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Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon: Eternal Light Saga (Bringer of Light Book 1)

by Justin M Sloan and Jesse Nethermind

Her Mother’s Missing. More than one friend will betray her. Good thing this new girl in school has a magic necklace.Start the superheroic series today! Allie is your typical, soccer-playing teenager at a new school, until a strange necklace gives her abilities beyond her wildest dreams. When she refuses to let bullies have their way at school, she gains a new friend and new enemies. Daniel was a nerd who hoped to get in good with the new kid, but when the magic of Allie’s necklace teleports him with her and puts both of their lives in danger, he isn’t so sure. To Allie’s horror, it’s confirmed that her mom went missing while deployed with the military overseas, and that Allie’s magic necklace is the key to rescuing her. Daniel and Allie will stop at nothing to find her mom, s...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure, Metaphysical & Visionary, Superhero, Urban, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 150 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Radiance and the Lingering: Dark Matter: Collected Short Stories 2015

by Stephen Donald Huff

On a brilliant fall afternoon, a powerful blast of energy erupted from the cosmos, burned across the solar system, and laid waste to every living thing on Earth. Notice was short and defense impossible. From the lowliest to the loftiest, none survived. This phenomenon, they called the Radiance. Curiously, however, none died, either. Instead, thereafter the hapless victims of that unavoidable catastrophe wandered the planet in a discorporate, ethereal state of existence. This, they called The Lingering. In time, as the effects of the apocalyptic radiation dissipated through the course of untold centuries, a mysterious collection of bizarre artifacts would reveal the truth behind their curious circumstance.

When a powerful, unavoidable cosmic apocalypse irradiated the ent...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Low Fantasy, Metaphysical & Visionary, Teen & Young Adult, Literature & Fiction
Size: 18 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Destiny of a Forgotten Hero (Tales from Arcadia Book 3)

by Harlan Finchley

When Huntington Lamont investigates a fatal house fire, he finds an ancient symbol scrawled on a window. He suspects the fire was a deliberate act and that leads him to Tamlyn, a member of the mysterious Order.

Tamlyn denies responsibility, but he provides the cryptic prediction that while trying to solve the crime Huntington will face a series of trials. These trials will be of earth, water, air, and fire, and the only way Huntington can succeed in his mission is to fail any of them.

Huntington ignores the prediction, but when elements of Tamlyn’s prophecy come true, Huntington comes to understand the Order’s shocking purpose. As more fires are lit and more people die, Huntington faces a race against time to unmask the guilty before it’s too late for everyo...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Men's Adventure, Metaphysical & Visionary, Myths & Legends, Sword & Sorcery
Size: 189 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

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