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Travel: Travel to Canada, The Friendliest Most Laid-Back Place on Earth (Travel to Canada, Travel Guide, Budget Travel)

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by John Mayo

Travel: Travel to Canada, The Friendliest Most Laid-Back Place on Earth

Come and experience America's friendly neighbour and witness the beauty of the spacious and beautiful country of CANADA. You will not find a friendlier place on earth than Canada. Don't let the harsh winters deter you, there are tons of amazing things to do and see all year-round.

Learn the ins and outs of Canada from a home-grown Canadian. We have something for everyone. By reading this book you will learn all about:



-Nova Scotia

- Newfoundland and Labrador

- Nunavut

- The Northwest Territories

- The Yukon

- Manitoba

- Alberta

- Saskatchewan

- British Colombia

- New Brunswick

- Prince Edward Island

You will learn all about the history of every province and territory in Canada, along with information about their capitals, the best cuisine in town, national park information and fun things to do during the year.

From the bustling shores of Nova Scotia, to the the frozen Arctic tundra of Nunavut, this travel guide will teach you everything you need to know before you plan your trip to Canada. Don't hesitate, Canada will not disappoint you and you will absolutely love what this book has to offer you. Come enjoy the Canuck lifestyle!

Canada is awaiting you. Download "Travel: Travel to Canada, The Friendliest, Most Laid-Back Place on Earth" right now for only $2.99

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Genre: Nonfiction, Travel, Canada
Size: 53 pages
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