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Rating: 4.60 / 5
21 reviews

Romance Down Under: New Zealand Romance Starter Set

by Tracey Alvarez and Book Cover By Design

Read the first two full-length, standalone romance novels from USA Today bestselling author Tracey Alvarez’s Due South and Far North series. In Too Deep (Due South Book #1)Two hearts. A second chance. Everything on the line…Ryan "West" Westlake belongs on the island. It's in his blood and who he is. Nobody can deny that. When Piper Harland walked out of his life years ago, West let her go. He'd never stand in the way of a woman and her dreams. But now that she's back, their past smacks him right in the face. With tempers flared and desires heightened, West just might realize what he lost so long ago.Second chances, vacation romance, small town romance, first love, New Zealand romance, island romance, diving, police officer, big family. Hide Your Heart (Far North Book #2)Lauren Taylo...

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Family Saga, Literary Fiction, Romance, Collections & Anthologies, Poetry, Drama & Criticism
Size: 513 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Once Upon a Christmas: A Wynter Family Saga

by Maggie Robinson and Tiffany Clare

“Four sparkling, sensual, emotion-packed stories from four distinctive talents—it’s like diving into a box of Christmas candy.” - Julie Anne Long, USA Today bestselling authorThe holidays are a time for family, celebration—and the Dukes of Ravenglass to fall in love. Spend the Christmas season with the Wynter family, as the Dukes of Ravenglass find their happily-ever-afters in this delightful, heartfelt collection that spans from the Regency era to the present day. In A Price Above Rubies by Maggie Robinson, set in the Regency era, paid companion Helen Lowe doesn’t know the man she shares her first-ever dance—and first-ever kiss—is Gabriel Wynter, a reclusive, notorious duke. When Helen flees after being exposed, she leaves behind something of far greater value than a glass...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Collections & Anthologies, Romantic Comedy
Size: 520 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 October 2017 onward  

Heart of Flesh - Andrea - Part 1 (Beyond the Flesh Saga)

by Key Genius

"Heart of Flesh", AndreaThe incredible story of Andrea, and his journey from being just a regular guy to an internationally renowned model. Among loves, irrepressible passions, new and rediscovered friendships, Andrea leaves Italy for amazing cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. There he discovers their transgressive nightlife.The "Beyond the Flesh" saga will transport you into the world of high fashion, luxury hotels, and stunning villas. All in the company of regular guys like Andrea, the ambiguous, larger than life Count Dorian Dal Borgo, gorgeous, sensual women like Nicolle, and teenage girls who follow their dreams, like Susanna. Go "beyond the flesh" and feel your heart start to beat. And this is only the beginning.Andrea, Part 1Andrea li...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Literary Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Size: 147 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
17 reviews

Bennett (The Fire Creek Saga Book 1)

by Chasity Bowlin

Mia Darcy plays by the rules, and her Daddy, Samuel, for better or worse has made them all. She takes care of her ailing mother, she manages PR for the family’s distillery, Fire Creek. And every day she quietly resents the fact that he stepped in and kept her from being with the one man she loved… a man who still lives there in their small town of Fontaine, Kentucky and who haunts her every minute of the day, waking or asleep.

Bennett Hayes has loved Mia his whole life, and for one brief moment, when they were young and full of hope, it seemed like even the long history of bad blood between their families wasn’t enough to keep them apart. But he’d been wrong. Mia never showed the night they were supposed to run away together and when he confronted her about it, she br...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Size: 276 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
38 reviews

Out of the Shadows (A Werewolf Wars Novel Book 1)

by Bethany Shaw

Lark Davies is the sole guardian of her younger sister, and the owner of The Cookie Jar. When she's not working, she spends her free time at the Harris ranch. She knows that they are werewolves, but it doesn't matter. They are her family. When Devon Harris shows up at the ranch, Lark finds herself instantly drawn to him. However, Devon makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. But when enemies attack the ranch, Lark and Devon find themselves working together to save the people they love most. Their mutual attraction intensifies the more time they spend together. Lark has known werewolves existed for some time, but she never knew how dangerous they could be.Devon Harris has lived under his stepfather's tyranny for too long. When his stepfather forms an alliance with a dangerous w...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 304 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.20 / 5
14 reviews

