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Knowledge and power in an overheated world

by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Suddenly, we seem to live in a time dominated by ‘fake news’, ‘alternative facts’, conspiracy theories, scepticism of scientific research, partial accounts parading as ‘the real truth which has hitherto been concealed from us, the people’, revolts against allegedly smug academic elites and distant political elites – a time where YouTube videos claiming research into climate change to be a scam get far more viewers than videos presenting the science of climate change. In this world, where the authority of science and empirical methods is being questioned and where even world leaders may brush aside uncomfortable facts as ‘fake news’, it is increasingly difficult to know whose knowledge to trust. This insight is the starting point of this collection of articles, which has grown out of a workshop organised by the ERC AdvGr project ‘Overheating: The Three Crises of Globalisation’ in Oslo in 2015. We are very pleased to be able to offer these texts as a free e-book, not least considering the fact that its subject-matter is knowledge. Contributors to the book are Ben Campbell, Elisabeth Schober, Desmond McNeill, Christina Garsten and Thomas Hylland Eriksen. Art direction and technical expertise by Maria Kartveit. Thomas Hylland Eriksen is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo and PI of the ERC AdvGr project ‘Overheating’. His most recent books in English are Globalization: The Key Concepts (2nd ed., 2014), Fredrik Barth: An Intellectual Biography (2015) and Overheating: Coming to Terms With Accelerated Change (2016).Elisabeth Schober is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo. As part of the Prof. Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s “Overheating”-research project, she has recently undertaken seven months of ethnographic field research in the Philippines and South Korea. Previous research of hers on the US military presence in Seoul, South Korea, forms the premise of her most recent monograph “Base Encounters. The US Armed Forces” (2016, Pluto).

Genre: Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief
Size: 199 pages
Free download for Kindle from 24 February 2020 onward  

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Rating: 3.00 / 5
3 reviews

Survival: TOP Ideas To Survive EMP Attack + 20 Necessary Skills To Stay In-Touch With Your Family During The Disaster

by George Robbins

Survival: TOP Ideas To Survive EMP Attack + 20 Necessary Skills To Stay In-Touch With Your Family During The DisasterBook#1: EMP Survival Guide:How To Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack And Prepare Yourself For Living After The Power Grid Goes DownThere is an awful lot of talk lately of the threat of rogue nations and lone actors carrying out massive attacks with EMP based weapons. Once thought to be simply the work of science fiction writers, the threat of entire power grids being wiped out with an electro magnetic pulse has become an increasing reality. The odds are looking pretty good (or bad) that we may have to face such an onslaught in the near future.Having that said, it is important to know just what to expect and how we can prepare for it. This book takes you through every possible scenario in which EMP might be used, and how it would affect daily life. Not only that, this book gives you real world applications in which you individuals and whole nations can survive and perhaps even prevent an EMP attack!Read this book to find out how you can:No the signs of an EMPMitigate damage caused by EMP’sSurvive Post EMP DisastersProtect Vital Food and MedicineAnd much more!Book#2: Survival Communication:20 Best Survival Skills To Stay In-Touch With Your Family During The DisasterAfter a disaster, you may find it difficult to stay in touch with your family members. You should plan everything in advance and get rid of tensions after a disaster. This book can be a real assistance for you. Train your family members to learn the use of these tools and devices. You should keep extra batteries with you and stay connected with each other.You should teach them how to stay calm after a disaster because anxiety and hurriedness will increase chances of danger. This book can solve your problem because you can learn a number of methods for communication. There are lots of items that you can use in the absence of the traditional network.READ ON.

Genre: Nonfiction, Professional & Technical, Technology & Engineering, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief
Size: 101 pages
Free download for Kindle from 18 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

Let's Grill Tennessee's Best BBQ Recipes: World Famous Memphis BBQ

by David Martin

The Best Collection of Tennessee BBQ Recipes and Techniques Anywhere!

Do You Want to Amaze Your Friends and Family With Your Authentic Memphis BBQ Dishes?

Tennessee puts its own unique spin on this American classic. Memphis BBQ is known everywhere for its deep smokey flavor and the long time it takes for each piece of meat to taste just right.

In this book, you will barbecue cooking techniques to produce:

• Masterful pork barbecue recipes
• Barbecues beef recipes your family and friends will asked you the recipe for!
• Mouth-watering chicken dishes,
• Delightful fish and seafood meals,
• All the sides you need for a perfect barbecue fiesta!
• Dessert that will have your guest asking for more…

If you like the tangy sweetness of Memphis BBQ, you are going to love this book.

