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How to Fight and Reduce Maintenance under CrPC 125 and DV Act

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by Vivek Deveshwar

This book is written from perspective of informing Indian men on how best to handle maintenance cases filed by wife, and how to deny or reduce the maintenance amount.

Following are the broad areas which are covered in this book:

1. Understand what is maintenance, the need for it, and the history behind it.

2. Develop a a cool, calculated, unemotional approach to win the game.

3. Explore the bare act of CrPC 125 and understand its main points and their implications.

4. Explore the bare act of PWDVA (DV Act) and understand its main points and their implications.

5. Understand the process of summons and other court procedures in maintenance cases.

6. Ways to find and manage a lawyer, negotiate lawyer’s fees, communication etc

7. Find out what evidence to collect, and which evidence is most important to deny or reduce maintenance to wife. CrPC 91. Reducing own income in hand.

8. Some common myths to avoid in fighting maintenance cases – like leaving one’s job or filing RCR.

9. Go through important judgments/precedents about maintenance ordered under CrPC 125 and DV Act. Some judgments of HMA 24 are also covered to explain about maintenance principles, though discussion of HMA 24 is not in scope of this book.

10. The judgments are divided into sections based on whether one’s wife is working, qualified but left job, qualified but never worked etc. An easy approach is given on selecting the appropriate judgment closest to the facts of your own case.

Finally, the appendices contain full bare acts of CrPC 125, PWDVA, PWDVA Rules, and Family Courts Act for easy reference.

Genre: Nonfiction, Professional & Technical, Law
Size: 229 pages
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