Scandalous: Scandalous Billionaires (The Scandalous Billionaires Collection Book 1)

by Drew Sinclair

When is the attraction between a man and a woman too scandalous to be contemplated?
29 year old multi-billionaire CEO Jason Demovic has the looks of a movie star, the body of a cage fighter and the wealth of Bill Gates.
26 year old newly qualified psychotherapist Melissa Price has a MENSA level IQ, the appearance of a prim school mistress and the bank account of a pauper.
He wants her. She needs him. He's got to have her. She longs for his desire.
Only problem is, a therapist and client should never, ever, ever be together. Talk therapy is exactly what it says on the tin: talk and words--not touching, caressing, holding, squeezing, kissing, teasing and whatever else comes to mind.
Jason has a huge issue with women that he won't admit ex...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary
Size: 221 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 October 2017 onward  

The Newspaper

by N. Lalit

Deb is a retired man. A man who believes he's lived a full life. A life filled with love, passion, friendship, art, music and culture. Even after his wife bids goodbye to him and the world he continues to sport easy and joyful demeanor. He firmly believes that God orchestrated actions were not be challenged or discussed. Then one fine morning everything changes. The Newspaper is a compelling story revolving around life, and how it changes people's perspective through profound events....

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Short Stories
Size: 20 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
44 reviews

Searching For Moore (Needing Moore Series Book 1)

by Julie Richman

I lost the love of my life when she disappeared without even a goodbye.
It was the 80’s – there was no internet, no Google, no cell phones.
If you wanted to disappear, you could.
And she did.
She crushed my soul.
A friend just told me he saw her on Facebook.
And now I’m a keystroke away from asking her the question that’s haunted me for two decades.
“Why did you leave me?”

Two decades after she broke his heart, sexy entrepreneur Schooner Moore uncovers the truth and betrayal his life has been built on when he Facebook friend requests college love, Mia Silver. Determined to win Mia’s love once again, Schooner embarks on a life-altering journey that could cost him everything.

This is the first book of the Ne...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary
Size: 374 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
24 reviews

Runaway Heart: The Baylors #1 (Hearts of Three Rivers)

by Amity Lassiter and Keriann McKenna

Book 1 in Amity's Lassiter's first book in a new sweet western heat series!
Book 2, HOMECOMING HEART now available!

Ren Maddock wouldn't call herself a runaway, but when she's backed into a corner by a childhood she'd rather forget, she's chosen flight every time. With her teenage sister in tow, Ren picks Three Rivers, Colorado and hopes that it will provide them with the quiet, simple life she's been looking for. She doesn't expect responding to a job ad will have her suddenly wanting to break her only hard and fast rule: never lay down roots.

Dane Baylor already has his hands full running the family cattle operation when a tragic accident leaves him as his young nephew's legal guardian. Before long, he finds himself over his head and desperate not to b...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Westerns
Size: 154 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
43 reviews

Tainted Love: A gripping psychological thriller (Behind Closed Doors Book 1)

by Erin Cawood and Annetta Ribken

Does the perfect wife and the perfect husband make for the perfect marriage?

For anyone in a relationship, the words 'we need to talk' can only mean one thing. In the last twenty-two years, the McKenzies have been through it, survived it, learned by it, and grown stronger from it, because life didn't stop for breath when they needed it. Amongst the tears and the tragedies, the hopes and happiness, they've built something amazing: a happy family, a luxury lifestyle and a booming empire. Don't they deserve to have it all?

But for the perfect wife, those four sinister words mean something entirely different. They're a summons into dark places where what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

Faith has no doubt in Calvin's undying lov...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Thrillers, Suspense, Fiction, Family Saga, Literary Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Size: 364 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Warrior of Light: follow the sun

by Oliver Green and Elena Skalozubova

This book is not about romantic cute vampires, which popularized the modern society, it is about the evil ancient creatures, fantastic animals and about sincere, freedom-loving, desperate people!The war between vampires and humans has lasted for two centuries. Vampires are stronger and faster, but they burn up under the sun and afraid of silver, therefore they can't destroy humanity completely. One day was born an unusual child, named John. The sun doesn't kill him, but on the contrary, makes him stronger and, due to solar energy, his eyes burning with a yellow flame. John is growing, gaining cruelty and hatred of people, but over time he begins to feel that he is a stranger among his brothers, not like the others. He tried to find an answer to his question: what place it occupies in this ...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Epic, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Family Saga, Horror, War, Teen & Young Adult
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
114 reviews

