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Rating: 4.00 / 5
1 review

Vinny the Soccer Playing Dinosaur (Alfred the Dinosaur Book 2)

by Brandon Cullum

Ever feel like you don't measure up?** From the Amazon Best-Selling Series**Vinny loves to play soccer with his brothers, even though he is the smallest of the pack.  His playing time soon ends when he finds himself kicked off the team after not being able to measure up.Join Vinny as he sets off on an adventure to discover his true potential as he encounters an old sabertooth tiger, a T-Rex and his own self-doubt.Will Vinny rejoin the pack? Will Vinny find his footing and discover his true potential?  Find out in this colorful, rhyming, bed-time adventure! > Vinny the Soccer Playing Dinosaur is Book 2 in the Alfred the Dinosaur series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.Book 1: Alfred the Time Traveling DinosaurBook 2: Vinny the Soccery Playing Velocripator > Other books by Brando...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Sport & Outdoors, Literature & Fiction, Early Learning
Size: 13 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 26 July 2017 onward  

Diary Of A Minecraft Defender: The Defender Of Knowledge Vol. 2 (The Defenders)

by O.V Valdemar

In the last book we met Chris and followed him on a journey from the safe plains in the overworld to the lava lakes in the Nether where he fought wither skeletons and witnessed how evil can engulf even the best of men in an instant.

In this sequel we get to follow Chris as he meets the other Defenders and learns more about the world of Minecraft than he could dream of. They go on a dangerous quest to set things right once again. This book is filled with action, humor and tons of excitement. Read it for free right now with Kindle Unlimited!...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors, Humour, Puzzles & Games
Size: 27 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 26 July 2017 onward  

Sports i Like to Play (Sam You Can Read Book 1)

by Samantha Sams

Sports I Like To Play is written in a simple style for younger readers. This book is fun and playful with delightful pictures to entertain the reader.Other titles in the Sam You Can Read Book Series:Written and illustrated by Dr. Zeuzz:> The Little Mouse Miss And Her Little House of SwissWritten by Samantha Sams:> Not My Mittens > The Teacher's Pet> The Rainbow Day> Bella Is A Ballerina > Stella Is A Mariachi Dancer > Sports I Like To Play > The Book Of Look> Sam You Can Colors> Sam You Can Numbers> Green Day > If We Went To The Beach Written by Samantha Sams with Red Fish Blue Fish:> Just For You> A Bear Just Right For MeWritten and illustrated by Louis Eckbert:> Mama Smiles > All The Pretty Horses Of The Painted Hills > Growing Jack O' Lanterns> Growing Christmas...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors
Size: 12 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 24 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5

The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms

by Jerome Jones

Abby and Tommy are on another mystery-solving adventure in their small beach town. Today they are on the case to help Coach Hill, the Pismo High School basketball coach. They need to find the team’s uniforms before the back-to-school basketball jam…Can they solve the case? Join in and see if you can solve the case with these two great mystery-solvers.The book promotes healthy living and fun for kids of all ages....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction
Size: 20 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 23 July 2017 onward  

Children's book: My Uncle, The Champion Athlete - The tales of Peter Puppy (funny bedtime story collection)

by Yonit Werber

Do you have a hero in your family? Peter Puppy does! His Uncle Ron is a U.S. athletic champion! Peter tells us about the many championships that Ron has taken part in, through this rhyming story for children, and even has great pictures of him to show us! From tennis to free-diving, Uncle Ron is Number One in many sports and, of course, Peter wants to be just like him one day. Uncle Ron has a special secret that helps him to win every event. What do you think the special secret could be?
If your child loves dogs they will surely love this rhyming story! Younger children aged 3 to 6 years old can have it read to them, or older children can read it alone with ease. Through the funny images they can learn more about the different types of sports, which will help them to choose which spo...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Sport & Outdoors
Size: 24 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 23 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5


by Mike Bloemer

Like a lot of 12-year old kids, Ben Boomer finds his family embarrassing. Unlike a lot of kids, Ben’s family consists of professional wrestlers who embarrass him on national television. That’s the premise of Bodyslam: The Adventures of Hairball & 'Hot Flash' Granny.

All his life Ben Boomer has idolized his pro-wrestling parents, Hairball and Psycho Momma. And his greatest hero has always been his wrestling granny, ‘Hot Flash’ Granny. But now that he’s getting older, Ben’s family members don’t seem as cool as they used to. In Ben’s defense, it is rather difficult to climb the middle school social ladder when his granny is whacking his dad with a steel chair on national television.

