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Rating: 4.60 / 5
51 reviews

The Secret Keeper (The Secret Keeper Series Book 1)

by Angela Carling and Patti J Hultstrand

There is a street or house in every town that holds secrets that the outside world would never understand. However in Heber, Arizona, a cursed being holds all those secrets closely. After the disappearance of her brother, Winter’s family was never the same, and now she’d done something terrible that would bring her to the door where such secrets were locked, and the deal she would make with the mysterious Secret Keeper would forever alter her life and threaten to destroy Liam, the only boy she ever loved....

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 200 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
19 reviews

The Wolf Within (Holloway Pack Book 1)

by J.A. Belfield

Jem Stonehouse, a housewife with a neurotic husband bent on keeping her in line, dreams about werewolves in, what she believes, is a bid to escape boredom.
Sean Holloway is a werewolf, living a charade within the human race, whose mind drifts to a bond he shares with a woman he hasn't met — at least, not in this lifetime.
Apart, the two are safe but live unfulfilled lives.
Together, they'll become prey to rival packs just as they have been for hundreds of years.
When their worlds collide, and not for the first time, instinct takes over. Dreams become reality. Futures are uncertain. To keep history from repeating itself, Sean must teach Jem about his heritage, convince her of her role, and win her love.
Can Jem accept her destiny before it's too late, or...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 412 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.80 / 5
10 reviews

Sins of the Heart (The Sins Series Book 1)

by Eve Silver

Library Journal raves the Sins Series is "...dark, seductive, and sexy as sin." For readers who love paranormal romance and urban fantasy.Dagan Krayl, the Underworld's most powerful soul reaper, is the demigod son of the evil god Sutekh. He's on a mission to find his murdered brother's remains and resurrect him, but resurrection means that the secrets carried into death would be released and, with them, a war that could end gods and mankind alike. Roxy Tam is searching for the same thing, but for completely different reasons. She means to make certain that the remains don’t fall into Sutekh’s hands, and that the soul reapers do not reanimate their fallen comrade. As a Daughter of Aset, Roxy is tasked with the protection of the human race, and if that means thwarting an all powerful sou...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 384 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.10 / 5
13 reviews

Crying Wolf: Black River Pack 1

by Rochelle Paige

Grace Shaw is on the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend who refuses to believe their relationship is over. He's a cop and is willing to use police resources to track her down. So Grace comes up with a plan and tricks his fellow brothers in blue into thinking he is crying wolf a couple of times when he reports her missing. Little does she know she'll go running into the arms of a real wolf when she finally makes her escape for real.

She just wants to be left alone, but then she meets Hunter Tate - the alpha of the Black River Pack. Grace tries to hold Hunter at arm's length, but there's just no reasoning with an alpha male werewolf who insists she's his mate.

This is book one in the Black River Pack series. Each novella will feature a different couple....

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 165 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
22 reviews

Moon Struck: Book 1: A Hilarious Werewolf Romance (When, Were, & Howl Series)

by Jeanette Raleigh

Jen has never enjoyed the full moon. Not like her family and certainly not like her boss, Rob, whose monthly trysts leave the office in a shambles. Jen turns into a mouse on the full moon, the most disrespected form in the were-community.

Her crush on Rob only makes her deep loneliness and feelings of alienation worse. When her friend steals an amulet with the power to turn were-wolf, Jen decides to try it on... only to find that being a wolf isn't all its cracked up to be. Guaranteed to make you howl.

(Formerly released as Wolf N Mouse)

"Ms. Raleigh drew me in and held me tight from the first word until the last, and left me wishing for more.
It is definitely worth your time to add this story to your collection." --Bitten By Books--...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Humour, Romance, Urban, Teen & Young Adult, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy
Size: 149 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Forever December

by T.J. Michaels

Melaniece is looking forward to spending a nice quiet holiday at her vacation home up in the mountains. Expecting to enjoy ripping open gifts with her family, she's surprised when they spring the ultimate present on her: Michael Bannon. Could his unexpected appearance have anything to do with the strange vampire dreams she's been having lately?

Michael is determined not to blow a second chance with the woman he should have loved years ago, even if it means revealing his true nature. Is a good guy willing to be very bad to get what he wants? Absolutely…always and forever.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence. Short Novel. Previously published by Ellora's Cave....

