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What is CBD - The Truth about Cannabidiol - Medication

by Ray Tokes

Ray Tokes challenges the mainstream with What is CBD - The Truth about Cannabidiol - Medication. Ray Tokes is challenging big pharma as well as the tobacco industry by putting fiction to rest with a fistful of facts about CBD and what it is as a medication.Ray Tokes evolves the conversation from his first book The Revolutionary Cannabidiol and answers the challenging questions about CBD such as:What is CBD? - Ray Tokes gives an informative summary about what CBD is and isn't.What does CBD stand for? - Most people know what it is, but what does it mean?Where does CBD come from? - An in-depth look into CBD.What Are the Benefits of Using CBD? - Are there benefits to CBD?Why is CBD so good for the body? - How are cancer patients able to use CBD?What is the Difference between CBD and THC? - Le...

Genre: Professional & Technical, Medicine, Education & Reference, Medical Reference, Nonfiction, Self-Help & Counselling, Psychology, Science & Maths, Health & Fitness, Alternative Medicine
Size: 29 pages
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