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Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

The 12 Days of a Great White Christmas

by Chris Bresky

The Classic Shark-Christmas Book: "The 12 Days of a Great White Christmas" Sing along to the mixed up holiday classic as 12 species of shark take a crack at decking the halls! Hilarious, sweet & hand illustrated. Educational as well! Be introduced to rare, unfamiliar shark breeds and learn even more about them in the "Holly Jolly Shark Fact Section!" A Great White Christmas tradition for the whole family!

Genre: Arts & Photography, Art, Children's eBooks, Humour, Nonfiction
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 26 February 2020 onward  

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Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

The Prince and the Gopher

by Cory Tsuhako

Gene the gopher hid in the ground until a wise prince saw his potential and gave him significance. This short story children’s book covers loyalty, friendship, self-esteem and confidence and may teach a few spelling words along the way.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Fairy Tales
Size: 20 pages
Free download for Kindle from 26 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

Athena Finds Her Confidence (Taki & Toula Time Travelers Book 2)

by Elena Paige

Join Taki and Toula as they’re launched back to the days of Ancient Greece. In their second adventure, Taki and Toula find themselves in a crowded ancient stadium. A competition is taking place between the Greek gods Athena and Poseidon. The gods must each share a gift with the city, and King Cecrops will decide who the winner is. But it turns out Athena doesn’t believe she can win. How will Taki and Toula help Athena find her confidence and defeat Poseidon?Laugh along as Taki and Toula create history. Greek mythology has never been this much fun!A full-color Easy Reader book ideal for children aged 6-8 years old. Or a great read-aloud book for younger children.A wonderful story to help children learn how to be more confident and believe in themselves. A great introduction to Greek mythology for younger children. It also helps children recognize​ that the Greek gods aren't just born brave and clever (no one ever is). They needed someone to support them and help them become the heroes we know them as today. This book features evidence from social psychologist Amy Cuddy, who found that "power poses" such as putting your hands on your hips and puffing out your chest (like Taki and Toula help Athena do) increase testosterone and really do make you feel more confident. Empowering kids to choose how they think and feel.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Literature & Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths
Size: 33 pages
Free download for Kindle from 26 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Smart Guitar Chords Dictionary: A Complete Collection Of Guitar Chord Diagrams.

by J.V. Studios

A Complete Collection Of Guitar Chord Diagrams.
Do you find it difficult to remember guitar chords?
Now your problem is solved!
Smart Guitar Chords Dictionary makes it very easy for you to play any chord you want with just a click.
By using this visual dictionary of chords you can arrange, play and enjoy each and every chord. All chords like major, minor, augmented, diminished, 6th, 7th, 9th,11th,13th, etc. are covered in this book.
Special Features of the Book:
Each and every chord is separately hyperlinked in table of contents.
Well labeled high quality chord diagrams.
300+ guitar chord diagrams.
Separate page for each chord diagram which helps smooth font size changing.
Simple illustrations for better understanding.
High quality book at low price.
Hurry! Grab your copy now.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Music, Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Self-Help & Counselling, Self-Help
Size: 344 pages
Free download for Kindle from 26 February 2020 onward  

Astronomy. Guide for beginners

by Arthwr Bass

Genre: Children's eBooks, Science, Nature & How It Works, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Science & Maths, Astronomy
Size: 52 pages
Free download for Kindle from 26 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
4 reviews

Black Beauty (AmazonClassics Edition)

by Anna Sewell

From the meadow of his youth to the crowded, frosty streets of London, Black Beauty tells the story of his life under many masters in Victorian England, among them the kind Squire Gordon, the principled Jeremiah Barker, and the exploitive Nicholas Skinner. No matter the circumstance, Beauty bears joy and hardship with grace, heeding his mother’s advice to be good, gentle, and hardworking—always.At turns suspenseful, heartwarming, and heartbreaking, Black Beauty is a masterful tale promoting equality, compassion, and strength of character—and remains a treasured classic for animal lovers of all ages.AmazonClassics brings you timeless works from the masters of storytelling. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or rediscover an old favorite, these new editions open the door to literature’s most unforgettable characters and beloved worlds.Revised edition: Previously published as Black Beauty, this edition of Black Beauty (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Fiction, Fiction Classics, Literature & Fiction
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 26 February 2020 onward  


by Stephen Stratton

This timely handbook will outline the exact methods that will put you on the path to mastering the art of speaking American English – just what you have always dreamed of.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Test Preparation & Guides, Foreign Languages, Foreign Language Learning
Size: 94 pages
Free download for Kindle from 26 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
17 reviews

