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BY LOVE BETRAYED: RECOMPENSE 2: Time Shift 1: Casey's Story---Eclipse (Timekept Series I: Recompense)

by Aysling Smythe

PRAISE FOR the second installment of BY LOVE BETRAYED: RECOMPENSE 2 (Timekept Series I)
Time Shift 1: Casey’s Story---Eclipse (A Recompense Novella):

I love the story line! This is a beautiful and encompassing novel. For romance enthusiasts the heat and the heart throbbing suspense of intimate love with a mysterious man who is one’s own husband come as a surprise. One of the big messages in this novel is that we should try to look at our situation in life with a new and fresh perspective---I cannot wait to read the next novel! ---D.Y.W., Instructor

LOS ANGELES, 2014: Casey O'Sullivan Sterling thought she had put her painful past to rest, but when she comes home early from her athletic training club on All Hallows Eve, and opens the door to her bedroom, she finds her husband, Steven, in the clinches with her best friend, Anita. Betrayed by love for the last time, she walks out, leaving "everything, and nothing" behind, and vows never again to trust anyone---if she can't trust her father, mother, husband, or best friend, who can she trust? Eager to begin a new life, she decides to outrace a coming storm, but while driving, she loses control of the steering wheel and plunges over a seaside cliff. Her car is struck by lightning on its way down to the crashing waves and she is catapulted almost two hundred years into the past . . .

SCHUYLKILL RIVER VALLEY, 1824: Casey is "reborn" in the body of Elizabeth Wyckham Gregory, who has just died in childbirth. To her intense dismay, Casey learns that as Elizabeth, she is married to a successful merchantman, Randal Gregory; that she has two children, Essie and Michael; and that she is embroiled in an affair with Gregory's best friend and business partner, Philip Mallory—while Gregory is finding his own comfort in the arms of a gypsy woman, Maeve. With increasing horror, Casey discovers through terrifying experience that she begins to fade into nothingness when she becomes too emotionally overwrought. How can she ever hope to survive in her altered reality without ceasing to exist?

Casey's Story continues. . .

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Religious Fiction, Romance, Religious, Paranormal, Time Travel
Size: 70 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 February 2020 onward  

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