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Every day we bring you a comprehensive list of free ebooks for download for your Kindle. The list is compiled from ebooks which are promoted free of charge by the author or publisher for that day. The free Kindle ebooks cover a wide range of genres and tastes ranging from reference and educational material to fiction and poetry.

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Rating: 4.30 / 5
301 reviews

Someone Else’s Daughter: Book I (A Miranda's Rights Mystery 1)

by Linsey Lanier

A Miranda's Rights Mystery - Book IBook I of the popular Miranda's Rights Mystery series by Linsey Lanier.Newly edited.A woman can never make herself too tough, too strong, or too street smart.THE SEARCHING MOTHERMiranda Steele. Smart-talking, hot pepper-eating loner whose abusive ex-husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption. She comes to Atlanta to hunt for her daughter.THE PIWade Parker. Wealthy owner of the Parker Investigative Agency and most eligible forty-four-year-old bachelor in Atlanta. He still mourns the death of his socialite wife but must now solve a disturbing murder case.THE MURDERERA serial killer strangling young girls in a bizarre ritual. Why? She doesn't need a man. He needs to find a killer. Together, can they save a thirteen year old girl? *******...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Size: 387 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
117 reviews

Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 1)

by Angie Fox

From New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox, the first book in the new Southern Ghost Hunter mysteries

One simple mistake…
For a girl who is about to lose her family home,
Releases the ghost of a long-dead gangster,
And opens Verity Long’s eyes to a whole new world.

When out of work graphic designer Verity Long accidentally traps a ghost on her property, she’s saddled with more than a supernatural sidekick—she gains the ability see spirits. It leads to an offer she can’t refuse from the town’s bad boy, the brother of her ex and the last man she should ever partner with.

Ellis Wydell is in possession of a stunning historic property haunted by some of Sugarland Tennessee’s finest former citizens. Only some of them ar...

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Mystery, Fiction, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 277 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
32 reviews

Jesus Always 7-Day Sampler (Jesus Calling®)

by Sarah Young

Seven days of devotions from Jesus Always by Sarah Young...

Genre: Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
35 reviews

Evidence of Trust (Colorado Trust Series Book 1)

by Stacey Joy Netzel and Stacy D. Holmes

Trust makes all the difference when love and danger collide.


Having grown up under the excessive expectations of her CEO father, Brittany Lucas is as resistant to authority as the mustang she’s training for her boss. It’s a fault that lands her in more danger than she bargains for while camping in the back-country of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Ranger Joel Morgan is used to having the upper hand in all his cases—until he runs into the headstrong blond while investigating disturbing incidents of poaching in the park. Brittany’s imprudent lie of omission awakens ghosts in his past, making the sizzling attraction between them unwelcome.

As he searches for evidence he can tr...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Westerns
Size: 276 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.30 / 5
40 reviews

Badd Motherf*cker (The Badd Brothers Book 1)

by Jasinda Wilder


Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Size: 356 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
19 reviews

Too Many Coincidences: The Year of Short Stories – March

by Jeffrey Archer


Genre: Fiction, Short Stories, Romance
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
17 reviews

Learning to Pray

by K.P. Yohannan

Prayer moves heaven and earth! ˃˃˃ Do you not believe that? Consider Elijah, whose prayers halted rain for more than three years. Or the believers of the early Church, whose prayers released the chains that bound Peter in prison. No special formulas were used to yield these results. These were just simple men and women like you and me, praying to an awesome God. God still hears and does the impossible through the prayers of His people! In this book, K.P. Yohannan will show you how significant of a role your prayers play on this earth, and you will learn the first steps of praying consistently and effectively.Start reading (and praying) today!...

Genre: Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Spirituality
Size: 62 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
14 reviews

Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

by Lonnie C. Edwards

God has created laws by which the universe is governed. Humanity has continued to set these laws into creative motion through thoughts, prayers, motives, intentions, voices, and beliefs. These are the right tools. In this book the student will learn how to use them always for the good. 