Blood State (The Emberlight Chronicles, Book 1)

by Steven Zeller

What if the government has rewritten history to hide a reality too dark and twisted for its citizens to comprehend? Jonathan Keechi is a loyal citizen of the all-powerful State, enjoying his second year of University in Oregon Zone. The untamed, independent fire that burns inside of Jonathan is an inspiration to his friends and sets him apart from his fellow citizens. However, Jonathan’s innate curiosity leads him to a truth that he may soon wish he had never uncovered. Follow Jonathan as he leads his friends on a high-octane adventure, fleeing the safety and security of the totalitarian State only to find himself in the middle of a maniacal plot to resurrect the American Republic of the Founding Fathers. As they find themselves thrown headlong into an epic conflict, Jonathan and his friends begin to question everything they once believed in a dangerous new land of liberty.The Emberlight ChroniclesBook 1: Blood StateBook 2: Blood Wars

Genre: Children's eBooks, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
11 reviews

Surviving Moose Lake (Kids vs. Nature Book 1)

by Karl Steam

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Science, Nature & How It Works, Sport & Outdoors, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure, Growing Up & Facts of Life
Size: 2.45 mb
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Little Muslimah

by Umm Sumayyah

Little Muslimah is a heartwarming story depicting a day in the life of a young Muslim girl growing up in the West. More than just a kids' book about Islam, Little Muslimah beautifully captures the joy and innocence of childhood and the universal love between mother and child. Superbly presented with vibrant hand-painted illustrations by multi-award winning artist Hillary Scott.

As a gentle introduction to the Islamic faith, complete with an Arabic-English glossary, this is a book to be enjoyed by children from all backgrounds and the perfect addition to any multi-ethnic library.

Proudly published by Minaret Press - changing the face of Islamic children's literature...one book at a time.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Literature & Fiction
Size: 32 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.90 / 5
5 reviews

Little Hoglet's Christmas

by Richard Middleton

An enchanting tale for Christmas. Little Hoglet is woken from his winter sleep by a mysterious sound. His search for its maker leads him deeper and deeper into the snowy forest. But at the end of his journey he finds a new, cosy bed in an unexpected place!

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Fiction, Children's Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
2 reviews

Lebron James: The Inside Story of How LeBron James Became King James of The Court (Lebron James) (Basketball Biographies Book 1)

by Steve James

“You can’t be afraid to fail. It’s the only way you succeed—you’re not gonna succeed all the time, and I know that”— LeBron “King” James
Have you ever wanted to know what makes Lebron James such a successful player?
From the high school courts in Akron, Ohio to the height of his career in the NBA, LeBron James has consistently dazzled and amazed opponents and spectators with his own playing style. There are some great athletes in the NBA, but LeBron is on another level: how did he achieve so much?

In this comprehensive LeBron James biography, you’ll discover the real secrets and philosophy behind the man, covering the earliest days of his career and the moments of failure that shaped him into the inspirational presence that he became later.

You’ll also get a sneak peek into how the mind of athletic genius works: discover the superstitious rituals and mental preparation that goes on before taking on a challenge, and how to turn even the most abject failure into a victory down the road.

You’ll also get the complete low-down into the rigorous training routine including workouts that LeBron uses daily to hone his game and fine-tune his body for maximized performance on and off the court!

Readers will benefit from this book by learning:
• How to develop the Lebron James mindset
• Information about each stage of Lebron James’ life
• Little known facts about James that true fans will want to know
• Rituals and superstitions, philosophies, mental preparation, and techniques that make him the player he is today
• Top 5 Motivational Lessons learned from James’ life
• Insider secrets that can be found nowhere else
• And much more!

This book is a look at his life through the lens of how what LeBron does can be used to improve what you do on the court. You’ll learn about who he is, both on the court and off the court, and how those things affect him as a player. Most of all, you’ll be motivated to actually get out on the court yourself!

