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Procrastination: A Self Help Cure to Get Things Done, Build Motivation and Break Lazy Habits for Life: Overcome Procrastination (Procrastination, Time ... Get Things Done, Organization, Book 2)

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by Hanif Raah

I'll do it later, I have plenty of time... Sounds familiar right?
Procrastination: A Self-Help Cure to Get Things Done, Build Motivation and Break Lazy Habits for Life

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Procrastination is a thief. It steals your time, it steals quality from your work and it steals money from you. Putting off doing things until they are unsalvageable harms you in more ways than one. It damages your reputation, your health by triggering stress and anxiety, your financial well being and it damages your relationships.

Procrastination is a bad habit, which kind of grows on you and tends to completely destroy you professionally and personally. What starts as a “harmless self-indulgence” can, rather quickly, snowball into a major character flaw that would affect all the important facets of your life. Once it gets you in its grip, you will find that instead of making you happy and relaxed, you feel the exact opposite, i.e. stressed and anxious. This is because you realize that you are supposed to complete certain tasks but cannot bring yourself to do it, for reasons you cannot explain even to yourself. Procrastination starts with giving you pleasure for “stealing time”. It allows you to postpone important matters, assuring you that it’s “just a harmless pleasure”, which you deserve. Gradually, this becomes a monster that causes:

guilt for not doing what is right, when it needs to be done
fear of the consequences because you realize you are risking a lot
stress because you know you cannot catch up or repair the damage easily
anxiety at thinking about the possible damages
helplessness because you feel at some point of time that all is lost

Do you really want to wait this one out? You CAN STOP procrastination. Start today. Start NOW.
Grab this eBook NOW and get the support you need to beat this habit before it destroys you.

In this book you will find advice that will help you to:

recognize understand the reasons why procrastination has become a habit with you
identify the triggers that allow the habit get a grip on you
watch out for the pitfalls that feed the habit
use hacks that will get you rid of the habit
draw a blueprint for an action plan to overcome procrastination
give you workable strategies that ensure the habit never comes back
and much, much more!

Don’t allow procrastination to steal the essence from your life. Read this eBook to find ways that will help you win over this dreadful habit.

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Genre: Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Education, Science & Maths, Chemistry, Self-Help & Counselling
Size: 56 pages
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