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Rating: 4.60 / 5
89 reviews

Satan's Shorts (Clovenhoof)

by Heide Goody and Iain Grant

Curious about the day that Saint Christopher found out he'd been declared non-existent by the pope? What exactly is a cat in Hell's chance? How would an annual Christmas present exchange between Heaven and Hell work out? Find out the answers to these and other pressing questions in this collection of short stories from the world of Clovenhoof.
This contains the stories, Clovenhoof's Shed and Clovenhoof Goes To Night School, which were previously published individually, but there are eight other stories included here featuring favourite characters from Heaven and Hell.
Clovenhoof goes to Night School.
Patron Saint of Nothing At All.
Clovenhoof and the Snowmen.
Saint Nicholas and the Krampus.
Detritus at the Church Fete.
Clovenhoof ...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary, Fiction, Short Stories, Humour
Size: 104 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
7 reviews

The Hinky Brass Bed (Hinky Chicago Book 1)

by Jennifer Stevenson

What if your new bed is possessed by a demon who has to satisfy you every night? Will you sell it? Keep it forever? Or try to free the demon?Fraud cop Jewel Heiss expects to bust a con artist when she schedules an “intimacy therapy nap” on the crook’s so-called “treatment bed.” She expects a quick, clean bust. She certainly doesn’t think she’ll find anything hinky.Then she meets the demon. Randy.Randy sweeps her into ecstasy in demonspace before she realizes she isn’t dreaming. She’s won the incubus lottery—Randy is devoted to her for life. Now he’s haunting her bed. She knows she should set him free. But how? And does she really want to? _________________________________________________________This book was originally published as The Brass Bed.______________________...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary, Fiction, Humour
Size: 250 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.80 / 5
66 reviews

Deadly Magic (Grace Holliday Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Elisabeth Crabtree

A night of magic turns into a night of murder.It's Halloween night and the normally unhappy co-workers of the Straker Toy Company are eagerly looking forward to the celebration of their tyrannical boss' fiftieth birthday. None more so than Grace Holliday. After all, it's not every day she gets invited to the annual costumed bash at the Dragon's Lair, the premier magic theater in Manhattan.What promises as a night of magic and mystery, quickly turns into a night of mayhem and murder when the boss' equally tyrannical wife dies on stage. According to the police, it was an obvious suicide. Now it's up to Grace to discover which one of her co-workers pulled off the trick of the year before she becomes the killer's next victim.

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Fiction, Humour
Size: 330 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
4 reviews

Losing Your Head (The Charlie Davies Mysteries Book 1)

by Clare Kauter

Charlie Davies is really not qualified to solve a murder.  She's really not qualified to do anything, unless there's some sort of certificate in being a klutz. But when her former high-school nemesis, James McKenzie, is accused of his uncle's murder, he jokingly offers Charlie twenty thousand dollars and a house if she can clear his name. Charlie (like one of life's true winners) still lives with her parents, and decides to take him up on the deal. What's the worst that could happen, right? Oh yes, she actually thought that. Unfortunately, that means McKenzie keeps hanging around, annoying her, and sometimes (even worse) being nice. The audacity of this guy.Things start to heat up a little for Charlie. Not in that way. (But kind of in that way.) And what if, after all this, McKenzie h...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Fiction, Humour, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 235 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.10 / 5
8 reviews

So Much More (The Chrome Series Book 1)

by Taryn Plendl and Madison Seidler

Avery Moore writes about romance, but she sure as hell doesn’t live it. Blake Patterson has no trouble getting women. In fact, as the owner of a popular club, women are practically throwing themselves at him.

They couldn’t be further from each other’s type, but when a solid friendship is formed, little by little the lines become blurred.

In this struggle between friendship and love, the desire between them becomes too much to resist.

What happens when your friend suddenly becomes So Much More?...

