout the growing and harvesting season. The book contains seed saving instructions from how to prepare your garden to get the best results to how to save seed over the winter. Each seed saving instruction is broken down in detail so that the gardener never gets any ugly surprises. Learn the seed saving supplies that you will need the most and how to construct seed saving supplies from common things you may already have around your home. Learn when and how to plant your seed saving crops for maximum results.

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In addition, the seed saving guide contains instructions on common pests and diseases that may get in the way,along with the most beneficial insects that you need to encourage to live in your garden. Harvesting at just the right moment is crucial and this seed saving guide covers all the details that you need to know the most. Learn why seed moisture testing is vital to seed gathering success and how to conduct this test from the comfort of your home using basic seed saving equipment. When its time to harvest your seeds, gardeners find practical advice on the best seed saving containers and methods.

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Learn About a Plant's Life CycleLearn About PollinationLearn About Distance IsolationLearn How To Plant Your SeedsLearn About Proper Soil Ph LevelGetting the Best Germination RatioEven Learn How To Test For MoistureLast But Not Least, Lear How To HarvestAND MUCH, Much more!

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Genre: Home & Garden, Gardening & Horticulture, Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Education, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences
Size: 49 pages
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