The Butterfly Storm: (The Butterfly Storm Book 1)

by Kate Frost

Four years ago life for Sophie Keech was perfect. A new start in Greece with Alekos, her boyfriend of just six weeks, removes Sophie from a mundane 9-5 job, takes her away from the difficult relationship she has with her mum, and gives her the opportunity and belief that she is finally doing something positive and exciting with her life. But a lot can change in four years. An engagement, a domineering mother-in-law to be and the reality of life in Greece not being quite what Sophie imagined, puts a strain on her relationship with Alekos. When her estranged mum is involved in an accident, it’s the perfect excuse to escape back to the UK to reassess her life and her idea of family. Faced with a physical and emotional distance from Alekos, a complicated relationship with her mum, an emerg...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Literary Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Size: 268 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
7 reviews

The Rector's Daughter (Part Two of The People of this Parish Saga)

by Nicola Thorne

'She was every inch the parson’s daughter, with the clear light of Christian courage showing through. But there was something else: she was a woman of the world too, a woman, clearly, who had lived'.Sophie Woodville's return to Wenham, the thriving Dorset market town of her birth, is not a happy one. Her secret marriage to George, heir to the Woodville baronetcy, incurred the wrath not only of her husband's family but also of her own. Now George is dead, tragically young, and his widow and two children have come home.The loss of the Woodville heir is keenly felt by the whole parish, but most of all by his own family. His mother is seriously ill and the wild, indulgent lifestyle of the only surviving son, Carson, has already brought the once venerated family name into disrepute. Worst of ...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Historical Fiction
Size: 480 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

Looking for My Love: A Prequel to My Love

by E.J. Adams

Brandon Mitchell is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. He has one rule, though: Don’t fall in love. Then sweet and smart Ashley Sullivan applies for a job at his fashion magazine. Can Ashley and Brandon discover a love to last forever?Looking for My Love is the amusing and heartwarming introduction to billionaire Brandon Mitchell and new career woman Ashley Sullivan. It is the prequel to the Sweet Romance novel My Love by E.J. Adams.This is a sweet (clean) edition of Before You Seduce Me by E.J. Adams....

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance
Size: 40 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.90 / 5
23 reviews

Flawless (A Love, California Series Novel, Book 1)

by Jan Moran

"An engrossing view into the world of 'beautiful people' with an ending that will leave you wanting more." - New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melissa Foster

Verena Valent is at the helm of her family's legendary Swiss skincare company, which caters to a glamorous clientele in the heart of Beverly Hills. After her parents are killed in an automobile accident, she becomes the sole provider for her younger twin sisters and her grandmother. Instead of attending college with her friends as planned, she rises to the challenge to guide and expand her family's business. She is in the midst of a critical international expansion into Asia when her carefully organized life begins to unravel.

Verena is shaken to discover that her fiancé, Derrick, might be behi...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary
Size: 310 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.30 / 5
6 reviews

The Unforeseen

by Kathleen Davies

For nineteen years Jess had lived on the Moors, the loss of her Father had made her more determined than ever to improve her life, but where did one start in a village so small.
This is the story of a young woman's search for happiness only to discover how hard it can become on the way.
Are you sure you didn't mistake one night of passion for rape, Alex asked, how could she possibly mistake a night like she had endured, yet she was a survivor, though she had no intentions of sharing a bed Husband or not....

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Size: 113 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.70 / 5
3 reviews

Club Secrets (Club Secrets USA Trilogy Book 1)

by Layla Wilcox

Home on a break between graduating college and starting medical school, David Hauser absently turns on the old computer in his bedroom to find a screen filled with photos of beautiful, naked women. As he scrolls through the pictures and profiles, he comes across one of his neighbor, Andrea Whitney. He’s had a wild crush on his mom’s friend ever since he was 15 and babysat for her son. In the chat room on the site, David discovers that Andrea is on her to way to a place called Club Secrets.

At Club Secrets, David finds Andrea, a jealous biker boyfriend, and a sexually liberated atmosphere where seemingly anything goes.

How does a recent college graduate fit into this wild scene? David gets some interesting lessons from some unexpected mentors and discovers tha...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, New Adult
Size: 33 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Finishing Touches (Further Beyond the Camera Book 7)

by Joanne Jacquard

The continuation of the Further Beyond the Camera Saga - Finishing Touches follows the adventures of the resultant son of the extra-marital affair between Elise Harper and Richard Carradine . Grant Harper-Carradine finds himself inexplicably drawn to the widowed Lady Carradine when he meets her in his adult life. From then on her daughter and also her granddaughter have a fascination for him....