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 55 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
39 reviews

Slip of Fate: An Enemies-to-Lovers Paranormal Romance (Werelock Evolution Book 1)

by Hettie Ivers

When an obstinate American teenager stumbles upon forbidding paranormal circumstances, a lot more can go wrong than the age-old cliché of a naïve human girl falling prey to a depraved, bad-boy werewolf-warlock.

But that might happen too…

Frantic to locate her missing half-brother, eighteen-year-old Milena Caro embarks on an impetuous journey to South America, only to be kidnapped and thrust into a frightening supernatural world when she is handed over to a powerful family of ancient werelocks.

Determined to escape and rescue her brother, Milena never imagined she’d have to battle her own growing attraction to the spoiled, overbearing Alpha holding her hostage—her brother’s sworn enemy.

And if thwarting the advances of a for...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Urban, Gothic, New Adult, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy
Size: 226 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.80 / 5
29 reviews

Caught By the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon #1 (Alpha Dragon Shifter Romance)

by Mac Flynn

An unexpected journey to an unexpected loveMiriam Cait seeks love, or rather, her friend seeks it for her. Her friend’s latest date suggestion is refused on account of his dark eyes. There’s something not quite right with them, and Miriam soon finds out why when he comes knocking on her door, and knocking her out.Miriam wakes up from the confrontation with more than just a headache. Shackles cover her ankles and wrists, and she’s on her way to being auctioned off to a bunch of self-proclaimed dragon lords. It all seems too fantastic to be real, but as the evidence starts mounting against sanity Miriam realizes she may be in deeper trouble than she thought....

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Sword & Sorcery, Urban, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy
Size: 82 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Wedded To The Night

by Trina Page

With her upcoming wedding, Sarah was feeling extremely happy, imaging the bridal night with her fiance. But right before the event she receives an unexpected visit from the bridegroom. A present of an old ring, and she finds herself betrayed. Left alone with a man with unknown powers, thrown into a storm of pleasure, giving herself to a man who wasn't her intended.Trapped for over a millennia, the ruler wizard is finally set free from his ring prison. Now he has his sights set on the modern era, but first some business with the female responsible for his freedom....

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Paranormal
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.80 / 5
15 reviews

The Vampire's Spell: Taken by The Night (Book 1)

by Lucy Lyons

Caroline has been a ward of the Venatores lamiae (vampire hunters) ever since a vampire brutally murdered her parents in front of her as a toddler. On vacation with David, her best friend and secret crush, Caroline gets separated from her friends. All alone, she’s overpowered and kidnapped by a vampire to serve as a gift to his master.Terrified at first that her fate will be the same as her parents, Caroline slowly comes to realize not all vampires are as deadly as Venatores have taught her. The master is genteel and kind. Despite his great power, he lets her speak freely and teaches her about the secret pact between their peoples.Caroline learns to question the hate that has fueled her all her life, but, also discovers that David has been taken. Not protected by Nicholas, he’s been to...

Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, New Age, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 871 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
21 reviews

Creatus (The Creatus Series Book 1)

by Carmen DeSousa

Ancient myths, superheroes, vampires... Forget everything you've heard. Prepare to believe... After years of searching for the mysterious stranger who saved her life, twenty-two-year-old Kristina is alone and desperate. Seeing no future in her worthless existence, she attempts to force her protector out of the shadows the only way she knows--killing herself.Ignoring his family's disapproval, Derrick continues to safeguard the girl he rescued from a vicious attack years earlier. The one thing he can't protect her from, however, is herself. When Kristina jumps off a bridge, he must reveal himself, even if saving her means she will now be in danger from his kind.To make things worse, a video revealing Derrick's supernatural ability when he saved Kristina is now in the possession of a gover...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal
Size: 249 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
7 reviews

Midnight Kiss: A Collection of Four New Adult Paranormal Romances

by Sarra Cannon and Juliana Haygert

This Halloween, prepare to be haunted by a kiss...Midnight Kiss is a limited edition collection of four novellas, all set in New Orleans on Halloween night. This set is being re-released in anticipation of WILLOW HARBOR, a brand new paranormal romance series from these authors.AFTER MIDNIGHT by Sarra CannonFrom the outside, Becca Goldberg looks like any normal freshman girl at Tulane, but she’s been keeping a terrible secret. She’s really Allison Moore—a young witch from Peachville hiding out from an evil coven of witches known as the Order of Shadows. She thinks she is safe until an unexpected accident occurs. Now, she only has until midnight on Halloween until her identity is discovered.She must turn to the hottest, most elusive guy on campus for help. Will he help save her? Or wil...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Urban, New Adult, Paranormal
Size: 325 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
40 reviews

Keeper vs. Reaper (Graveyard Guardians Book 1)

by Jennifer Malone Wright and Molly at We Got You Covered Design

When her father died, Lucy Mae Estmond inherited the family business. She has known all of her life that she would be in line to watch over the souls of the recently passed, keeping them safe from the Reapers.

