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Little Black Bird

by Michael D. Beckford

A young boys dream is measured by a moment, each moment being more precious than the other. He and his little black bird have found solace and refuge in each other. Their lives are a mere reflection of the hardships to come and anguish for which will follow. They each search for purpose and strength from within as they are beheld by the silence of their youth and the warm hatred from those that are different.
The very nature of their skin color makes them uniquely alike, yet the rest of their DNA marks them to be worlds apart. Both the little black boy and the little black bird, share in one common thread of natural enemies, people. For the enemy of little black birds hunt for fun, and the enemy of little black boys hunt for supremacy. In a subtle world for which only the strong survive, both the little black boy and the little black bird must navigate their way to freedom on a daily basis. If not, they face the futile hypothesis of being wrongfully targeted by the hunters.
Will the little black boy and the little black bird be able to outwit the hunters, or will they fall prey to senseless acts of murder?

Genre: Children's eBooks, Fiction, Political, Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Civil Rights & Liberties, Freedom & Security
Size: 37 pages
Free download for Kindle from 31 January 2020 onward  

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