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The Copper Map (The Adventures of Skye Belle Book 2)

by H. A. Jones

Hidden in the desert for nearly 2,000 years, a little-known scroll gives clues to the whereabouts of a hoard of fabulous, ancient treasures. But no one has been able to uncover the scroll’s secrets.

Until now.

With the aid of Professor Peter Niven, Skye Belle and her brother Brandon set off on an adventure beginning in the deserts of Egypt. Peter believes he has the key to unlocking the riddle of the scroll – or as he calls it, the Copper Map. It is a journey that will take them through all of the beauty and dangers of the Holy Lands.

But with such an awesome amount of wealth at stake, there are others who will do anything to lay hold of the treasure for themselves. Skye and Brandon are about to find out just how cunning and ruthless their enemies can be.

And as they search for the hidden secrets of the Copper Map, the very trustworthiness of the bible is called into question. But Skye is determined. Not only does she want to discover the long lost treasure, she also wants to prove that the events recorded in the bible actually happened. She knows that the evidence is out there, all she and Brandon have to do is stay safe long enough to find it.

*** Praise for The Lost Treasure of Persia ***

"EXCELLENT" Christian Children's Book Review

“Skye Bell is an adventurous and believable 3D character… It's a fast-paced ride for a young girl and her younger brother navigating an adult world and adult villains in search of lost treasure. A fantastic read!” Adam Jolliffe

“Any kid into adventure books will really love this.” Mick McArt

“My son loved this book! This is a great read for young children. I like the subtle references to the Bible as well.” W. Lam

Genre: Children's eBooks, Religion & Spirituality, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: 126 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

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