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Fishbone Diagram: The first step to bring your business to highest level: Quality Money will take your business to the next level

by Juan José Blesa

Biggest companies that dominate the global market had known for years tools that allow them to increase their profits at the highest level. These tools are not widely disseminated for small and medium business, or for new entrepreneurs. This short, but potent book will teach you to use the first of a series of tools that will allow them to take your business to the next level, greatly increasing the quality of their products or services, saves a lot of money and greatly increasing their profits.
It is impossible to find the solution to our problems without first clearly identify the causes that provoke it. Diagram of cause-effect, fishbone diagram, or simply Ishikawa diagram, is a simple tool that will allow us to identify and represent the possible causes for a given problem.
In these 23 pages easy to read you can learn everything you need to use this tool successfully. Are you ready to take the first step of what will be a quantum leap in your business?

1. Introduction
2. Professor Kaoru
3. When to use a Fishbone Diagram?
4. Structure of a fishbone diagram
5. Construction of a diagram step by step
6. Advantages and limitations
7. Example of a Manufacturing Product
8. Example of a Service
9. Example of a Shop or sales
10. Example of an eBook (Electronic Book)
11. The Quality Octopus
12. Fish vs. Sharks (Reverse Fishbone Diagram)
13. The Quality Shoal
14. Conclusion
15. Bibliography

Genre: Business & Finance, Finance, Management & Leadership, Personal Finance, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Nonfiction
Size: 26 pages
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