Examples of recipes you will find inside include:

• Beef Brisket
• Tender Fall-Off-the-Bones Beef Ribs
• Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwiches
• Country “Fried” Pork Chops
• Smokey BBQ Chicken with Bottom Barrel Baked Beans
• Smokehouse Cornish Hens
• Maple Grilled Salmon
• Corn Pudding and Sweet Carrot Casserole
• And Much More

You will not only get unique and tasty recipes for different dishes, but you will also get easy to follow cooking instructions, BBQ techniques, and the secrets to making amazing sauces, rubs and mops.

If you love a good barbecue and want to learn how to bring the one-of-a-kind taste of true Memphis style BBQ to your backyard, this is the book for you. The sooner you get your copy the sooner you can be sinking your teeth into a delicious dish on Tennessee’s finest BBQ.

Grab your copy now before another BBQ season passes you by.

Genre: Food & Drink, Outdoor Cooking, Regional & International, Home & Garden, Nonfiction, Parenting & Families, Family Activities, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief, Sport, Fishing & Other Outdoor Pursuits
Size: 140 pages
Free download for Kindle from 17 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

Recovering from Un-Natural Disasters: A Guide for Pastors and Congregations after Violence and Trauma

by Laurie Kraus

Recovering from Un-Natural Disasters is a must-read handbook for pastors and church leaders of communities who could or perhaps already have experienced an un-natural disaster, such as gun violence, suicides, or sexual abuse. Unlike natural disasters, un-natural disasters deal with the concept of sin and require a different recovery strategy. In this book, readers will explore the four phases of human-caused disaster — Devastation and Heroism, Disillusionment, Reforming, and Wisdom — and receive step-by-step suggestions to use with their faith community during the recovery process. Example worship resources, including prayers, music suggestions, and sermons that are appropriate to use during periods of trauma and recovery, are included.

Genre: Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity
Size: 166 pages
Free download for Kindle from 16 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

The Casual Preppers Beginners Guide to the Apocalypse

by Coby Coonradt

Do you have any interest in surviving the apocalypse? Well, buckle up brother, you are about to embark on a tactical, survival, prepper journey into every SHTF scenario imaginable. We're talking volcanoes, hurricanes, tyrannical governments and complete grid-down, Red Dawn survivalist fantasies. Written by the hosts of The Casual Preppers Podcast, this book takes you through, among other things, the basics of bug out bags, bug out locations, every day carry and first aid kits with, humor and “we promise not to bore you to sleep” advice. So sit back, shut up and enjoy the ride. Welcome to The Casual Preppers Beginners Guide to the Apocalypse.

Genre: Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief, Education & Reference
Size: 109 pages
Free download for Kindle from 09 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
4 reviews

Burn District 2

by Suzanne Jenkins

After the New Year, Jenna Hayward regretfully accepted that she had waited too long to leave Jacksonville for her father's Arizona ranch. An unknown benefactor provided buses for the stragglers last minute exodus. While she waited to board with the other doubters, her sister, Laura, and father, Steve toiled along with the rest of the camp dwellers, attempting to turn the barren desert into a homestead. At the end of book #1, as they tried to settle in to a new life, waves of pandemonium hitting the camp became the new normal. The camp dwellers asked themselves if they'd found asylum in the desert, or was the illusion of safety a flimsy veil?

Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Size: 220 pages
Free download for Kindle from 07 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
4 reviews

Tunguska: An Apocalyptic Event Beyond Belief

by Conrad Bauer

What happened to the Tunguska forest? Scientists have been searching for answers since it happened over 100 years ago! Could the answers lay in the paranormal?
There was a massive explosion on the 30th June 1908. Flattening 2,000 square kilometres of Siberian forest, the exact cause of the incredible blast is still unknown. Some have suggested that the event resulted from a meteor slamming into the Earth’s surface. But no impact crater has ever been found. Other people have suggested that the meteor imploded in the sky above the forest. To this day, it is still the largest recorded impact event to strike the Earth. To this day, the explosion is still something of a mystery.
Thousands of scientific papers have attempted to get to the bottom of exactly what happened that day. With a force comparable to a nuclear blast, the destructive nature of the event is astounding. On the day, 80 million trees were knocked down, and the sound was heard across the continent. In the days afterwards, the night skies were lit up with strange lights. It was just the start of the strange series of events that would add a paranormal, perhaps even extra-terrestrial dimension to the cataclysmic event.
Explosions such as these have the power to end all life on the planet. There’s little that can be done when giant meteors rain down from above. The Tunguska Event demonstrates just how powerful such events can be but also shows us what might happen if we survive. Aside from the existential threat, the fallout from the blast has left a lasting impact not just on mainstream science, but on those who dig deeper below the surface. In this book, we will examine the explosion itself and the aftereffects that have defied explanation. Trying to figure out what caused the Tunguska Event is one thing, attempting to understand how this explosion affected us as a planet is another matter entirely. Could it be that the answers lay elsewhere…

