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HUMANredux: THE TRILOGY: Books 1, 2 & 3

by John C. Withwick

Some reviews of the HUMANredux series:

"This is not your usual generic apocalyptic alien invasion novel. Instead it weaves elements of time-travel, the esoteric, ancient alien theory, real historical fact, Earth mysteries and good old fashioned sci-fi fun into a compelling and startling narrative."

"Thought provoking and compelling. It's Wool, The Hunger Games and Ender's Game in one."

Open any newspaper anywhere in the world, any day of the week and you’ll see the same recurring themes. Murders mingle with corruption, a dash of violence, but mainly war. Plenty of war. These topics endure endlessly; humanity seems to have a never ending appetite for political and religious intolerance, the annihilation of our home planet and the subjugation of people who peacefully reside on this planet. But why? Let’s face it, humanity is divided and malfunctioning, we’re weighed down by history, our cultural and religious divisions too entrenched. After tens of thousands of years of evolution we become ever more divided, more predisposed to war, and portentously unequal. Billions live in extreme poverty without adequate healthcare or even clean water.

If an extra-terrestrial intelligence were to look upon humanity, what would they really think? I would imagine it would be one of two reactions. One species may think that they have to try to influence humanity to guide them to a more benevolent lifestyle befitting a species that has such high pretentions. Another may think, look at them, ruining this wonderful planet, so rich in resource, so diverse in life. They don’t deserve this planet.

HUMANredux is the story of a malevolent species who are intent on colonizing Earth and taking this wonderful planet for themselves. A lone rogue Alien from another benevolent species sees the potential in us, our creativity, our music, our art, and the indomitable human spirit and tries to save us. He takes five gifted humans back in time to rebuild our society into something more befitting our pretensions. The mission is to unite us in the past so we can face the threat in the future. Along the way, those that go back in time discover ancient mysteries and battle with humanity’s recurring themes of violence, greed and corruption. But they eventually discover the real reason why we are so broken....

Some Reader Reviews from Book 1 & Book 2:

5.0 out of 5 stars So great I read it in 2 days! Can't wait for the second book. 9 Sept. 2013
By Liz C
This book is great and I simply cannot wait for the second to be available. I started reading it intending for it to be my book for the next couple of weeks and I loved it so much I burned through it in 2 days. John C. Withwick is a great story teller, I got sucked into the journey of the characters and I loved the real world historical references that are very accurate. As a book it also makes you ask some profound questions and you will find yourself thinking about it beyond the point of opening and closing your kindle. If you like futuristic sci fi and/or enjoyed Stephen King's '11.22.63' this is a book for you. Hurry up with book number 2 please!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!! 30 Sept. 2014
By Marian V. Hughes - Published on Amazon.com
I read Book 1 and 2 in two days. Great story and character development. I couldn't put them down. I hope we can pre-order Book 3. John makes his characters feel alive. I'm not giving any of the story away. Take my word for it . . . Fantastic read, one of the best sci-fi stories I've ever read ans something new keeps coming around the corner!! Great job, John. I'm hooked & I've been a sci-fi reader for over 60 years. I look forward to reading all your books.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Alien Invasion, Time Travel
Size: 782 pages
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