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Kanji Strokes 〔1st and 2nd grade〕

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by MP Visual

Here is a flash-card-style learning material for learners of Japanese of any level.
Of the 2136 kanjis in the official Table of Kanji of Common Use(常用漢字表), this edition covers 240 ones. (80 for first graders, 160 for second graders)
You'll see a picture of a kanji with its reading(s) blanked, on it idiom(s) using the title kanji and their English translations are provided. Then you can flip the screen to see the picture with its reading(s) on it.

All the kanjis and their readings on the cards are from the official Table of Common Use as mentioned above, however, the author had to take the liberty of putting the marks shown below for some of them to show which of these kanjis(or some of their readings) are impossible to be dubbed today as "daily use" .

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