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Genre: Children's eBooks, Science, Nature & How It Works, History, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief
Size: 103 pages
Free download for Kindle from 06 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Be A Prepper - 4 book set: Vol. 1: A Beginner's Guide to Surviving Disasters and Other Emergencies; Vol. 2: Hunkering Down; Vol. 3: The Survival Pantry; Vol. 4: The Bugout Bag

by Macallister Anderson

We all know disaster can strike at any time. But are you ready?

This book sets includes all the information you need to survive disasters and emergencies. Be prepared no matter what!

For a limited time only, get the best selling series Be a Prepper that includes 4 books for 3.99$ before the price goes back up to 9.99$

The 4 book set includes:
Volume 1 - Be a Prepper: A Beginner's Guide to surviving Disasters and Other Emergencies
Volume 2 - Be a Prepper - Hunkering Down: a Means of Survival
Volume 3 - Be a Prepper - The survuival Pantry: How to Organize and Preserve Your ood and Water Supply
Volume 4 - Be a Prepper - How to Organize, Prepare and Use a Bugout Bag

Read on what's inside each book:

Be a Prepper: A Beginner's Guide to surviving Disasters and Other Emergencies

Better to be ready than sorry later! All the basic information you need in order to survive disasters and other emergencies.

Disasters, natural or thrust upon us, can happen at any time without any warning, or so little, that you cannot do anything about it. Except…if you are already prepared!

In this book you will learn:

• Why you should become a prepper
• What you need to do to get ready
• Identify potential risks and hazards
• Prepare an emergency plan and test it
• Build your emergency supplies
• What is a bug-out bag and why you need it
• Securing supplies for your personal defense
• What you need to know to evacuate
• Sustainable living and long-term prepping
• Emergency barter

Be a Prepper - Hunkering Down: a Means of Survival

This book is about what you need to do in the event that you do actually have to hunker down and defend yourself for a while. This covers information on what supplies you’ll need in, how you will protect yourself, and more. Topics included are:

• Why people have to hunker down in the first place
• The home security materials you’ll need to protect yourself and to observe what is happening outside
• What you can use for energy
• The foods that you’ll need
• How to manage hygiene and first aid
• What you’ll need for communication
• What to do if you must leave your “safe” place

Be a Prepper - The survuival Pantry: How to Organize and Preserve Your Food and Water Supply

Being ready for any natural disaster or other emergencies that comes your way always start with your food and water supply!

An emergency food pantry is a supply of food that your family could survive on in the event that a disaster ever cuts off your normal access to food, water and utilities. Having a well-equipped emergency food pantry is a necessity for every family.

• The factors to consider when starting your survival pantry
• The basic rules for an ideal prepper’s food pantry
• Must have food for your pantry
• Food storage process and pantry planning
• Food rotation and food storage methods
• Keeping your food tasty and safe
• The water supply and fundamentals of water filtration
• Emergency water filtration techniques

Volume 4 - Be a Prepper - How to Organize, Prepare and Use a Bugout Bag

It's all about survival! Learn to prepare, organize and use your bugout gag today...Before a disaster strikes...

We never know when things will get out of hand, and it is for this reason that we need to be ready whenever we need to make a run for it. More often than not there is never enough time to gather things around, so having a bugout bag does is the best solution.

In this book, youll learn:
• Reasons why you need to have one
• Making the good decisions on what to pack and bring along with you
• Mistakes to avoid.
• Planning for the whole family, especially the children.
• Security and communication measures
• And much more!

Ultimately,the most important thing that you have to remember is that the safety of you and your family

Genre: Home & Garden, Nonfiction, Politics & Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Disaster Relief, Health & Fitness, Safety & First Aid, Sport
Size: 241 pages
Free download for Kindle from 03 February 2020 onward  

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