Human beings are responsible for creating the good, the beautiful, and the true- all of which we desire to experience. But humans are also responsible for creating that which we do not desire to experience. However, being co-creators with God, the quality of our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions will determine and manifest our world. There is work to do, and those who are on the path with knowledge of God’s attributes and God’s laws, and with love and good will in their hearts, will do th...

Genre: Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, New Age
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
15 reviews


by Soren Summers

Ambitious office drone Zachary Glazer just wants to come home for the holidays, but strange things are happening in the snowy town of Huster.There’s this man at work with a razor smile and a cadre of alluring executives. There’s that handsome stranger who just moved in next door, the one with a perfect body and a shrouded past. And what about those fires all over town?Huster is supposed to be quiet, and boring, and cold. Why all this weirdness? Why now? The questions stack up like kindling in the back of Zach’s mind, and a single spark is all it will take for his whole world to go up in flames.This romantic horror story is approximately 40,000 words in length....

Genre: Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Horror, Romance, Gay Romance
Size: 162 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.40 / 5
15 reviews

Stella the Zombie Killer Volume One

by Alistair Wilkinson and Alison Rasmussen

Stella is three years into the apocalypse and there are still too many zombies to kill. Three years since the crash and the fall of the angels; three years since she was the Cynosure, champion of the Games and the most famous person in the world; three years of living with Hook and Gregor; three years without a proper bed; three years without television; three years without the internet; three years since mobile phones. But now she’s found a mobile that works and there is a signal… Stella the Zombie Killer Volume One contains the first twenty two episodes of the sensational new post-apocalyptic series. It sees Stella take on zombies, angels and other survivors in an apparently desolate London where only the strong survive. The strong and maybe those lucky few for whom the Cynosure figh...

Genre: Fiction, Horror
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.10 / 5
30 reviews

Making Beaded Jewelry: 11 Free Seed Bead Patterns and Projects

by Prime Publishing

We’ve collected 11 amazing seed bead jewelry patterns and projects to help you keep your bead hoarding tendencies at bay! From stunning necklaces, to fabulous earrings, and with plenty of gorgeous cuffs and bracelets in between, we’ve got all the jewelry patterns you need to say “Sayonara!” to that infinite seed bead abyss that is currently swallowing your craft room. So grab your beading thread and needle, and get ready to stitch up a storm with some stellar seed bead jewelry patterns!

Whether you use soft lace or super chunky yarn, you can’t go wrong with these super cool scarf patterns. Try a new stitch or take a chance on a new shape – you’ll love the results and will want to show off your piece to all of your friends. Have fun and get knitting!

Genre: Home & Garden, Crafts & Hobbies, Nonfiction
Size: 79 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.50 / 5
7 reviews

The Quest: Steve and the Scarlet Hero (Book 4): The Return of Herobrine (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) (The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve)

by Mark Mulle

GENRE: Children’s Adventure

(An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

Steve’s quest is not yet over. He is back with a brand new adventure! This is the sequel you have been waiting for.

Steve has been enjoying playing Minecraft ever since Herobrine had helped him through a series of tests that made him more powerful in the game.

With a greater understanding of Minecraft as well as special abilities that only he has, Steve has been playing quietly.

But everything changes the day his house is attacked by some mysterious force. People on the Minecraft forums are saying that it is the return of Herobrine. But something about the attack doesn’t seem like Herobrine. Steve considers Herobrine his friend....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Computers & Internet, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths
Size: 35 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.60 / 5
6 reviews

Smolder: A Hot As Hell Prequel

by Vivian Wood

From Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestseller Vivian Wood comes a sexy new romance...To set a fire, you need a spark. This 6,000-word prequel is the beginning of the story of Cade and Lily, and shows the events that happened prior to their romance. Enjoy!...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Size: 46 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
3 reviews

Farewell to Mum

by Jean Harvey

Farewell to MumWhen Mama was diagnosed with COPD,we thought everything was going to be okay,and if you slowed everything down, it would work. But the Breathless was getting worse.She could not evenput on her shoes because it was so hard on her.And then she spoke of dying .......

