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EMP Survival Guide: How To Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack and Prepare Yourself For Living After The Power Grid Goes Down: (Survival Book, An ... Survive) (An EMP Attack, Survival Guide)

by George Robbins

EMP Survival Guide:How To Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack And Prepare Yourself For Living After The Power Grid Goes DownThere is an awful lot of talk lately of the threat of rogue nations and lone actors carrying out massive attacks with EMP based weapons. Once thought to be simply the work of science fiction writers, the threat of entire power grids being wiped out with an electro magnetic pulse has become an increasing reality. The odds are looking pretty good (or bad) that we may have to face such an onslaught in the near future.Having that said, it is important to know just what to expect and how we can prepare for it. This book takes you through every possible scenario in which EMP might be used, and how it would affect daily life. Not only that, this book gives you real world...

Genre: Nonfiction, Science & Maths, Physics
Size: 44 pages
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