Genre: Fiction, Humour, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Size: 194 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Stark Raving Elvis

by William McCranor Henderson

"Funny and revealing," Nikki Giovanni, New York Times"Nothing if not sure-handed," Philadelphia Enquirer"The first instance of a serious rock novel" - St. Louis Post Dispatch"A rich, comic, crazy picture of pop insanity." - Boston Herald"Profoundly concerned with American culture and its myths." - Ed Ward, The Village VoiceByron Bluford is an assembly line worker who performs Elvis songs on the weekends. His local nickname is “Blue-Suede” and folks in Portland, Maine have long written him off as a loser. But one day Elvis Presley dies. Once the shock wears off, Byron is certain that The King’s spirit has been reborn in him, and it’s his mission to complete Elvis’s career. The power of his delusion takes him all the way to Las Vegas, and propels him to the very top of the Elvis i...

Genre: Fiction, Humour
Size: 220 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
75 reviews

The Reading Group: December: a FREE short story (The Reading Group Series)

by Della Parker

'Brims with laughs, love, family and friendship. You will love this heartwarming read!' Trisha Ashley. Meet the Reading Group: six women in the seaside village of Little Sanderton come together every month to share their love of reading. No topic is off-limits: books, family, love and loss . . . and don't forget the glass of red!Grace knows that the holiday season is going to be different this year. No turkey, no tinsel, no gorgeously wrapped gifts under the tree . . . how on earth is she going to break it to her little boys that Christmas is effectively cancelled? And can she bear to tell anyone her embarrassing secret? Enter the Reading Group: Grace's life might have turned upside down but there's no problem they can't solve....

Genre: Fiction, Religious Fiction, Humour, Nonfiction, Parenting & Families, Parenting, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Romance, Religious, Romantic Comedy
Size: 17 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
11 reviews

Case of the One-Eyed Tiger (Corgi Case Files Book 1)

by Jeffrey Poole

When a shocking murder shatters the tranquility of a sleepy Oregon town, and a priceless sculpture turns up missing, all fingers soon start pointing at new resident Zack Anderson. Armed with a determination to clear his name, Zack sets out to solve the case with the help of a feisty canine companion with an uncanny ability to sniff out clues. With evidence mounting against him, can Zack identify the killer and locate the missing sculpture before he ends up in the doghouse?From the best-selling author of the fantasy series Bakkian Chronicles and Tales of Lentari!...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Fiction, Humour, Crime Fiction
Size: 260 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
3 reviews

Eminently Respectable Capers

by Tony Brennan


Genre: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Religious Fiction, Short Stories, Humour
Size: 100 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.80 / 5
172 reviews

Harry Plotter and The Chamber of Serpents, A Potter Secret Parody

by MJ Ware

Austen comes to England knowing as an American he'll stick out at his new school. But when an errant owl lands him at Hogwarts he's in for more than he expected.

Any proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to the Children's Charity Lumos....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Fiction, Humour, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.80 / 5
35 reviews

Funny Jokes for Kids: 100 Hilarious Jokes

by Uncle Amon

100 Funny Jokes for Kids 4-8 Years Old!Kids love jokes! Keep your children entertained and amused with this funny joke book for kids ages 4-8. There are jokes about animals, school, sports, knock knock jokes, and holiday jokes! Your child will love this hilarious joke book full of clean jokes for kids and children.** Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Members can read this book for FREE! **This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home.100 funny jokes for kidsAlso included - 3 FREE children's book downloadsExcellent for early and beginning readersHours of fun and entertainment for your childGreat for long trips, waiting rooms, and reading aloudSpecial Note: The illustrations in this book are optimized for a vivid and colorful experience in e-readers, t...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Humour, Jokes & Riddles, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Literature & Fiction, Early Learning
Size: 28 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.60 / 5
21 reviews

The Counterfeit Bride (Boundless Billionaires Book 1)

by Liberty Blake

Texas rancher and bar owner Cassidy Flynn is shocked to learn the bride’s name in an upcoming high society wedding – Cassiopeia Dolmides. Cassidy is a woman of secrets; the deepest is the identity she was born with and thought she had escaped long ago. If this bride is impersonating Cassidy, what trouble will that cause Cassidy and her infant son?

Greek tycoon Theron Christofides needs to gain possession of Dolmides Cruise Lines and the little Greek island where it left a shipwrecked eyesore. A lot of people are at risk without his intervention. Old man Dolmides will sell on one condition: Theron must marry Dolmides’ illegitimate daughter. Seeing no other way to rescue the island’s people, Theron agrees to sacrifice himself and his future.