Ben’s crazy family soon becomes the least of his worries. Terrence...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Size: 201 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 22 July 2017 onward  

Winter Fun Coloring Book: Coloring Books for Kids (Art Book Series)

by Speedy Publishing LLC

IMPORTANT - KINDLE & EBOOK edition of this coloring book is an ART BOOK and is NOT intended to be used as an APPLICATION that is capable of coloring on any device. THIS BOOK IS A PREVIEW – The sole purpose of this preview is to show the designs that are available in the physical copy of the book. Have fun in the snow all-year long with this winter-inspired coloring book! Coloring should be a required children's activity because of the many benefits it brings. First, it teaches your child to be focused, relaxed and patient. Second, it hones your child's handwriting and motor skills and hand and eye coordination too! Lastly, coloring is very therapeutic. Grab a copy today!...

Genre: Arts & Photography, Art, Photography, Children's eBooks, Arts, Music & Photography, Sport & Outdoors, Home & Garden, Crafts & Hobbies, Humour, Nonfiction, Children's Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Education, Self-Help & Counselling, Psychology, Puzzles & Games, Sport, Winter Sports, Fiction, Children's Fiction, Arts & Music, Early Learning
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 21 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.20 / 5
10 reviews

Kate and Holly: The Beginning (Timber Ridge Riders Book 0)

by Maggie Dana

If you’ve ever wondered what Kate’s and Holly’s lives were like before they met at Timber Ridge, this short introduction spills all the details!

* * *

Fourteen-year-old Kate McGregor has trouble making friends. In exchange for her riding lessons, she works at Sandpiper Stables where the other girls look down their noses at her as she mucks stalls, cleans tack, and grooms their European warmbloods.

For comfort, Kate turns to Black Magic, the barn’s best horse. His favorite treat is watermelon rinds, which he slobbers all over her. But Kate doesn't care. She loves Magic’s attention and pampers him. Together, they're already making a name for themselves at three-day events, and Kate’s riding instructor predicts they will go far . . . until a...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Sport & Outdoors
Size: 76 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 20 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

Bittersweet Farm 1: Mounted

by Barbara Morgenroth

Talia Margolin’s life has been marked by events completely beyond her control—her mother’s death, the move to her father’s horse farm, the retirement of her show horse.

Now she faces the arrival of a new coach whose job is to get Talia’s half-sister, Greer, qualified for the finals at the National Horse Show. Greer is brutal on trainers but Lockie Malone is different. Handsome, talented, and with a will of hardened steel, Lockie can be an immovable object. He also becomes the agent for change in the lives of everyone at Bittersweet Farm.

For seventeen year old Talia, change has never meant anything but loss. Will this time be different?

Mature content and sexual situations, nothing graphic....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors, Nonfiction, Sport, Individual Sports, Teen & Young Adult, Literature & Fiction
Size: 212 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 18 July 2017 onward  

Greyson Gray: Camp Legend (The Greyson Gray Series Book 1)

by B.C. Tweedt

Kirkus Reviews declares it "always entertaining". Foreword Clarion Reviews calls it "just basic fun." Discover the hype yourself with the first of the thrilling Greyson Gray Series.

Sports Camp has everything twelve-year-old Greyson Gray needs to distract him from his father's mysterious disappearance - intense athletic competition, weird friends, and a pretty girl.

But when Greyson stumbles upon a terrorist's sinister plot brewing in the observatory, a place already haunted by a chilling camp legend, he suddenly toils with two dueling worlds - one of lurking danger and mystery, the other of competition and awkward romance. Spurred on by his father's words to do what's good no matter the danger, Greyson and his faithful friends must mount a daring and coordin...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Religion & Spirituality, Sport & Outdoors, Literature & Fiction, Teen & Young Adult, Action & Adventure, Mysteries & Detectives
Size: 297 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 17 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
7 reviews

The Paint Horse (White Cloud Station )

by Trudy Nicholson

Before Lucy found her wild White Cloud Station horse, Hope, she had a well-loved, black-and-white paint riding horse. But Paintbox was taken from her by his spiteful former owners and there was nothing Lucy could do. Despite having Hope, Lucy never got over losing Paintbox. The worst part was, she had no idea what became of him until, one day, a mysterious letter arrives….

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Sport & Outdoors
Size: 30 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.00 / 5
1 review

Jake Goes Fishing: A Reading Book Full of Colorful Pictures for Ages 3-8

by Kaye Dennan

This is a book full of color pictures to encourage children to read and to also get to know their colors.