If you have ever wondered why LeBron proudly wears the number 23, and what made him choose basketball over his other great sport, football, you’ll find all the answers in this book—along with the powerful motivational secrets that have driven this NBA great to enduring success!

Would You Like To Know More?
Download now and discover the man behind the legend and how you can apply his philosophy to your own life with successful results.

Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button now to get motivated with the guidance of a true champion!

Genre: Biography & True Accounts, Specific Groups, Children's eBooks, Fiction, Children's Fiction, Nonfiction, Sport, Basketball, Biographies
Size: 130 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

The Yellow Brick Road to Better Living: A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workbook for the Young and Young at Heart

by Nicole Gehl

Happiness is not dependent on having perfect life experiences, or the good will of witches or wizards. It’s a process and a journey. The Yellow Brick Road to Better Living is a retelling of the Wizard of OZ written to help you deal with your challenges using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and other evidence based techniques tested by behavioural scientists shown to offer relief from a wide range of emotional and behaviour problems.With this workbook, you’ll travel through the land of Oz and get an understanding of how what you think is connected to how you feel physically and emotionally, and consequently what you do.Through self-monitoring, psycho-education and experimentation, you’ll develop greater self-awareness and thinking habits to take with you wherever it is that your yellow brick road may lead.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Self-Help & Counselling, Psychology
Size: 140 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review


by E.A. Carrington

Genre: Children's eBooks, Fiction, Children's Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: 265 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 3.50 / 5
4 reviews

Christmas Time: It’s All About Jesus!

by Sue M. Barksdale

Since Christmas is such a captivating time of year, it's the perfect setting for telling children about the miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ's birth. Using selected passages from the first chapters of the gospels of Matthew and Luke, Christmas Time – It's All About Jesus tells the story of Jesus' birth in a delightfully poetic and child-like way. The sensational illustrations create an unforgettable image, so a child can always remember the true meaning of Christmas.

As an added bonus, Pastor Russ and Sue have developed devotionals to be used by families to enrich their Christmas celebrations. These are complete with attributes and names of Jesus, questions for discussion, and activities to do as a family to share Christ with those around them. Coupled together, this story and devotionals will enhance your celebration of Christmas during the season and all year long!

About the Author
Sue Murray Barksdale has been a pastor's wife, mom, and educator for over 30 years. She and her husband Russ live in Arlington, Texas, where Russ pastors the multi-site The Church on Rush Creek, a multi-site church. Sue has a BS in Elementary Education from The University of Houston and enjoys teaching at a public charter school in their neighborhood.

Russ and Sue consider their relationship with their grown children and spouses and their six beautiful grandchildren as one of the greatest blessings in life! Their desire to leave a legacy of Christ-centered lives motivated them to write this book for their own family and all the children in their sphere of influence. This is Sue's second book, her first being G.I.F.T.S.: A Prayer Book for Kids and Those Who Love Them.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Holidays & Celebrations
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 3.50 / 5
2 reviews

The December Awethology - Dark Volume

by The Awethors

The December Awethology - Dark Volume is a mixture of stories written by #Awethors. Each and every story is unique, some chilling, others a surprise all relating to
the month of December

Because one voice in your head isn't enough, here are so many more, as the Awethors chime together with another collection, this time of December themed stories and poetry to make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel alive. We are the Awethors and these are our words to you.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Fiction, Anthologies, Short Stories
Size: 93 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 2.00 / 5
1 review

Garage Band Theory – GBTool 08 Chord Progressions: excerpt from Garage Band Theory: Tools the Pros Use to Play by Ear (Garage Band Theory - Tools the Pro's Use to Play by Ear Book 9)

by Duke Sharp

Everything in this book came from Garage Band Theory and there's loads more useful stuff there.

When I first started trying to explain how people can play songs by ear, this is where I began.

I thought that if a player understands that the vast majority of the music we hear is based around about five patterns, which are called chord progressions, and then they learn those patterns they'd be off and running.

Not a bad idea, but what happened is that the student would not really know exactly what a chord is, which has to be explained in the context of a scale... and they wouldn't know what a scale is ... and so on. Turns out this is one of those times that a coherent explanation can't really start in the middle.

But the basic premise is absolutely true. There are only a few chord progressions that can be thought of as the foundation for nearly all the music you'll ever hear, and they're rather simple. And they're all here.

