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Rating: 2.00 / 5
2 reviews

Meat & Fire: 100 Barbecue Recipes For Delicious Falling-Off The Bone Meat (Rory's Meat Kitchen)

by Rory Botcher

SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING: $2.99! Regularly priced: $4.99 $5.99. Get this Amazing #1 Amazon Best-Seller - Great Deal! You can read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Is There Some Magic Way To Make The Best Meat You Have Ever Tasted? Absolutely!

Start Your Next BBQ & Get ALL the amazing ideas & recipes today and create the perfect homemade food.

Eric Shaffer, Blogger, Food Enthusiast
“A must-have for real BBQ!”

Here’s the real kicker

The Meat & Fire is a #1 Most Exclusive Recipe Book Ever. Unlike other cookbooks, guidance and recipes, the Meat & Fire has been created to focus on Grilling & Smoking Techniques and The Most Explosive Flavours.

You'll Never Guess What Makes These Recipes So Unique!
After reading this book, you will be able to:

Combine Unusual Flavours
Use New Techniques
CheckHelpful Photographs And Tables
Get Equally Delicious Results
Find Ideal Recipes For Beginners
Get ingredients For The Perfect Barbecue

These recipes are fantastic for satisfying all your family members!

mouth-watering photos
fun tips
plenty of meat
impressive side dishes
instructive & easy to comprehend

Now, you’re probably wondering…
Why you need this book? These recipes will give you:

Good time with family & friends
More flavor, smell, and, yes, the compliments.
Country’s best barbecue
Award-winning secrets
Tender meat that fall off the bone

Whether you're looking for a beginner’s guide, seeking some grilling ideas, or just trying to get mouth-watering recipes you'll be inspired to start BBQ!
“Umm, what now??
Here's Some Recipes To Try!

Seriously Smoked Brisket
Cold Smoked Turkey with Cheese
Low and Slow Smoked Ribs
Grandpa’s Special Brisket
Temptingly Tender Smoked Ribs
Terrifically Tender Brisket
Super Smoked Pork
Perfect Paprika and Oregano Smoked Brisket

Use these recipes, and start cooking today!
Impress your guests with these easy to make & delicious recipes!
Scroll up to the top of the page & Get once in a lifetime opportunity to try these incredible recipes

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Meals, Nonfiction
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 23 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 1.00 / 5
1 review

42 Delightful Mocktail Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Faux Cocktail Ideas!

by Barbara Riddle

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Special Occasions
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 23 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
105 reviews

Hit the Road Jack: A wickedly suspenseful serial killer thriller (Jack Ryder Book 1)

by Willow Rose

New series from the Amazon Bestselling author Willow Rose.  Ben is supposed to be in school. It's Monday morning but his parents are still asleep after a night of heavy drinking. Ben Waits patiently, even though he knows he is missing out on today's field trip to the zoo. But, when his black Labrador suddenly runs upstairs and comes down with a finger in his mouth, Ben knows he's not making it to school today at all. Detective Jack Ryder is chaperoning his kids' field trip when he gets the call from the head of the Cocoa Beach Police Department. A body has been found and they need his help. Soon, Jack finds himself up against a killer, a predator who ruthlessly chases women and kills them so they can never leave him. The case soon causes serious consequences for him and his family once the truth is revealed. With her new hero, Jack Ryder, as a loving father and committed detective, a new location in tropical Florida, and a story that moves at an incredible pace, Hit the Road Jack is Willow Rose at the top of her game.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Dance, Fashion, Film & Video, Music, Photography, Pop Culture, Television, Biography & True Accounts, Arts & Literature, Ethnic, Historical, Leaders & Notable People, Memoirs, Professionals & Academics, Reference & Collections, Travel, Business & Finance, Business Life, Economics, Finance, Industries & Professions, Investing, Marketing & Sales, Personal Finance, Reference, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Children's eBooks, Arts, Music & Photography, Computers & Internet, Science, Nature & How It Works, Sport & Outd
Size: 454 pages
Free download for Kindle from 23 October 2019 onward  

Milkshake Recipe Book: The Ultimate Milkshake Recipes: Quick, Easy, and Creamy Milkshake Recipes

by Les Ilagan

Got a sweet tooth? No problem!