The soul eating Reapers have been a plague upon the Earth, stealing souls and leaving the Keepers as the only thing that stands between Heaven and Hell. The factions despise each other and have warred for generations.

Then Lucy discovers an ancient legend predicting the arrival of the Chosen One, destined to bring forth an end to the Reapers. The surprises continue when she realizes she is that person. For Lucy, being the Chosen One doesn’t change much. Fighting Reapers is just another day in the life of a Keeper.

When she meets Jack Walker, t...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, New Adult, Paranormal
Size: 297 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
2 reviews

The Rooftop: A Story of Fallon and Reign (Entwined Realms Book 4)

by Danielle Monsch

FALLON and REIGN - a meeting and a parting, with only the city lights as witness.AUTHORS NOTE: The Rooftop is a short story (10 PAGES) set in the Entwined Realms universe. This story would best be described as a slice-of-life/character study, and is meant for existing fans of the series. It is not the best place for readers who are not familiar with the Entwined Realms universe to start.The Rooftop is Book 4 of the Entwined Realms series.Entwined Realms order:Stone Guardian  bit.ly/StoneGuardianEntwinedRealmsStone Embrace (A Stone Guardian After-Scene)  bit.ly/StoneEmbraceAmazonThe Cage King  bit.ly/CageKingAmazonThe Rooftop  bit.ly/RooftopAmazonThe Dream Crafter  bit.ly/DreamCrafterAmazonNemesis Underground bit.ly/NemesisAmazon...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Coming of Age, Sword & Sorcery, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 17 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.70 / 5
9 reviews

Purrfect Match (A Hunted Novel Book 1)

by Bethany Shaw and Ebook Cover Boutique

Audrey can’t help the fact that she turns into a blubbering fool when she’s around cute guys. She just prays her mouth has a filter, one that doesn’t embarrass her.
Thomas Monroe is drawn to Audrey the moment he lays eyes on her. He’s thrilled when he asks her out and she accepts. There’s just one problem with dating a girl like Audrey. He’s got a secret, a big, furry leopard one.
This 12,000 word story is a standalone with NO cliffhanger....

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal
Size: 43 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 2.00 / 5
1 review

The Medusa Files, Case 1: Written in Stone

by C.I. Black

The First Episode in the Medusa Files series
Every instinct U.S. Marshal Morgan Jacobs has screams she’s dangerous. And all logic says she’s crazy. She couldn’t have turned that man to stone with her gaze. That’s impossible. Except she has no other explanation for what she remembers about that night or how she got away from him four months ago. And when her friend is kidnapped, Morgan must partner with the mysterious FBI agent Alexander Gage and face the truth...

... the monsters of myth are real and she’s one of them.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Romance, Low Fantasy, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 87 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
22 reviews

Marked By The Alpha Wolf: Book One (Braving Darkness 1)

by Scarlett Grove

Part Two will be available August 1st!  Cassandra Kline was taken in by Pyramid Corporation in the midst of global nuclear war. For the next five years, she lived safely inside a protective domed city.Working in The Program, a virtual reality simulation, Cassie is confronted by her dead mother who tells her she is in danger. After a shocking revelation about the people who she believed had saved her, the hologram of her mother leads her out of the dome and into a toxic, dead world.Rafe, the alpha of a mutant werewolf pack, takes her in and helps her come to terms with the new world they share.With zombie attacks, alien spaceships paroling the skies, and the ever-present struggle to survive, will Cassie and Rafe realize their budding attraction? Or will they be torn apart,...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Alien Invasion, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Genetic Engineering, Metaphysical & Visionary, Paranormal
Size: 126 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
12 reviews

Destiny Blues: Hand of Fate - Book One

by Sharon Joss

Some people attract stray cats. With parking control officer Mattie Blackman, it's demons.
At work, in her car, even at the foot of her bed. And with the FBI on the hunt for a rogue demon master, she's desperate to get rid of them. Thwarted at every turn to solve her problem through legitimate channels, she turns to Shore Haven's sexy mage for the answer: a fate she refuses to accept.
But as the serial killer's victims pile up, Mattie realizes there's only one way to stop a demon master…
To save her friends and the people she loves, Mattie must choose between her life and her destiny.

