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The Great Big Fitness Quote Book: Over 365 Motivational Quotes To Help You Get Back In Shape! (The Great Big Quote Books Series Book 1)

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by Cameron M. Clark

"Start the year off right and make a commitment to making it the best training year that you've ever had."

- John Christy (Strength Coach)

"Getting fit is all about reaching for, achieving, and sustaining a commitment to take care of yourself for the rest of your life."

- Dara Torres (Olympic Gold Medalist)

"Rather than finding reasons why something cannot be done, though you know it needs to be done, get on with doing it. See problems as challenges."

- Stuart McRobert (Fitness Writer)

"I know a lot of people say: 'If I had the money then I'd be able to achieve health, fitness, peace of mind and joy.' I can't say it enough times: your health account and your bank account are synonymous."

- Jack LaLanne (Fitness Guru)

For most of us, getting in shape is not easy. It involves a certain level of planning, discipline and most importantly motivation! Enter 'The Great Big Fitness Quote Book' compiled by Cameron M. Clark. A book of over 365 inspirational quotes that actually apply to health, fitness, nutrition and well-being. In addition to the motivational quotes, Clark has included individual biographical summaries of each person quoted in his book.

Finally, a book that collects the inspirational words of many of the best and most successful coaches, trainers, athletes, martial artists and other accomplished individuals into one handy volume you can access at any time!

Make NO mistake! This is not your 'run-of-the-mill' book of 'inspirational' quotes taken from a few different Internet websites and then collected into one volume. There are a ton of those for sale already. Instead, this is a combination of many previously-Internet-published quotes and some that have never been published online.

In fact, when Clark was looking for a resource like 'The Great Big Fitness Quote Book,' he found one book with 'motivational quotes' on fitness that included a quote from one of the most notorious totalitarian dictators of the 20th Century. This led Clark to realize two things: that these quote books were not well-researched and that there would be a need for a book that actually compiled quotes that were applicable to health, wellness and fitness.

With over 365 inspirational quotes, this is a collection that makes it easy for you to use a different quote each day to get yourself into the kind of physical shape you have always wanted to attain.

This book takes on all areas of Health and Fitness such as Aging, Exercise, Fat Loss, Goal Setting, Nutrition, Overcoming Obstacles and Stress among so many others with motivational words from Olympic athletes like Dara Torres, Picabo Street and Jesse Owens. You'll also find words of wisdom from popular fitness trainers like Bob Harper, Kim Lyons, Chris Powell and Jillian Michaels. Other fitness gurus quoted include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack LaLanne and Stuart McRobert. There are also quotes from martial artists like the legendary Bruce Lee, Georges St. Pierre and the first female UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey.

Organized into nearly 50 different categories, these individually-numbered quotations are effective to read within context and easy for you to return to read again and again whenever the need for inspiration arises.

Also included as a special bonus at the end of this book, there is a brief biographical information on each man and woman quoted, such as their occupation, their achievements along with the titles of some of the published works they may have written. Clark felt this information is useful in helping the reader to seek out the source of this wisdom and more importantly know they won't be reposting or quoting tyrannical dictators who oppressed their own people.

"The Great Big Fitness Quote Book" is a 'must' for any practitioner of exercise and sports be they an amateur powerlifter, a busy housewife looking for a quick workout or the aspiring athlete who just wants to take it to the next level.

Genre: Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Diets & Weight Loss, Exercise & Fitness, Personal Health, Sport, Training
Size: 144 pages
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