This book offers many delightful milkshake recipes that will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings.

All you need is good blender and just a few common ingredients and you are ready to create your own fabulous milkshakes at home.

It has a great selection of flavors from chocolate to coffee to fruit flavored milkshakes. This awesome book covers everything you need and the recipes here are very easy to follow that even your kids will enjoy making them.

A must have recipe book! Go ahead and grab a copy NOW!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Quick & Easy, Nonfiction
Size: 107 pages
Free download for Kindle from 22 October 2019 onward  

Quick And Easy Summer Drinks: 30 Healthy Recipes To Cool Down In Summer And Year-Round

by Sam Bossco

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Quick & Easy
Size: 20.90 mb
Free download for Kindle from 22 October 2019 onward  

Book of Scones: 18 Tasty Recipes

by Kevin Lockett

This is the best scone recipe cookbook in 2019, showing you how to make the very best scones!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: 39 pages
Free download for Kindle from 22 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Green Tea: All about the Miraculously Healthy Drink, Its Many Variations and History (Worlds Most Loved Drinks Book 9)

by Tadio Diller

The Best Green Tea Guide Book

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Special Diet, Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Diets & Weight Loss
Size: 47 pages
Free download for Kindle from 22 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Delicious Recipes in Jars for Holiday Gifts and Fun: DIY Mason Jar Recipes to Save You Money on Presents (Andrea Silver DIY Books Book 1)

by Andrea Silver

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Home & Garden, Crafts & Hobbies, Nonfiction
Size: 103 pages
Free download for Kindle from 22 October 2019 onward  

Why Wine Matters: Celebrating the Uncomplicated Enjoyment of Wine and Food

by Steven McCall

A refreshingly unfussy and commonsense approach to the whole topic of wine. Through engaging prose, practical examples, and evocative quotes and photos, this guide makes a compelling case for its subtitle: “Celebrating the Uncomplicated Enjoyment of Wine and Food.”

Wine doesn’t have to be expensive, esoteric, or intimidating. On the contrary, it should be fun! As the author states in his Introduction, “…wine can be a complex, even controversial beverage, but still… we’re not talking about brain surgery here. There’s no reason you can’t easily increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the beverage that has graced tables and fueled conversations for thousands of years.”

Studies demonstrate that moderate wine consumption contributes to a healthier lifestyle, so why not make sure that your daily glass is as enjoyable as possible? In an era of unprecedented high quality and low prices, there’s an interesting and inexpensive bottle of wine out there for virtually every occasion – this guide helps you find it.

Whether you’re a wine beginner or an experienced oenophile, you’ll find something of interest in this short but comprehensive resource. In addition to lively, opinionated commentary, “Why Wine Matters” includes informative sections on the winemaking process, winemaking styles, tasting, food and wine pairings, advice on buying and collecting wine, wine tourism, and a host of other resources.

The book’s goal is not to dictate, but rather to encourage an open-minded, informed interest in wine. “Why Wine Matters” is a full-throated defense of traditional winemaking styles and artisanal producers, but the author reserves his greatest passion for the casual, everyday wine consumer, whatever their tastes may be. By de-mystifying many of its rituals and traditions, the author makes wine accessible and appealing to the reader.