As Theron stand...

Genre: Fiction, Family Saga, Humour, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Size: 279 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.90 / 5
6 reviews

Game of Bones (GoB): A Hattie Jenkins & The Infiniti Short Story

by Pearl Goodfellow

If you've ever wondered what it might be like if Marple and Potter joined forces, then this is the book for you. All Hattie Jenkins wanted was a fun night at the annual Mabon Fair. But when a boat of old bones washes up on Sugar Beach, Hattie and the cats fall head first into a murder mystery that tells them: Sometimes its best to leave your skeletons in your closet.Belly-laughs and belly-rubs ... this short story has it all....

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary, Fiction, Short Stories, Humour, Metaphysical & Visionary
Size: 67 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
10 reviews

How to Bungle Your Jungle: A Micro June Nash MisAdventure (A June Nash MisAdventure Book 0)

by Melissa Banczak

A monkey was wearing my bra.Meet June Nash. Personal Assistant. Reluctant adventurer. Poor listener. The endless rainforest is not what she signed up for when she said yes. Sure, she might have stopped listening after her brother asked, “You want to go to Costa Rica…” But that’s not her fault. Everyone thinks beach when you say Costa Rica, right? Now, she’s trapped on a 21-day shoot for her brother’s nature show. And nature does not like June. This is the prequel that fans of How to Sex Your Snake have been asking for. Find out why June calls Costa Rica the worst trip of her life....

Genre: Humour
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
2 reviews

San Francisco Daddy: One Gay Man's Chronicle of His Adventures in Life and Love

by Charles St. Anthony and Terry Blas

Charles St. Anthony dreamed of living in San Francisco his whole life, and after a sudden return to the USA from Japan, he makes his way to the Bay. In this novella-sized mini-memoir, Charles finds the humor in every situation—whether it be a series of dating fiascoes in the Castro or beating a path down to Silicon Valley. He takes you on a tour of the New Age Babylon by the Bay, and Charles describes his notable adventures in political canvassing, polyamory, getting fired from a Jamba Juice knock-off and driving a sketchy San Francisco taxi cab (in the age of Uber). So what are you waiting for? Grab your Ruby Red Slippers and fly on down to the Golden Gate, because San Francisco Daddy is ready to take you on a fantastic voyage to the land of Sexual Disorientation....

Genre: Biography & True Accounts, Humour, Nonfiction, Gay & Lesbian, Biography
Size: 108 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
5 reviews

The Unbelievable Death of Joseph Goldberg: Darkly Comic Tales of Death, Voodoo-Magic and Strange Things

by Oliver Franks

A darkly comic collection of death, voodoo-magic and strange things. Joseph Goldberg is the wrinkled old man you see wrapped up in a fraying scarf and dusty trilby hat, hobbling along the seafront promenade in the dead of winter. He’s grizzled, cynical, bitter, and swears like a trooper. In his defence, he didn’t lead the life he wanted, and his closet is full of skeletons. Then, one cold day, something amazing happens. Something so mind blowing, Joseph hardly knows what to do with himself. Don’t judge him too harshly - what would you do if you found yourself transformed into a flock of starlings?Purchase this collection now to read ‘The Unbelievable Death of Joseph Goldberg’, plus three other dark, comic and often fantastical short stories from debut author Oliver Franks.Reader ...

Genre: Humour, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 106 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Legally Blonde in UAE: A Mini-Memoir

by Marsha Marie

A mini-memoir about some hilarious times while Marsha Marie, an American, was living in United Arab Emirates as an English teacher. Not allowed to return to the States, Marsha chose UAE to be her new home....

Genre: Humour
Size: 46 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 2.90 / 5
2 reviews

Crandall the Cat

by Tommy Cornett

Adult humor about a Tom cat named, Crandall and his sometimes hilarious encounters with pussy cats and life in general. He is the CAT of cats....