It is a story about Jake going fishing and the fish that his family and his friend Sam catch at different times.

A lovely book for young ones to enjoy....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors, Literature & Fiction
Size: 24 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 15 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5

Growing Girl Book 1: The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones (Southwest Cougars Year 1 #1)

by Tamara Hart Heiner and Elisa Allan

What’s special about Cassandra Jones? Absolutely nothing. She’s as ordinary as any other 12-year-old.Except no matter how hard she tries, Cassie just can’t seem to fit in. Excited to fill the summer before her seventh grade year, Cassie enrolls in soccer camp. She can’t wait to improve her ball-kicking skills and make a few goals.But Cassie quickly discovers a few obstacles in her path. Namely: herself. As much as she wants to be, she just isn’t very good at the sport. Either camp will be her chance to improve, or it will be the last time she ever plays....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors
Size: 54 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 14 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
61 reviews

Stone Cold Bad: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Stone Brothers Book 1)

by Tess Oliver and Anna Hart

New York Times Bestselling Author Tess Oliver and Anna Hart have teamed up to bring you the sexiest, baddest bad boy around in the first Stone Brothers novel--Stone Cold Bad JadeHe was definitely trouble, and the worst kind of trouble because he was wrapped up in an incredible package of muscles, ink and heartbreak. A guy like him was the last thing I needed now. A guy like Colt Stone was the last thing I ever needed.ColtEmotion, feelings and, hell, even love had been turned off in all of us Stone brothers long ago. Then Jade landed in my life. It was the last thing I ever wanted, to feel this way about someone. Attachments like this were only followed by heartbreak, and I wasn't into heartbreak. I wasn't into f*cking attachments. Bad boy Colt Stone has a notorious reputation for being a ...

Genre: Arts & Photography, Film & Video, Graphic Design, Music, Photography, Pop Culture, Biography & True Accounts, Leaders & Notable People, Professionals & Academics, Business & Finance, Business Life, Careers, Finance, Reference, Children's eBooks, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Nature & How It Works, Sport & Outdoors, Computing, Hardware, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Programming, Fiction, Sea Adventures, War, Westerns, Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Meals, Natural Foods, Regional & International, Special Occasions, Vegetables & Vegeta
Size: 212 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 10 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

How Pete met Lizard: Happy Friends Children's Series, Book 1, unusual friendships between animals, story and poems

by Patricia Furstenberg

Pete is an ordinary elephant with an EXTRA-ordinary gift. But he is alone in this acorn forest where he suddenly found himself, one rainy afternoon. How he got here and will he remain alone forever and ever? A heart warming read....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Animals, Sport & Outdoors, Fiction, Children's Fiction
Size: 15 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 09 July 2017 onward  

Elemental Ninjas

by Mon D Rea

Fight for Love. Fight for Destiny. Born into warring clans, wind ninja Sakura and fire ninja Temujin walk paths that couldn’t be farther apart. But their separate worlds are thrown into chaos by the theft of Belshazzar’s Scroll, an ancient relic that grants its possessor the divine right to rule over all the clans. To bring back peace to their lands, they must learn to fight together against a new breed of mystical half-human, half-demon warriors. As though proof that a blade of love can grow even in the harshest places, Temujin can’t help falling for Sakura. A ninja from the ice clan, Sasha, becomes his rival and seems to be a more suitable match for the beautiful wind ninja. Now, Sakura, Temujin, and Sasha stand in the heart of a conflict that shall decide the future of all the nin...

Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Fiction, Romance, Myths & Legends, Military
Size: 231 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 07 July 2017 onward  

Rating: 3.50 / 5
2 reviews

Touchdown Tony Crowne and the Mystery of the Missing Cheerleader (Tony Crowne Mystery Book 1)

by Peter Guy George

A family-friendly sports mystery packed with action and adventure…for the 9 to 12 age group...

Tony Crowne is your normal, run-of-the-mill back-up quarterback and aspiring detective who has his share of troubles: He hates the nickname his father gave him, his eighty-pound dog clobbers his mother and grandfather at breakfast and he gets into a fight with the biggest kid in school.
Worst of all, his best friend, cheerleader Ashley Richardson, disappears the morning before Tony’s big football game.
Did she run away? Was she kidnapped? Is she alive?
Now, Tony must help his team win the big game and help a retired police detective find Ashley before it’s too late.


Genre: Children's eBooks, Sport & Outdoors, Literature & Fiction, Mysteries & Detectives
Size: 343 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 27 June 2017 onward  

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