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Home & Garden, Antiques & Collectibles, Nonfiction
Size: 110 pages
Free download for Kindle from 22 October 2019 onward  

Smoothies: Smoothie For Weight Loss Recipe Book

by Richard Steyn

This Book Will Show You About How You Can Prepare Professional Smoothies and Juices Without Being A Professional! You'll Learn The Secrets Of Preparing Smoothies and Juices In Professional Manners! It Is Written In Nice And Easy Way To Make Sure That It Facilitates And Satisfies Majority Of The Audience! With The Smoothie Recipe Book learn how to make delicious, healthy smoothies with: •25 recipes for fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies--everything from breakfast smoothies to green smoothies and superfood smoothies •Use your blender for delicious combinations like Blueberry Blast and Strawberry Banana smoothies •Make smoothies that are fast and kid-friendly, like Pineapple Cherry Yummy and Popeye's Fruit Smoothie •Lose weight fast with low-fat, fiber-rich weight-loss recipes •Detox your system and restore balance through the power of smoothies •Improve your health, strengthen your immune system, and get glowing skinFollowing Are The Core Points Of This COOKBOOK That Will Do Much Good For You!•Step-By-Step And Easy Procedure •Illustrates How To Initiate And Achieve The Best Possible Outcome In Shape Of A Recipe When You'll be Done With The Instructions •Calculative And Efficient Way Of Utilizing Ingredients •Allow You To Use The Ingredients Categorically And In Precise Quantity For A Quick Glance Just Scroll Up And Hit "Look Inside" Feature To Check Out The Table Of Contents!Be Among The First Ones To Acquire The Chance Of Reading This Book Along the Other Thousands. Enjoying one of these smoothies daily is a giant leap forward to fat loss and optimal health. In today's day and age, many of us are consuming to many calories but are actually nutrient deficient. Enjoying one of the delicious smoothies every day in this recipe book will not only help you lose weight, but increase your overall health and energy levels. Once you feel the amazing health benefits of smoothies, you will not want to go one day without one. Download Your Copy Today!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Special Diet, Nonfiction
Size: 32 pages
Free download for Kindle from 21 October 2019 onward  

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Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Summer Drink Recipes: Cool and Refreshing Summer Refreshments

by Les Ilagan

Just like the first volume, this book has a great collection of so many delicious and nutritious Summer Drink recipes that you can choose from.

From juices, to smoothies, up to fruit-flavored iced teas. For sure this book has everything you need to help you cool down when the weather gets scorching hot.

This book also uses ingredients that are readily available and abundant during summer time. Not to mention that they are very easy to prepare and most of them are can be done in a flash.

So go ahead grab this book today and start enjoying your new summer refreshments!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Quick & Easy, Nonfiction
Size: 89 pages
Free download for Kindle from 21 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
6 reviews

Vitamix SUPERFOOD Recipes: Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Recipes with Superfoods

by Celeste Jarabese

GET THE MOST DELICIOUS,FAST & HEALTHY VITAMIX SUPERFOOD RECIPES***Get this book for $0.99 for limited time- Download Now!***Download this book and make the most tasty and healthy smoothies!!Vitamix Superfood Recipes bookis made for people who areBUSY BUT DO NOT COMPROMISE ON THEIR HEALTHINTRODUCTION:Nowadays, more and more people are developing healthier habits to achieve wellness and longevity. While others, who are already suffering from chronic degenerative diseases are looking for ways to reverse their health condition. This recipe book aims to provide ideas on how to prepare smoothies using a dependable blender known by many as "Vitamix". This machine will breakdown each and every ingredient no matter how soft or hard it is, to give you the satisfying smooth texture that you desire as well as the benefits you can get from the Superfoods that were added in each recipe.Superfoods is the term used for different kinds of food that are packed with high amounts of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Which when consumed on a regular basis can help reverse certain health conditions and also promote overall well-being. There is a very long list of superfoods that we can include in our daily diet. In this book, each smoothie recipe combines two or more superfoods to give you maximum health benefits. They are quick, tasty, and very easy to prepare with the help of your super efficient Vitamix blender.So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book and start reaping these amazing health benefits TODAY!FEATURED VITAMIX RECIPES INSIDE THIS BOOK:Apple Banana and Veggie Delight Goji Berry Papaya Banana and Almond SmoothieAlmond Banana and Kale SmoothieGinger-Spiced Mango Apricot and Chamomile SmoothieStrawberry Yogurt and Parsnip Smoothie with FlaxAlmond Banana and Oat Smoothie with CardamomWatermelon Berry and Cucumber CoolerBlackberry Parsnip and Soy Smoothie with Hemp SeedBeet Apple and Tea Smoothie with PepperPersimmon Grapefruit and Banana ShakBlackberry Oat and Almond SmoothieSpinach Pineapple and Coconut SmoothieAND SO MUCH MORE!You need this book! Scroll up and buy now.
TAGS: Vitamix Recipes, Vitamix Recipe cookbook, Vitamix Smoothies, Blender Smoothies, Blender Cookbook, Vitamix Blender, Vitamix, Vitamix Healthy, Vitamix for Weight loss, Recipes for WeightLoss, Vitamix Recipes for health, Healthy smoothies, Delicious Smoothies, Delicious Vitamix Recipes, Delicious Smoothies for Weight loss, Best Vitamix Recipes, Vitamix Recipes for beginners, Vitamix Recipes for Dummies, Vitamix Recipes for Everyone, Vitamix Recipes for Kids, Vitamix Recipes for Adults