“…amusingly off-beat…fun…romp.”
– Locus

Destiny Blues is the first book in the Hand of Fate urban fantasy series.

Fans of Merc...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Urban, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy
Size: 325 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

Rock Hard (Immortals Book 1)

by LJ Vickery


Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 396 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.10 / 5
15 reviews

Craved (The Gwen Sparks Series Book 1)

by Stephanie Nelson

Gwen Sparks just wants to live a peaceful life in the supernatural town of Flora, but from the moment she read about the first murdered witch, all hope of peace was abandoned. Possessing the rare ability to read the memories of dead, she volunteers to help catch the culprit behind the string of drained witches. Gwen has to team up with the one man who broke her heart, deal with a ghost who pulls her into the deathly realm at will, and a fight off the advances of sexy but frustrating vampire who not only craves what runs through her veins—he wants her heart.This is a full length novel and contains adult content, not recommended for readers under 18 years old...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 261 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
24 reviews

Give Me Reason (The Reason Series Book 1)

by Zoey Derrick

***Amazon Best Selling Angels and Demons & Devils BOOK 2 - Give Me Hope is Now AVAILABLE on Amazon!***Vivienne Callahan has known only hardship. As if growing up with an alcoholic, drug addicted mother wasn't traumatic enough, she's escaped from her physically and verbally abusive boyfriend only to struggle every day to make ends meet as a waitress in a Minneapolis diner. Along comes Mikah Blake, a handsome stranger who quickly takes an unexpected and persistent interest in her. On the surface, "Mr. Suit" seems to be Vivienne's opposite: rich, well-fed, successful. As Vivienne will learn, Mikah is more than he seems, and for reasons unknown, he's determined to be her knight in shining armor. But after having finally found her own two feet after years of abuse, it's difficult for her to ac...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 132 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
14 reviews

Burnt Devotion (Imdalind Series Book 5)

by Rebecca Ethington

It was supposed to be the final battle, the one to end Edmund’s line, his life, and free the magic Edmund had taken from the world. That was how it was foreseen. The end of the battle that has raged for centuries, unbeknownst to the mortals around them, the battle that would end with Joclyn’s death.But it did neither. The battle still reigns, Joclyn still lives, and the sight that was given eight hundred years ago is broken. And it’s not the only one. Sights that were once thought infallible have become nothing more than scattered glass, with broken pieces shattering into incorrect visages. Sain clings to the magic that he knows to be true, but there is something else, something that he is not saying. And what he does say is no longer adding up. Something is wrong.Ilyan and his peopl...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Urban, Teen & Young Adult, Paranormal
Size: 247 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
13 reviews

Belle of the Ball: Three Graces Trilogy, Book 1

by Pam McCutcheon

Beauty, Charm, and Grace—something the nouveau-riche Sullivan sisters of Colorado Springs lack. But a wish at a magical rock formation is about to change all that, in a most a-MUSE-ing way. . . .

The three Sullivan sisters, named for the Three Graces of Greek legend who embody beauty, charm and grace, don’t live up to their names. Belle is no beauty. Charisma lacks charm. And Grace is somewhat less than graceful. But this doesn't deter their ambitious mother from bribing three bachelors to escort them to Colorado Springs’ beautiful Garden of the Gods.

When the girls overhear their escorts mocking how little they resemble their names, each girl makes a wish at the magical Three Graces rock formation. Belle wishes aloud for beauty, but only so she can use ...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy
Size: 320 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
6 reviews

Transformation (M/M, Gay Merman Romance) (The Merman Book 1)

by X. Aratare

The Merman Series (5 Books) is now COMPLETE! Please see the ASINs below the description for the other books!

Gabriel Braven is destined for a great love, but he does not believe it.

His parents had a storybook romance … until a freak ocean storm robbed them of their lives and left him alone to be raised by his grandmother. With their deaths, Gabriel’s adoration for the sea turned to fear, and his belief in happy-ever-afters turned to dust. Gabriel vowed to never set foot in the ocean again and to never believe in love.

Gabriel kept that promise until after his junior year of college, when he and his best friend Corey return to the ocean-side town where he lost his parents in order to help his grandmother. Gabriel’s bitter fear of the wate...

