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by Munish Markan

Laughter is the best medicine. What if, one day, you meet a laughing Buddha. Here is one. Rishi Anand, a student of philosophy is in search of universal principles which make the human life fulfilling. His quest to know the secret of joy, prosperity, peace of mind, happiness and Enlightenment propels him to carry out journeys, within and without. His three friends act as cosmic jokers caring damn about anything smelling spiritual. Their only creed is laughter. Their interaction with each other provides a fertile ground for humor to sprout. They carry out a journey to an Ashram in the holy city of Haridwar, India. The journey and the stay there is a comical saga which brings out the worldly wisdom and spiritual message at common meeting point. It also exposes the rot which has set in the conventional approach to religion. Rishi also visits USA and learns there the basic principles of effective living and core management skills. His search for Enlightenment lands him in the company of a University Professor whose words of wisdom clear the mental cobwebs and also teaches him how to meditate. Rishi practices these meditation techniques even in the thick of routine life without being noticed by anyone. Professor also unravels the timeless wisdom to the world by delivering high powered lectures in an unconventional manner. The lectures address the most fundamental questions bothering intelligent humans involving deep undercurrents of emotions like sin, guilt, charity, pain and suffering etc.. Prof. adopts a scientific approach to subtle psychological issues concerning ordinary humans and highlights the importance of awareness in day to day life. Rishi also falls in love with a girl Meera and their love story transports the reader to another world. Essentially, it is one of those spiritual books to read which uses humor and wisdom to uncover the mystery surrounding abstract spiritualism. The book offers deep insights into the timeless principles to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. A journey from piece of mind to peace of mind.

Genre: Humour, Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality, Buddhism, New Age, Other Eastern Religions, Spirituality, Self-Help & Counselling, Self-Help, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 172 pages
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