Genre: Food & Drink, Cooking by Ingredient, Drinks & Beverages, Natural Foods, Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Diets & Weight Loss, Nutrition
Size: 122 pages
Free download for Kindle from 21 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
3 reviews

Smoothie Recipe Book: Easy, Tasty, and Healthy Smoothie Recipes: Delicious Smoothie Recipes for Breakfast or Snack

by Les Ilagan

A glass of smoothie a day is a great way to naturally meet your daily nutrient requirement for protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

This book contain various smoothie recipes that would require only a few basic ingredients which you probably have in your kitchen.

The recipes in this book are made simple that even kids can easily follow.

Purchase this book today and live healthily by drinking smoothies everyday!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Special Diet, Nonfiction
Size: 121 pages
Free download for Kindle from 21 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
1 review

Green Tea: The Health Benefits of Green Tea, Why Green Tea Is Good For You

by de Luna, Paolo Jose

The history of medicine is an extensive and long one. Compared to the number of medications, surgical procedures, and therapies that we know of today, medicine back then involved the use of natural methods like herbs, spices, and basic rituals that aim to resolve a number of health problems. Of course, little to no scientific evidence was used back then as it was only through beliefs, tradition, and culture that the proof for these healthcare practices were established. However, throughout the years, medicine has evolved extensively and immensely through scientific study and debate. But despite that fact, there still remains the use of herbal remedies for a number of health problems and illnesses.
Green tea is one of the most prominent figures among the thousands of herbs in the world when it comes to health and treating illnesses. Gaining its roots from the ancient medicine that originated in Asia, green tea has various uses and has become one of the most important herbal remedies for a number of diseases and exhibits various benefits when ingested or used as a remedy.
Looking at history, green tea has gained a large role in healthcare since it has a variety of uses, riddled with a number of benefits that focus on better health, relieving common ailments, and promoting better health overall. It comes as no surprise that green tea still maintains a good standing among the various herbal supplements and remedies due to its rich history.
Green tea is not only used in medicine alone, but it is also a common food serving in most households in some parts of the world. Yes, green tea not only supplements itself as alternative medicine, but also as beverage that a lot of people enjoy. Most people would probably associate green tea with countries like China or Japan, but green tea has now reached new boundaries as it has garnered worldwide praise because of its taste and the health benefits that come with drinking or taking green tea.
In this book, we will tell you everything that is to know about green tea. These include its medicinal benefits, preparation, history and possible side effects. Get your pen and paper ready, it’s time to learn everything about green tea and the benefits of this rich cultural herb that has garnered praise and recognition all over the world.