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.10 / 5
96 reviews

Something Great

by M. Clarke and Bookfabulous Designs

* This is a New Adult romance novel recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and mature subject matter.

She didn't know what she was missing...until he found her.

Maxwell Knight was dangerously good-looking, seductively charming, and definitely
trouble. He was everything Jeanella Mefferd did NOT need now.

Fresh out of college, life was predictable and comfortable for Jeanella. She had the
strength of her friends, the security of her job, and she was dating a reliable
man; it was all smooth sailing. That was until one night, when she met someone
who made her feel things she'd never felt before--dangerous, heart pounding,
breathless heat. Never imagining she would see him again, Jeanella has no idea what to do when fa...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Nonfiction, Parenting & Families, Romance, Self-Help & Counselling, Relationships, New Adult
Size: 292 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

Looking for Mr. Right: A Prequel to Finding Mr. Right

by E.J. Adams

Can Mr. Wrong turn out to be Mr. Right?Rachel Cooper is a junior executive at Jacobs and Sloane Advertising and is looking for “Mr. Right” and the relationship that will last. Justin Renaud has trouble with commitment and only wants to focus on building Manhattan’s trendiest new restaurant. Justin and Rachel are all wrong for each other, but both of their worlds are about to get a whole lot more complicated. Is Rachel looking for love in the wrong place, or could Mr. Wrong turn out to be Mr. Right?Looking for Mr. Right is a prequel to the Sweet Romance novel Finding Mr. Right by contemporary romance author E.J. Adams.This is a sweet (clean) edition of Before Club Extase by E.J. Adams....

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance
Size: 42 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.80 / 5
199 reviews

MAID in the USA (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series Book 2)

by Judy Angelo

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Best-selling Author, Judy Angelo, presents:

Volume 2 of 12:


Celine Santini couldn't have been more shocked when billionaire bachelor Pierce D'Amato offers her a job as nanny to his four-year-old charge. After all, he hardly even knows her. But after finding herself thrown into an unexpectedly intimate encounter with him, are they really strangers? Celine is captivated by the green-eyed heartthrob who takes her heart ransom but how can she give in to her feelings when they're from two totally different worlds?

From the first day he lays eyes on the dark-eyed beauty, Pierce D'Amato knows he is lost. He immediately devises a plan to get her unde...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Size: 214 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.50 / 5
2 reviews

Looking for True Love: A Prequel to True Love

by E.J. Adams

Is there such a thing as love at first site? When Amanda Evans leaves for a trip to Italy, that question is the furthest thing from her mind. Then she meets Matteo Rosetti. He is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. There is an immediate attraction between the two, but Matteo’s life is complicated and they settle on becoming friends. However they soon discover there is a genuine romantic connection between them. It is unlike either has experienced before. Will it be enough to overcome obstacles standing in their way?Looking for True Love is the prequel to the emotional and heartwarming sweet romance novel True Love by contemporary romance author E.J. Adams.This story is a sweet (clean) edition of Forbidden Passion Part 1 by E.J. Adams. Book Categories:Clean & Wholesome RomanceWomen...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Short Stories, Romance
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
878 reviews

If I Break: New Edition

by Portia Moore

“I wonder why people take the chance of falling in love. If I could go back through time, would I change the things that I’ve done?” ~Lauren

This is not your typical happily ever after...

Lauren Brooks wants to do three things: Escape the small town she grew
up in, get accepted to her dream school in Chicago, and graduate
without drowning in debt. Now she’s working her ass off to do just

With a full course load and a waitressing job at one of the hottest
night clubs in Chicago, she does not have time for distractions;namely
ones who only want to get into her pants. She’s been burned before.
Only a fool goes for a second round... With just two semesters left
until graduation, everything’s on t...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga
Size: 301 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
238 reviews

Surrender (Surrender, Book 1)

by Melody Anne and Trevino Creative

NYT BEST SELLING BOOK IS NOW FREE FOR A LIMITED TIMETHIS IS BOOK ONE IN A 4 BOOK SERIESRaffaello (Rafe) Palazzo takes what he wants with no regrets. Arianna (Ari) Lynn Harlow has led a charmed life until tragedy strikes her family. Hes looking for a no-emotions attached mistress, shes looking for redemption. They are not a pair that should ever work, but undeniable attraction and devastating tragedies bring them together in the city by the bay where he fights to keep their relationship nothing more than an enjoyable way to meet his needs, and she battles to not lose herself in him. Spending time with Ari starts cracking the hard shell that Rafe has built around his heart, but he denies the affect she has on him until its too late to stop the inevitable conclusion that their relationship...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary
Size: 430 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

To My Daughter, Book One

by Shaina Richmond

In her final month of pregnancy, Susie uses her time on bed rest to relay tales of her life to her soon-to-be-born daughter, Britta.