Genre: Humour
Size: 30 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 2.80 / 5
7 reviews

Harry Pobbit and the Fifty Shades of Zombie Vampire Werewolf Trekkie Alien Eastend Hunger Twilight Life of Bi

by Isaac Ummin

** NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN! **Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, or your money back!When Eastend orphan Harry discovers his parents were murdered in mysterious circumstances, he sets off on a quest to track down the despicable culprits.With the help of sex addict Shagrid, mentally challenged Phatt Khunt, seaman Ityeeb Hollux, wizard & chartered accountant Glafnad, and Essex barmaids Chanel, Porsche and Benidorm, he travels through space and time, losing his virginity, and brain, along the way.The posse’s staggering stupidity creates havoc in all the worlds they visit, including Middle Eartham, Transylvania, The USS Enterprise, the Krapitol in Post-Apocalyptic America, a bondage bedroom, a boat full of ferocious animals, and a land of Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves (of which Harry...

Genre: Fiction, Humour, Parodies, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 98 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
64 reviews

Burn's World - In every love triangle, a heart must break : A romantic suspense, Interracial romance book: (Book 1)

by Eve Rabi

“This is a smokin hot series. I am addicted, I can't wait for each book.” Amazon Reviewer

This book is free on itunes and smashwords.com.
Below are the Urls.
To get it free on amazon, please inform amazon about a lower price (Below Product Description on this page)

When the school star athlete, blue-eyed, blonde haired, Brody McGraw asks her out, Burn can hardly believe her luck.
In record time they start dating and she is thrilled when she can finally change her Facebook profile status to ‘In a relat...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Thrillers, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Humour, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy
Size: 314 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
27 reviews

The travel diaries of John Dot: Margate (Mid Life Backpacker Book 1)

by Kevin Kelly

It’s make or break time for John Dot...John Dot, mid-life, depressive, aged 47, whose body has seen better days is whisking his long-suffering girlfriend, Olivia, away to Margate for a romantic weekend. For him, Margate will make or break his re-kindled relationship with Olivia. Will John’s efforts to wine and dine Olivia get the desired results? Will their relationship survive a romantic weekend in Margate? Will this be a new beginning or the end of their relationship?This is the first book, a short novel, in the Mid Life Backpacker Comedy Book Series. If you like laugh out loud, dark comedy and poignancy in equal measures then you’ll love Kevin Kelly’s incredibly funny and intimate take on a mid-life man’s misadventures as he makes his way through life. This is British comedy a...

Genre: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Short Stories, Humour, Comedy, Nonfiction, Travel, Essays & Travelogues
Size: 52 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
12 reviews

Dragon Airways: A Humorous Fantasy Adventure with Dragons (World of Godsland Epic Fantasy Series)

by Brian Rathbone

Dragon Airways - We're always cleared for takeoff.Emmet is a boy with special needs and unusual talents. His ability to sense magic makes him valuable to both sides of the war. Fleeing those sent to capture him, he and his sister board Dragon Airways, not knowing friend from foe. Some betray him; others risk their lives trying to save him. Never would he have guessed the impact an aging dragon would have on his life or the adventures they would have together....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary, Epic, Fiction, Humour, Science Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Coming of Age, Fairy Tales, Metaphysical & Visionary, Sword & Sorcery, Steampunk
Size: 202 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.60 / 5
13 reviews

Origin (Dragons & Magic Book 1)

by Dave Higgins and Simon Cantan

Some people are born to advantage, privilege. Edmond was born to village idiots who put all his skill points into Luck. They knew an opportunity to win the lottery when they saw it.Edmond doesn’t want to be a winning ticket. He dreams of becoming a great hero and scholar. Impossible goals when your Intelligence and Wisdom stats couldn’t be lower.Is Edmond nothing but a walking rabbit’s foot? Will his parents’ dreams of easy fortune come true? It’s all just a lucky roll away....

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary, Fiction, Humour, Coming of Age, Sword & Sorcery, TV, Movie, Game Adaptations, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 64 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.20 / 5
3 reviews

A Man of Few Words

by Swan Morrison

With today's busy lifestyles there can barely be time to read anything. Fears have been expressed that English literature might become the preserve of a few specialist academics, as texts in cuneiform script and hieroglyphic writing. The answer could be Short Humour, which can be read at any time and almost anywhere. Far Eastern, low cost, pirate versions of The Oxferd Inglish Ducksionery explain Short Humour as 'Non-serious writing that is not too long'. Swan Morrison defined 'not too long' as around 500 words, and stories, poems and the like began to be written that could be read in their entirety in less than ninety seconds. "A Man of Few Words" is a collection of one hundred such examples of SH by Swan Morrison with a connecting theme of life in contemporary Britain....