Genre: Food & Drink, Cooking by Ingredient, Drinks & Beverages, Nonfiction
Size: 27 pages
Free download for Kindle from 21 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Christmas Whisky Cocktails: Best Whisky Based Christmas Cocktails

by Aleksandr Slyadnev

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: 54 pages
Free download for Kindle from 21 October 2019 onward  

Weight Loss Cleanse: 2 Books in 1: 80 Green Smoothie and Juicing Recipes to Lose Weight and Detox Your Body

by Jasmine King

Weight Loss Cleanse: 2 Books in 1Book 1: Green Smoothies: 40 Best Green Smoothie Recipes to Lose Weight and Detox Your BodyAre you ready to lose weight, detox your body, and boost your energy? Do you want to reap the numerous health benefits that fresh fruits and vegetables have to offer? Green Smoothies can help! Green smoothies are not only high in essential nutrients, but they are low in calories. There is a good amount of water in these smoothies as well as fiber and other nutritious ingredients that will help your body shed toxins throughout the day. Additionally, many green smoothies contain substances that will suppress your appetite, so they provide an excellent weight loss benefit.It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced drinker of green smoothies, this book offers 40 new ideas that you'll want to try. A big hurdle in making smoothies is trying to decide what type to make and how to go about doing it. Fortunately, this book answers these questions and provides an easy guide to take you through the entire process.Book 2: Juicing: 40 Best Juicing Recipes for Detox and Weight LossThe things we eat and drink have a significant impact on our health and well-being. It is imperative that we be selective when it comes to choosing what we consume. A healthy eating plan should include plenty of fruits and vegetable, especially considering the wonderful health benefits they have to offer. In order to consume adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, many people have turned to juicing.By extracting the natural juices from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, juicing offers an excellent way to help you lose weight. These natural juices are low in calories as they contain a great deal of water as well as fiber, which helps the body shed toxins. These juices also contain ingredients that suppress your appetite. So you won’t feel deprived or hungry.Scroll to the top of the page and click the Buy Now button.

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: 55 pages
Free download for Kindle from 20 October 2019 onward  

Coffee is the Solution: How Coffee Can Improve Everything You Do

by Tommy Collins

The solution to all of your problems starts here.Are you a coffee lover looking for more awesome reasons to continue drinking coffee?Are you a complete newbie to drinking coffee? Do you feel like your friends don’t understand your love for coffee, and want to show them how WRONG they are?Bottoms up!Whether you use a Moka pot, have a favorite cafetière, or can't get to work without passing your favorite hipster coffee spot (are they still going?) to grab a freshly roasted cup, there's no denying it, we're a coffee-loving species.In this short book you will learn about all the great life benefits coffee has.You will learn about:The origins and controversies of coffee drinking in the distant and not-so distant pastThe benefits of drinking coffee in the morning, and what not to do!The real tie between coffee and productivityThe pre-workout and post-workout benefits of coffeeHow coffee has a direct involvement in your dating life and friendshipsHow coffee affects your business dealings… and your business as a whole!The multiple health benefits of drinking coffeeThe addiction-combating properties of coffee…and moreAre you ready to become a coffee-drinking SUPERHUMAN?Press the “BUY NOW” button now and go make yourself a nice cup of coffee to get started!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: 25 pages
Free download for Kindle from 20 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
1 review

The Healthy Living Cookbook 2 Box Collection Set: Paleo Diet And Delicious Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

by Cheryl Leonard

This collection 2 Box Set includes my individual books, Paleo Diet 7 Day Meal Plan And Recipes Cookbook, and Fruit Smoothies Sensations Healthy Weight Loss Recipes. They promote nutritious and healthy living tips for weight loss and energy. The Paleo Diet 7 Day Meal Plan And Recipes Cookbook, describes the Paleo Diet Basics, benefits,and a sample 7 day meal plan , with a total of 25 recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts. In Fruit Smoothies Sensations Healthy Weight Loss Recipes, are detailed smoothie preparation tips, and it contains a total of 50 recipes for breakfast smoothies, fruit smoothies, green smoothies, low carb smoothies, protein and vegan smoothies.