When you learn to recognize chord progressions ... musical patterns ... it becomes quite easy to anticipate the 'next' chord.

When you're doing that, you're playing 'by ear.'

There are plenty of examples and chord diagrams that will let you get right into playing all these tunes and a quiz at the end so you can measure your progress. (use a separate sheet of paper for your answers)

This is non Academic, practical, useful theory for living-room pickers and working musicians who want to be able to think coherently about music in order to ask questions and understand answers about the music they want to play.

The stuff in GBT is about understanding The Beatles and The Rolling Stones,  Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, The Grateful Dead and Vampire Weekend.

It's NOT about analyzing Bach Fugues... but you'll be able to if you want to.

It was written for the 99% of musicians who are NOT music majors by a incorrigible honky-tonk guitar player who plays by ear ... but understands the relevant vocabulary and what's sensible and useful for MOST players.

"Garage Band Theory is a must for any musician." Rodney Crowell

"Don't be put off by this giant book - Duke's got the secrets of the universe in here. Quite simply, this is the most comprehensive book on music theory I've ever seen."
Bill Payne (Little Feat)

"Something for every musician at any level. Especially helpful is the musical notation and tablature for a variety of instruments. This book inspires me to learn and practice more."
Sam Bush

"Garage Band Theory is a veritable encyclopedia of useful tools and tips.This book lifts the lid off the "black box" of music theory and let's the light shine in - and in a fun, practical way.
This is a book which should be left handily lying around the living room, bedside, studio, classroom, (restroom?) - ready to be dipped into at any time for reference purposes or just to improve or refresh one's fluency in the language of music.
A great resource for musicians young and old no matter what your training. For the price of a one-hour lesson, GBT offers a lifetime of learning."
Alasdair Fraser

"Garage Band Theory let me know how little I know... but in a good way.  It's a great book!" Sterling C Ball CEO, Ernie Ball Inc.

"This book is written in the people's key." Kostas

"Garage Band Theory offers you everything you need to know to understand, play and make your own music. Because he is both an accomplished musician and teacher, Sharp's Garage Band Theory is an excellent guide for beginners and more advanced players alike." Sam Barry, author, musician

No matter which instrument you want to play, the advice, inspiration and down-to-earth tips in this book will help you get to your goal.

Duke Sharp draws on a lifetime of experience playing, writing, recording and teaching music.

Garage Band Theory demystifies music theory and, in the process, shows how to apply basic music theory to the art of playing by ear and composition.

Genre: Arts & Photography, Music, Children's eBooks, Arts, Music & Photography, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Fiction, Children's Fiction, Arts & Music
Size: 64 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

HUMANredux: THE TRILOGY: Books 1, 2 & 3

by John C. Withwick

Some reviews of the HUMANredux series:

"This is not your usual generic apocalyptic alien invasion novel. Instead it weaves elements of time-travel, the esoteric, ancient alien theory, real historical fact, Earth mysteries and good old fashioned sci-fi fun into a compelling and startling narrative."

"Thought provoking and compelling. It's Wool, The Hunger Games and Ender's Game in one."

Open any newspaper anywhere in the world, any day of the week and you’ll see the same recurring themes. Murders mingle with corruption, a dash of violence, but mainly war. Plenty of war. These topics endure endlessly; humanity seems to have a never ending appetite for political and religious intolerance, the annihilation of our home planet and the subjugation of people who peacefully reside on this planet. But why? Let’s face it, humanity is divided and malfunctioning, we’re weighed down by history, our cultural and religious divisions too entrenched. After tens of thousands of years of evolution we become ever more divided, more predisposed to war, and portentously unequal. Billions live in extreme poverty without adequate healthcare or even clean water.

If an extra-terrestrial intelligence were to look upon humanity, what would they really think? I would imagine it would be one of two reactions. One species may think that they have to try to influence humanity to guide them to a more benevolent lifestyle befitting a species that has such high pretentions. Another may think, look at them, ruining this wonderful planet, so rich in resource, so diverse in life. They don’t deserve this planet.