Genre: Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Romance, Gay Romance, Paranormal
Size: 122 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
3 reviews

Hidden In Shadows: A Fae Vampire Action and Adventure Fantasy Romance (Shadow Court Chronicles: Faerie Series Book 1)

by Claire Grimes

When a beautiful, arrogant Unseelie Princess is forced to flee her family castle on her wedding night, she has to embrace the darkness of the shadow court or risk leaving her young brother trapped in the hands of torture by her husband the devious Seelie Prince.
She never expected love to occur in her arranged marriage. As a princess in the Unseelie Court, she grew up understanding that her life was to serve the people. She walked into her arranged marriage to a Seelie Prince understanding that love was not going to happen. What she did not expect was for her Seelie husband trying to kill her thirty minutes into their marriage.
A bloody coup sends her running with her bodyguard, Kieran, on her wedding night. Now she has to stay one step ahead of her murderous husband as she att...

Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 97 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

She Wolf and the Bear (BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance)

by Jackie Sexton

Clyde watching her with eager eyes. He followed the contours of her body, swinging and swaying to the techno beats, and everything else fell away. The club, the mission, revenge. He wasn’t a man filled with hurt. He wasn’t a werebear on a mission.
He was eager and thirsty...

Cookie is a stripper who spends her nights dancing beneath the blue lights of an interstate pit stop. She moves her hips and limbs in a seductive dance to a techno score, shedding away her clothes like the pain of her years as shifter cop. There’s no reason to go back to who she once was--she lost the love of her life, her partner, her soul mate, and with him, she lost herself.

Clyde Miller is a werebear on a secret personal mission, one his superiors wouldn’t be to happy with ...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal
Size: 79 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
1 review

The Runaround: Finding the Faerie

by Chessela Helm

Sometimes the guy you didn’t expect to like ends up being the one you adore. When 24-year-old vampire Thealla attends the welcome reception for her new job, she’s looking forward to getting to know her fellow U.S. Non-Human Congress Junior Representatives, even if it means she has to talk to the two Fae. Thealla knows a few Fae, and she thinks they’re conceited jerks. Thealla’s first impression of the faerie Kian isn’t that he’s full of himself, though – it’s that he’s ridiculously hot. Before she can talk to him, the sex-obsessed succubus rep suggests the Juniors pursue their friendships in a physical way. They’re all single, and sleeping with everyone in their gender preference means no one feels left out. Thealla decides she’s up for the proposed runaround ...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 232 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.80 / 5
31 reviews

Anna's Way (Ditch Lane Diaries Book 2)

by D. F. Jones and Dawn Jones

Anna's Way (Ditch Lane Diaries 2) is fast-paced story with dangerous twists and turns keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Anna is kindhearted, loyal and passionate who makes tough decisions and mistakes.

Jerry is a romantic gentleman with a way with words making the reader love him even more.

The Ditch Lane Diaries characters evolve as they age with adult problems but their friendships remain strong and is the tie that binds them.

Grab some tissues for this emotional ride.

Supernatural powers, epic battles and a true romantic love story leaving the reader craving for more with the last book, Sandy's Story.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Romance, Fairy Tales, Paranormal
Size: 246 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
39 reviews

The Innocent

by Candice Raquel Lee

"I was eaten, plain and simple. It felt like being burned alive, like every cell in my body was exploding. Then everything stopped—my breathing, my pain, my heart . . ."

The Innocent is a breathtaking novel about the often treacherous, sometimes exhilarating, and every now and again funny path that leads to true love.

Alexa Wyndham is a painfully sheltered girl from Brooklyn with a mysterious past. She is an innocent in every sense of the word, her views of the world formed through the lens of the poetry and literary novels she reads. Now on her own in college in Manhattan she finds the big bad city is just waiting to devour her. When she goes out with friends on Valentine’s Day, a stunning kiss from a stranger is her introduction to this new and dangerous w...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Teen & Young Adult, Paranormal, Literature & Fiction
Size: 329 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.80 / 5
21 reviews

Impaling my Heart: Vlads story (Annalese and the Immortals Book 2)

by Annie Buff and Chris Cain

The dark prince of the vampires and he has been brought to his knees by his love for a woman he can never have, or so he thinks. He must use his sadistic ways to keep her and her unborn babe from an unknown evil and he must fall so he can rise again as the impaler he was born to be....

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
Size: 188 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 16 December 2017 onward  

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