Genre: Humour
Size: 220 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.80 / 5
57 reviews

Death in a Northern Town 2: No Rest for the Living

by Peter Mckeirnon

"My name is John Diant. Father, brother, head of the anti-mayonnaise society and slayer of the living dead. It’s now over a day since I last updated this journal. Over a day since my daughter Emily, her boyfriend Jonathon and my retro friend 80s Dave and I made it to my brother's house. After fighting the undead population of Runcorn to get here, we thought we'd be safe but nothing could have prepared us for what came next."

Death in a Northern Town continues with No Rest for the Living. Journal entries from survivor John Diant bring you the zombie apocalypse from his perspective whilst chapters bring you tales from the town and the struggles that survivors continue to face....

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Humour
Size: 262 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.80 / 5
26 reviews

Paranormal Nonsense: A cozy crime comedy mystery (Blue Moon Investigations Book 1)

by Steve Higgs

Tempest Michaels does not believe in the paranormal, so why does he investigate it for a living? Because a typo in his advert landed him the job and clients started calling before he could get it changed. There is no paranormal of course, so Tempest spends much of his time patiently pointing out that Grandma Rita isn't a witch, she is just ugly or that it is not a ghost disturbing your sleep, you have terrible flatulence. However, following a spate of violent deaths with vampiric characteristics the police are getting nowhere and Tempest feels that solving the mystery falls into his job description. This would be enough motivation, but when the alluring PC Amanda Harper AKA PC Hotstuff asks for his help the lonely voice from his pants demands he do all he can to solve the case, find the k...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Thrillers, Fiction, Humour, Crime Fiction
Size: 391 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.80 / 5
12 reviews

The Baby and the Bad Day: A Very Short Story (Baby Claire Story Snack Book 3)

by H. L. Burke

Claire is a wise cracking toddler who can handle anything the world throws at her. However, when a seemingly innocuous occurrence leaves her Momma in tears, Claire is stumped. Momma must be consoled, but how?
Includes a sample chapter of the author's book "Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon."...

Genre: Fiction, Humour
Size: 13 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.10 / 5
31 reviews

Highland Pursuits: a 1920s romance

by Emmanuelle de Maupassant and Adrea Kore

1920s debutante Lady Ophelia Finchingfield is banished to wildest Scotland to come to her senses, having refused a marriage proposal from the Earl of Woldershire. In the care of her eccentric grandmother, Ophelia is soon caught between rugged widower Hamish and the villainous Comte de Montefiore. She’s ready to play with fire, but will she burn more than her fingers? A riotous romp, inspired by the work of Nancy Mitford, PG Wodehouse and Stella Gibbons.Featuring a treasure chest of characters, 'Highland Pursuits' is a wickedly naughty comedy of manners....

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Humour, Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy
Size: 169 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

A Flamboyance of Plastic Flamingos

by James Ch. Morgan and James Morgan


Genre: Fiction, Horror, Humour, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 416 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
2 reviews

Burn Slowly

by Fabio Casto and Sarah Jane Webb

Pac is a ‘weed killer’ of the economy: a financial promoter whose business mission is to visit and eliminate apparently harmless micro-economic enterprises which are considered a potential threat to the interests of the global market. The destruction of these small enterprises is to be achieved by various swindles aimed at smothering them in debt, or at gaining their control.
Pac is firmly convinced that the world as we know it is about to collapse, and that we are about to face the inevitable Apocalypse. This conviction is inspired by numerous signs of the End of Time which he believes to be unequivocal, and which induce him to accelerate his escape plan, i.e. the construction of what ancient Indian texts refer to as a ‘vimana’ – a small space ship. To this end he contact...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Thrillers, Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Humour, Science Fiction, Alternative History, Metaphysical & Visionary, Post-Apocalyptic
Size: 460 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 September 2018 onward  

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