HUMANredux is the story of a malevolent species who are intent on colonizing Earth and taking this wonderful planet for themselves. A lone rogue Alien from another benevolent species sees the potential in us, our creativity, our music, our art, and the indomitable human spirit and tries to save us. He takes five gifted humans back in time to rebuild our society into something more befitting our pretensions. The mission is to unite us in the past so we can face the threat in the future. Along the way, those that go back in time discover ancient mysteries and battle with humanity’s recurring themes of violence, greed and corruption. But they eventually discover the real reason why we are so broken....

Some Reader Reviews from Book 1 & Book 2:

5.0 out of 5 stars So great I read it in 2 days! Can't wait for the second book. 9 Sept. 2013
By Liz C
This book is great and I simply cannot wait for the second to be available. I started reading it intending for it to be my book for the next couple of weeks and I loved it so much I burned through it in 2 days. John C. Withwick is a great story teller, I got sucked into the journey of the characters and I loved the real world historical references that are very accurate. As a book it also makes you ask some profound questions and you will find yourself thinking about it beyond the point of opening and closing your kindle. If you like futuristic sci fi and/or enjoyed Stephen King's '11.22.63' this is a book for you. Hurry up with book number 2 please!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!! 30 Sept. 2014
By Marian V. Hughes - Published on Amazon.com
I read Book 1 and 2 in two days. Great story and character development. I couldn't put them down. I hope we can pre-order Book 3. John makes his characters feel alive. I'm not giving any of the story away. Take my word for it . . . Fantastic read, one of the best sci-fi stories I've ever read ans something new keeps coming around the corner!! Great job, John. I'm hooked & I've been a sci-fi reader for over 60 years. I look forward to reading all your books.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Alien Invasion, Time Travel
Size: 782 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

The Copper Map (The Adventures of Skye Belle Book 2)

by H. A. Jones

Hidden in the desert for nearly 2,000 years, a little-known scroll gives clues to the whereabouts of a hoard of fabulous, ancient treasures. But no one has been able to uncover the scroll’s secrets.

Until now.

With the aid of Professor Peter Niven, Skye Belle and her brother Brandon set off on an adventure beginning in the deserts of Egypt. Peter believes he has the key to unlocking the riddle of the scroll – or as he calls it, the Copper Map. It is a journey that will take them through all of the beauty and dangers of the Holy Lands.

But with such an awesome amount of wealth at stake, there are others who will do anything to lay hold of the treasure for themselves. Skye and Brandon are about to find out just how cunning and ruthless their enemies can be.

And as they search for the hidden secrets of the Copper Map, the very trustworthiness of the bible is called into question. But Skye is determined. Not only does she want to discover the long lost treasure, she also wants to prove that the events recorded in the bible actually happened. She knows that the evidence is out there, all she and Brandon have to do is stay safe long enough to find it.

*** Praise for The Lost Treasure of Persia ***

"EXCELLENT" Christian Children's Book Review

“Skye Bell is an adventurous and believable 3D character… It's a fast-paced ride for a young girl and her younger brother navigating an adult world and adult villains in search of lost treasure. A fantastic read!” Adam Jolliffe

“Any kid into adventure books will really love this.” Mick McArt

“My son loved this book! This is a great read for young children. I like the subtle references to the Bible as well.” W. Lam

Genre: Children's eBooks, Religion & Spirituality, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: 126 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

The Mad Pumpkin: Halloween eBooks for Kids, Children's Halloween books

by Bella Brownley

A story about an ordinary pumpkin who gets angry after someone like you carves a spooky face on him!☆ A fun picture book for new readers.☆ Perfect for Kindle Kids devices and many others.☆ Download your copy now!

Genre: Children's eBooks, Literature & Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations
Size: 32 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

My Dinosaur is ALIVE!!

by John Priest

What would you do if one of the pictures you were painting started talking to YOU?A stunned little boy finds out when he opens his Dinosaur painting book and begins painting. Suddenly one of the Dinosaurs starts talking to him.Luckily for the boy, the dinosaur is only interested in painting and not EATING!