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Short Stories, Poetry, Drama & Criticism
Size: 28 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.70 / 5
4 reviews

Defiance (Voidstar Empire Prequel)

by Kell Inkston

The cold universe calls out to the privileged and the protected, and soon that call will be answered.Crass Lieutenant Cole Outstar aced his tactical exams, throwing his peers to shame as he rises to the top of the promotion board charts, but not all goes as planned, and the once starry-eyed boy turns to get even. With the help of his insectoid roommate, the two set off for a heist that neither will forget, and The Federation will never live down.When Cole makes the wrong decisions again and again, who will rise up to hunt him, and where will run for shelter? When he's separated from the only one he can trust, to whom will he turn?This is the "book zero" short story prequel to Voidstar Empire, and is a great entry point into the series: a sci-fi adventure thriller with heavy military themes...

Genre: Fiction, Action & Adventure, Humour, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, First Contact, Military, Space Exploration, Space Opera
Size: 66 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Applying the Rosicrucian Principles: Digest (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

by Rosicrucian Order AMORC and Julie Scott

In this issue of the Digest, Rosicrucian members share some of their stories of how they have applied the Rosicrucian principles in their lives, thus attuning with their Master Within....

Genre: History, Ancient, Nonfiction
Size: 56 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Forgotten Destiny Book One

by Odette C. Bell

She’s got powers, and she has to use them to find her future husband before it’s too late....This isn’t fair. Beth has just found out she’s a witch, and in this world, witches are regulated.When her powers are tested, she's pushed into a new job working for a rakish bounty hunter who's charm only just makes up for his arrogance. But if Beth thinks finding bounties for Josh McIntosh is the worst punishment imaginable, she hasn't met Maximus C. Knights yet. He's the most powerful kingpin in town, and he needs her to find something. Specifically? Her future husband. You see, there’s a prophecy that says one day a witch just like Beth will come along, and with a little help, she’ll save the world…....

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Urban
Size: 149 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 5.00 / 5
1 review

Crazy Jenna: A Christian Friends-to-Lovers Romance (Growing Up at Connect Book 1)

by Joanna Alonzo

This is a story About growing up in church,And rebelling against it.About breaking a heart,And finding a way to mend it.About hearing God’s voice,And trying to obey it.About avoiding expectation,And learning to defy it.This is the story of an unlikely couple,Max and Crazy Jenna,Who from Sunday School to adulthood,Ventured to and from the prodigal's path,And ended up finding each other....

Genre: Fiction, Religious Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Teen & Young Adult, Religious, New Adult, Literature & Fiction, Religion & Spirituality
Size: 70 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.10 / 5
5 reviews

Werewolf Romance: Animal Heat: A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance (The Animal Sagas - Thrown to the Wolves Book 1)

by Susan G. Charles

INSIDE: Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters, werecougars, shapeshifters, romance and action!

Book 1 in The Animal Sagas - Thrown to the Wolves.

Cats and dogs usually don’t mix. So what happens when a werewolf and a werecougar become mates? Lots of excitement you can be sure :)

Werewolves & Shifters, sisters... a kidnapping, an unusual business deal and new expectations to boot. Mix up a group of big cats and big dogs and find out what happens next!

Can a wolf and a cougar find happiness together? Or will this new threat tear them apart?


"For those who enjoy the paranormal, Animal Heat, will be an entertaining read."
"I read the book in no time and found it...

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Romance, Paranormal
Size: 42 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
7 reviews

Touch (Sovereign Book 1)

by BJ Harvey and Lauren McKellar

It started on a plane, a first class connection that spilled over into a lustful date on a rooftop.

She's very open, he's intriguingly mysterious with wicked intentions, all of which she wants directed her way.