Non Illustrative Texts

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Diets & Weight Loss
Size: 91 pages
Free download for Kindle from 20 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 3.80 / 5
5 reviews

Cooking with lemon. Cookbook: 25 savory recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

by Daniel Hall

Bread, Cake, sandwich, chicken dishes, meat meals, pasta, soup, rice, and curry can all have lemon as an ingredient. One can add the same only for the aromatic flavor or the taste or both. In either way, lemon seems to be doing its magic in the cooking.

Genre: Food & Drink, Cooking by Ingredient, Drinks & Beverages, Nonfiction
Size: 75 pages
Free download for Kindle from 20 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

SMOOTHIES FOR WEIGHT LOSS!: 39 Delicious smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss, Health, Refreshing, and Reclaim Energy!


39 Delicious smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss, Health, Refreshing, and Reclaim Energy!

If you're trying to lose belly fat for a long time then these smoothies will defintely help you to achieve your goals
Now a days most of the American people are suffering from overweight problem, the author gives you simplest and easiest way to solve your overweight problem.
These smoothies are not only delicious in taste but also very helpful to lose belly fat.

There are many reasons for using smoothies to lose belly fat
. All the smoothies are rich in Vitamins.
. High in Fiber.
. Easy to make.
. Improve muscle strength and blood flow.
. Make your immune system strong.

My personal favourite smoothies are:

Chocolate Avocado Goddess.
Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie.
Tropical Fruit Smoothie.
Banana and peach Smoothie.
Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie.
Ginger Zinger Smoothie.

Download your copy today and enjoy 39 Delicious smoothies Recipes for Weight Loss, Health, Refreshing, and Reclaim Energy!

Hurry up! Start to lose your belly fat from today.

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Meals, Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Diets & Weight Loss, Nutrition
Size: 72 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

7 Day Atkins Diet Smoothie Cleanse: Start Your Atkins Diet with These Delicious 7-Day Smoothie Recipe

by Jamie Flay

7 Day Atkins Diet Smoothie CleanseStart Your Atkins Diet with These Delicious 7-Day Smoothie RecipeThis book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start cleansing and losing weight through smoothies with the Atkins dietrules in mind. However, more than sending you off to a good start, this book guides you from start to finish. You have a complete7-day smoothie menu plan for your first week in the Atkins diet. From there, you will be guided on your transition fromPhase 1 to 2, 3 and 4.Through this book, you will learn how to blend smoothies that fit the Atkins Induction daily net carb allowance of 20 grams. Thatmeans you get smoothie recipes below 10 grams of net carbs per serving. Some are even lower than 5. How is this possible? Find outby continue reading.In This Book You Will Find:Atkins Way of Smoothie Making7 Day Plan to get You In Shapelearn how to blend smoothieshow to start cleansing and losing weight through smoothiesAnd much more!This book offers a bunch of interesting smoothies. You will learn that smoothies are more than the sweet stuff. They can be savorytoo, but still enjoyable. You also get a glimpse of some of the most unusual recipes using smoothie ingredients you never would havethought possible and you will be surprised how good they taste too.So if you are ready to try new and different things then go ahead and start reading.Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy!! 