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Fiction, Children's Fiction, Early Learning
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  


by John Ramsey

Everybody knows that a teddy bears' favorite thing to do in the whole world is sleep, and Harvey the bear does like to sleep, but he also loves to explore. Follow Harvey's first adventure as he is accidentally lost on a train and ultimately finds his way back to his best friend Leo.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Cars, Trains & Things That Go
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Forgotten Fairy Tales: Tales from Europe

by TB Riggs

Genre: Children's eBooks, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Fairy Tales
Size: 110 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Bedtime Bible Stories Daniel's Kittens Book 4: And exciting fun book for parents to read to their children at bedtime. A great way to teach young minds the wonderful stories of the Bible.

by Larry D. Hawkins

A great fact-filled storybook that brings the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den to life in such a way as to create a burning desire to want to hear it again and again.
Creates interaction between the parent and the child.
Helps to open up meaningful discussions about life itself.
Great teaching tool to demonstrate God’s love and mercy toward us.
Great opportunity for the parent to express thoughts and opinions about God and His love toward us.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction
Size: 23 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
12 reviews

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Illustrated): Children's Classics

by Howard Pyle

Robin Hood is a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and subsequently featured in literature and film. According to legend, he was a highly skilled archer and swordsman. In some versions of the legend, he is depicted as being of noble birth and said to have robbed from the rich and given to the poor. So come along on this fantastic adventure and relive the life of the most controversial figure and his band of merry men. This meticulously edited collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents:How Robin Hood Came to Be an OutlawRobin Hood and TinkerThe Shooting Match at Nottingham TownWill Stutely Rescued by His CompanionsRobin Hood Turns ButcherLittle John Goes to Nottingham FairHow Little John Lived at the Sheriff'sLittle John and the Tanner of BlythRobin Hood and Will ScarlettThe Adventure with Midge the Miller's SonRobin Hood and Allan a DaleRobin Hood Seeks the Curtal FriarRobin Hood Compasses a MarriageRobin Hood Aids a Sorrowful KnightHow Sir Richard of the Lea Paid His DebtLittle John Turns Barefoot FriarRobin Hood Turns BeggarRobin Hood Shoots Before Queen EleanorThe Chase of Robin HoodRobin Hood and Guy of GisbourneKing Richard Comes to Sherwood Forest

Genre: Children's eBooks
Size: 298 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

Amazing Adventures Of Lucas and Charlie at Sea: Children's Fictional Series (Stories about Sea,Sea Stories and Myths,Sea Captain Stories)

by Renee Sandy

Lucas And Charlie Are out at Sea Their Adventures Land Them in a Pirate Ship and They Discover something Amazing.

Genre: Children's eBooks, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: 24 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

The Tale of Two Toodlegnomes

by A.L. McBee

The Toodlegnomes lived in peace with no worry of the dangers of the outside world for many years... that is, until the dreaded Bumble Bee Dragons were ordered by their evil Queen to sneak in and steal the crystals that give life to the Toodlegnome village. All felt their way of life was lost... all but the bravest of the small forest dwellers. Maggie Galestone and her best friend, Maxine Thornbread, were ordered to leave the village, out of fear that their overly brave ways would cause all to pay with a war they felt could not be won.

The two little Toodlegnomes begin an adventure that will take them into uncharted territory filled with dangers of the forbidden forest. They will meet never-before-seen creatures - some happy to help them in their quest, others who wish to cause them harm. Few have much hope that either will be seen again...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: 38 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

The New ABC Alphabet Guide (New Learning Series Book 1)

by Michelle Smith MS SLP

Help your child learn to read and write the alphabet with ease! Read along, help them trace letters, or just let them peruse the pages and follow the shapes of the letters on their own. Either way, they are sure to gain knowledge and have fun with this delightful book. No more searching for worksheets on your end; this is an all-in-one book!

Genre: Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Words & Language, Early Learning
Size: Unknown
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

The Heroes of Asgard: The Tales of Norse Mythology: The Aesirthe Children of Loki, From Asgard to Utgard, Baldur, Ragnarök, Twilight of the Gods…

by Annie Keary

Genre: Children's eBooks, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths, Fairy Tales
Size: 160 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

The Three Newton Laws Of Motion For Kids: Physics In Simple English For Kids and Adults

by July Richmond

This easy to read book shows you the very basics of the 3 Laws of Motion as described by Sir Isaac Newton. It gives you examples, illustrations, and is very easy to understand. You will be surprised, in fact, at how easy!

Genre: Children's eBooks
Size: 26 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

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