Can she trust that feeling of heady lust that leaves her aching for his touch, or is there more to it when it comes to Barrett "Bullseye" Matthews.

Touch is book one of a new three part romance serial from USA Today Bestselling Author B.J. Harvey.

Taste (Part Two) will release January 13th, 2016
Feel (Part Three) will release Late January/February, 2016...

Genre: Fiction, Short Stories, Romance, Contemporary
Size: 49 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 4.00 / 5
5 reviews

First Fleet #1: Bones

by Stephen Case

When a military space fleet accidentally revives an ancient alien race, they send out a single terrifying transmission for help before disappearing without a trace… Now, a young scientist must race against the clock to save her only sister from an unknown fate.

In a war many light years away, among the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, our fallen soldiers return from the front lines in pieces.
Medical pods regenerate the remains of these soldiers so their mind and consciousness can be downloaded into their freshly regrown body.
But something at the front lines... something inside the ruins... has been killing our soldiers faster than we could grow them.
When a pod arrives with more tha...

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Alien Invasion, Colonisation, Dystopian, First Contact, Military, Post-Apocalyptic
Size: 29 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.50 / 5
13 reviews

Gluten-Free Desserts: Quick and Easy Delicious Recipes

by Sophie Miller

Delicious gluten-free recipes that are quick and easy!Reading this book you will find that going gluten-free is not as difficult as you might have once thought. Not only are there plenty of gluten-free food options available, but there are also plenty of gluten-free ingredients to choose from that make it easy for you to continue to enjoy your favorite treats. You might not be able to pick up a box of cookies at your local bakery, but you can make some delicious gluten-free treats right in your own home.In this book you will find a collection of 21 gluten-free recipes for mouthwatering sweets includingChocolate chip cookiesBlueberry MuffinsChocolate Marshmallow BlondiesLemon SquaresAnd many more... You definitely won't be disappointed. By trying some of these recipes you will learn that no...

Genre: Food & Drink, Cooking by Ingredient, Nonfiction
Size: 67 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.40 / 5
9 reviews

A Pirate's Curse: Paranormal Historical Vampire Pirate Romance (Legends of the Soaring Phoenix Book 1)

by ML Guida

Like a dark angel, Captain Kane O'Brien rescues Hannah Knight and her father from drowning after vampire pirates murder their crew and sink their ship. Struggling to control and hide her telekinetic powers, Hannah discovers the honorable and bold captain possesses his own secrets.
Every full moon, Kane turns into a vampire. Finding out Hannah not to be the cabin boy she resembles, but a beautiful, luscious woman, tempts all his appetites. Desperate to be free of his curse, Kane considers handing Hannah over to a demon. But after Hannah uses her power to save his ship from his immortal enemy, Kane can no longer deny his attraction and vows to protect Hannah with his life.
To find true love, they must combine their powers to defeat evil vampires, thwart Hannah's misogynist fian...

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Action & Adventure, Horror, Sea Adventures, Romance, Historical Romance, Low Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Urban, Paranormal
Size: 306 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.40 / 5
9 reviews

Prescribed (The White Coat Series Book 1)

by D.D. Parker

Emma Wells thought she had it all figured out. She went to college wanting a brand new lease on life, thinking she was going to become a doctor and make her mom proud. She just wasn't planning on passing out her first day of volunteering at the hospital because she couldn't handle the sight of blood.

After banging her head on the floor, she’s taken care of by Dr. Ryan Matthews, an unfairly hot specimen of a man. Even after waking up in a cloudy, post-concussion daze, she can’t take her eyes off of him and their chemistry is becoming undeniable.

Strong. Handsome. Charming.

Even that couldn’t encompass everything Ryan had to offer. There was just one problem; Emma already had a boyfriend.

One that would never let her go.