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Quick & Easy, Nonfiction
Size: 96 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

7 Day Dash Diet Smoothie Cleanse: Start Your Diet Plan with These Delicious 7 Day Smoothie Recipes

by Nigella Waters

7 Day Dash Diet Smoothie CleanseStart Your Diet Plan with These Delicious 7 Day Smoothie RecipesThis book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can proceed with cleansing and start following the Dash diet planby blending some smoothies first. Following the Dash diet is not as simple as it may seem. Although it may seem less restrictivethan other diets, there is still a throng of challenges ahead. To be able to start and maintain a Dash diet, you need to go throughcertain preparations. Cleansing is an essential part of your preparation.In This Book you will discover the answers to the following questions:Why is cleansing important in living a healthier life?What is the role of smoothie cleansing in your transition to the Dash diet?How can you prepare your body for smoothie cleansing?What are the tools you need to prepare?How do you make the smoothie cleanse easier on your body?How do you make Dash-friendly smoothies?How can you make your own smoothie concoction? Are you ready to wipe the slate clean? Do you want to live healthier? Read on and find out just how you can make the healthy transition.Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy!!! 

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Quick & Easy, Nonfiction
Size: 63 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The Real Gin Book: A Collection of Classic and Modern Gin Recipes For Every Occasion

by Peter William Parker

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: 96 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
2 reviews

The Real Power of Healing Herbal Teas: Simple and Delicious Tea Recipes For Weight Loss, Detoxify, Cleansing, Energizing, Stress and Anxiety Relieving, ... Boosting Herbal Tea Recipes with benefits

by S. Thomson, Jeff

Brewing tea has been a common practice since ancient times not only because due to its distinct flavor but also for its natural healing benefits. Apart from water, tea is recognized as the least expensive and healthiest form of beverage.Tea is indeed nature’s gift to man, it contains potent antioxidants that promote well-being and has the ability to delay the signs of aging. Drinking tea can help improve our mood, it gives us a soothing feeling and our comfort amid our stressful, busy livesAmong the most popular social beverages, freshly brewed tea contains zero calories that can aid in healthy weight loss. Hence, it makes a better alternative to a regular soda which is loaded with sugar and chemicals that can pose risk to our health. This herbal tea Recipes book provides you with a great collection of delicious herbal tea recipes which can assist you in creating that perfect tea blend.This herbal tea recipes book contains simple natural remedies for various health disorders. This Healing Herbal Infusions book provides over 90+ herbs, spices, fruit blended herbal tea recipes, each with their key ingredients, and benefits. In this book, you will learnHistory of TeaCultivation and harvesting of teaTea Making ProcessTea BlendingDifferent Types of teas and their benefitsTea Making EquipmentMedicinal herbs and their benefitsRemedial and medicinal teasCommon ailments TeasWomen's Wellness TeaMedicinal Tea blendsTea Faq's

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: 198 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 1.00 / 5
1 review

Starbucks Copycat Cookbook: Recreate Starbucks Food and Drinks at Home

by Miranda Mason

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Nonfiction
Size: 38 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

The Tea-Time Cookbook: A Tea Book with 50 Delicious Tea Recipes (2nd Edition)

by BookSumo Press

Tea-Time. All the Time. A Tea Book for Tea Drinkers.The Tea-Time Cookbook is a cookbook for tea lovers. This is not a one dimensional tea cookbook. This cookbook is multi-dimensional. You will find 50 delicious recipes spread throughout one rich cookbook. Where each recipe is a deep exploration into a particular way of preparing tea. You will learn the many different varieties of tea i.e. chai tea, spicy pepper tea, southern style iced tea, bubble tea, and much much more.This cookbook presents an innovative style of tea preparation that is unmatched. If you are interested in learning unique ways of making tea these recipes will appease your heart. Here is a preview of the diverse types of tea you will learn to create:Orange, Lemon, Cranberry, Jell-O TeaClassical Chai TeaEasy Herbal Honey TeaLove TeaEasy Vanilla Chai TeaSouthern Style Easy Sweet TeaCinnamon, Honey, and Turmeric TeaOrange Earl Grey TeaEasy Soy Milk LatteRhubarb Honey Sweet Teamuch, much, more....Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of tea preparation used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the teas will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!Related Searches: tea cookbook, tea recipes, tea book, tea-time, tea cook book, tea time, tea reading

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

Sweet Living: The Best Honey Recipes

by Jennifer Jones

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Natural Foods
Size: 71 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

10 interesting Ukrainian drinks: Consume accordingly.

by Alexander Luchina

The book tells about 10 interesting drinks collected from all regions of Ukraine, which will help you quench your thirst in the summer, as well as an excellent match for all holidays.