Susie was fifteen years old when her mother passed away. Five years later, she learned that her paternity was a lie.

Motivated by the recent loss of a friend, Susie starts a journal with the hope that, in the unfortunate case of her own untimely passing, her precious daughter will not be forced to draw her own conclusions about her mother’s life.

Susie’s thoughts turn to the summer of 1999, when she was a fourteen-year-old outcast. As punishment, her father sends her to church camp where she encounters the boy who ruined her reputation with lies the previous summer. When he goes too far to get her attention, a twen...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga
Size: 266 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Queen Wars (Royal Wars Book 1)

by Ela Barlow

A royal tale of flight, fight, or fancy... Royal Wars is a new series of love and hate; princesses and princes, shafts and swords, power and submission; greed and gift; life and death. Between the two Great Oceans, there is a large continent which is unnamed and filled with numerous individual kingdoms that make up the Confederation. ...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian
Size: 349 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

LEGEND OF THE LAST VIKINGS - Free Alternate Ending

by John Halsted

In 1066 upon the death of Edward the Confessor, Harald Hadraada, King of Norway challenged for the crown of England, claiming it was his through his bloodline. He led a large force of over 400 longships to England and after a few initial victories was defeated during the Battle of Stamford Bridge, near York, by Harold Goodwinson. Only 24 longships returned to Norway.Two weeks later Harold Goodwinson and his army, exhausted by the forced-march from York to Hastings, were defeated William the Conqueror. And the rest they say is history. Or is it?Questions remain. What happened to the Vikings after Stamford Bridge? Where did they go? What did they do?Well Legend of the Last Vikings is just one possibility…………..But why an Alternate Ending?When I started researching the book, I was amaz...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Historical Romance
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 2.20 / 5
19 reviews

Billionaire Romance: Billionaire Impossible: An Alpha Billionaire Romance Series (Book 1)

by Anna Collins

An alpha billionaire who knows no limits. How is she going to handle a man like that?Introducing the "Billionaire Impossible" Series - Discover NOW The New Alpha Billionaire Romance Series by Anna Collins!Exciting - Romantic - Hot & Steamy!Darius White never did care about success and thrive; having an abundance of money allowed him to only seek for fun and pleasure! ‘Life is a joke’ was his moto…until his 20th birthday, when everything changed. A seclusive and powerful Billionaire now, 25-year-old Darius, driven by his parents’ death, has been successfully leading his father’s Real Estate Business as well as his own Publishing Company. A role model businessman and content in his solitude, has no interest in getting attached to people or women, until he bumps into Julia. As soon...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga
Size: 203 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 14 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
2 reviews

If Ever I Would Leave You: A Montana Rescue Prequel

by Susan May Warren

If you harbored a devastating secret, had given your solemn promise of silence… what would make you to break it?

Ian Shaw can have anything he wants…

...except the woman he loves. After all, Sierra Rose is his amazing assistant, a woman who helps him hold his empire together, leaving him free to pursue his adventurous hobbies—his only distraction from his excruciating past… until now. But what if she is the one who can finally free him from his regrets?

Sierra Rose harbors a terrible secret…

...the fact that Ian’s favorite niece and ward, Esme, just might elope with her less-than-awesome boyfriend. Sierra’s made a promise to Esme—but her first loyalty belongs to her boss Ian, the man she's admired for years. But letting he...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Religious Fiction, Romance, Religious
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 14 October 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
21 reviews

Love in a Snow Storm (Pine Harbour Book 2)

by Zoe York

Never fall in love with your best friend's little sister...Contractor and army reservist Jake Foster fell in love with Dani Minelli when she was a colt-legged high school senior. He knew he was too old to even look at her, let alone touch.Dani’s been trying to get his attention since returning to Pine Harbour a grown woman—and failing miserably at every turn.This winter, everything is going to change. And when the snow stops falling, Jake and Dani won't be able to hide from their attraction any longer....

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Romance, Contemporary, Military
Size: 238 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 14 October 2017 onward  

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