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Size: 100 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.80 / 5
7 reviews

At the Stars (Evergreen Grove Book 1)

by Elisabeth Staab

I was a normal teenager who loved music and dancing, until the day I was attacked in my favorite record store. A few years later when my mom succumbed to depression and took her own life, I couldn’t stay in my hometown with all the memories and the curious stares. I decided to get in my car and just go – except my car decided it was done going outside a tiny place called Evergreen Grove. That’s where I found Jake. Or I guess Jake found me.

For the last eight years, all I can think about is the day I ended another man’s life. Then I manage to save Cassie’s, and I feel like maybe I’ve got some kind of second chance. To do what I couldn’t before, or maybe even for something bigger. Some...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Size: 280 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.30 / 5
3 reviews

Finding North (Naïve Mistakes Book 1)

by Rachel Dunning

**************************************** **************************NOTE: See "From the Author" section below for 40%-Off Holiday Season Special!*************************************** *************************** ALL THREE BOOKS NOW RELEASED!They say love conquers all.They say love will find a way. They say it is better to have loved and lost.They don't say...that these things are all lies. Conall Williams was my first, my last, my everything.He is my North. He always will be. Even if I am no longer his. New Adult Romance / Coming of AgeBook 1 of 3*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. Ages 17+*

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Size: 163 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.30 / 5
3 reviews

Chasing Payne (Therian Agents Book 1)

by Chantel Seabrook

Chase Payne, doesn't have time for distractions - especially the kind that involve his best friend's younger sister. He has a job to do: leading his team of Therian agents to fight against those who would expose their kind to the world. Lora Oliver wants to be an agent, but shocking secrets from her past have damaged the bond between her human and animal natures, and threaten to destroy everything she's worked so hard for, along with the people she loves. Assigned to Chase's team, Lora struggles to retain control and keep her secrets buried, while Chase denies what he feels for Lora. And then, one kiss changes everything....

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Military, Paranormal
Size: 183 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.50 / 5
2 reviews

A Woman's Affair

by Violet Haze

Leighton Wright is the perfect wife and mother, thought to have it all by those who know her, and hiding a truth certain to rip her world apart once exposed. When she realizes what her daughter’s been hiding, as well as the reasons for her behavior, it may become the catalyst for making a long overdue decision.Cole Vaughn is ten years younger, her daughter’s teacher, and the gorgeous man she should avoid at all costs, no matter how flattering his attention is. Yet, she doesn’t, and the moment they both give in to temptation, everything changes, leaving them bound in a passion neither of them thought they’d ever find with each other.And when the truth comes out, will Cole’s love be enough to save Leighton from a horrible fate at the hands of the one who should protect her at all c...

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Size: 306 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 3.00 / 5
2 reviews

Randall Magwood’s 92 Online Secrets for Prospecting for New Customers

by Randall Magwood

Here’s some of what you’ll discover inside of “Randall Magwood’s 92 Online Secrets for Prospecting for New Customers” course:- Why you need to slim down the way you market- The lies that the so-called “gurus” say to get you to buy from them- The most important part of marketing (nope, it’s not sales)- How to prospects and leads into awesome long-term customers- How to prevent your online business from failure- How to dominate existing starving markets- Why giving your prospects “forbidden fruit” to get them to sign up is a good thing- Why you should never make it hard or confusing for potential customers- Why a “dead” niche isn’t always a bad thing- What to sell online that will give you the most success- How joining forces with similar businesses in your niche ca...

Genre: Business & Finance, Finance, Nonfiction
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

Rating: 1.00 / 5
1 review

[Free] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 009

by Michelle Reid and Noriko Hara

Collect the best Harlequin comics!Vol. 9 is best selection of mistress! Includes "A Question of Pride", "The Brazilian's Blackmail Bargain", "Mistress for A Night", "The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal", "The Rich Man's Mistress/Facing Up to Fatherhood", and "Married to A Mistress" free preview of 6 comics!...

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels
Size: Unknown
Free eBook download for Kindle from 25 September 2018 onward  

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