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages
Size: 12 pages
Free download for Kindle from 19 October 2019 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

Simple Vegan Smoothies: 50 Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes With Less Than 5 Ingredients

by The Blendery

Looking for vegan smoothie recipes that are simple to prepare AND taste amazing? This book contains 50 delicious recipes, that’ll nourish your body from the inside out. They’re ideal for breakfast on-the-go, mid-afternoon energy-boosts, post-workout recovery, or healthy dessert alternatives. Most smoothie recipes aren’t vegan, since they contain some kind of dairy milk, yogurt, or honey in them. Not to mention a long list of other exotic ingredients that are either hard to find, or expensive to buy. So this book is designed to address all of these barriers…It’s a collection of our favourite vegan smoothies that are bursting with vitamins and minerals. Recipes span the veggie spectrum, from leafy green goodness to dessert-worthy fruit combos. Each smoothie is made with a maximum of 5 ingredients, which means they’re super-quick to prep, and cheaper to shop for too! If you’re lactose intolerant, follow a vegan diet, or are just interested in learning more about it, then this book is for you. It includes tips and tricks for preparing healthy and delicious vegan smoothies, along with 50 simple smoothie recipes including…- Banana Cappuccino Smoothie- Beginner’s Green Smoothie- Cucumber Mojito Smoothie- Ginger Cleansing Smoothie- Peach Melba Smoothie- Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie- Strawberry Breakfast SmoothieThis recipe book makes it quick and easy to prepare tasty vegan smoothies, without any fancy ingredients. Buy it now or download a free sample to see if it’s right for you.

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Vegetables & Vegetarian, Nonfiction
Size: 69 pages
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Smoothie Bowls: Healthy Breakfast Bowl Recipes

by Sarah Spencer

What’s for breakfast? Smoothie bowls! Nothing could be a more glorious start to a day than a hearty bowl of scrumptious breakfast smoothie! Yes, it is what it says: smoothie is a bowl.

The luscious creamy texture of the smoothie, incorporating all the goodness nature has to offer, contrasted by the nutty, crunchy layer of toppings, makes this fare almost a luxury! These energy-boosting recipes tantalize your taste buds and make your body swoon in gratitude.

Five minutes to breakfast? Anyone can be a culinary Picasso with a smoothie bowl. The combinations you fabricate are limited only by your imagination (well, that and whatever happens to be in your fridge and pantry). Banish the dreaded boring breakfast, as these exciting and festive surprise packages of goodness make waking up a little easier each morning.

Always listen to your body in the morning? What are you in the mood for? If you think you need a little more fuel for your day, toss a half-cup of all-natural granola or trail mix into your smoothie. You can also top it with sliced fruit, honey or agave, hemp seeds, coconut shreds, dried fruit, and nuts. Craving indulgence? What could go wrong with adding peanut butter and dark chocolate chips to your breakfast! The possibilities are endless.

Inside find 50 recipes that are not only easy to make, but taste heavenly! You are sure to please all the members of your family

Be sure to try the blueberry Banana Bonanza Bowl or the Chocolate Hazelnut Hemp Smoothie bowl. Feeling for a little more green stuff, we got you covered with the Green Matcha Mint Smoothie Bowl or the Super Green Smoothie Bowl. A dessert, why not go with the Carrot Cake Smoothie bowl! Divine.

Let’s get started, scroll back up and grab your copy today!

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Meals, Home & Garden, Crafts & Hobbies, Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Diets & Weight Loss, Nutrition, Personal Health
Size: 140 pages
Free download for Kindle from 18 October 2019 onward  

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